Monday, 1 October 2007

Ok, so I tried it...

Punchneedle that is. I spent Saturday afternoon at my LNS taking a beginner's class on punchneedle. The company was good, lots of laughs at our "expertise" and the time spent passed very quickly but I must say that I don't think it will ever replace cross stitch for me. If nothing else, after a particularily bad work week, it was very therapeutic with all that punching! Lol! With the whole group doing it, it sounded like popcorn cooking in the microwave. You can see in the picture where I first started in the upper left. The loops are pretty loose. By the time I finished I was starting to get the rhythm down pat and the loops were looking much more even and neat. I probably will try another piece at a later date. They'd run out of needles to sell and have some on order. The size of the bevel on the needles surprised me. They were as large as some of the needles we use in blood taking. And trust me, if you don't watch it you will stab yourself and draw blood! One of the positives of doing this type of needlework is that completion is much quicker. We finished this piece off in 2 hrs and we were new to this. An experienced stitcher could finish a much larger piece in an afternoon.

As for my ornament I'm working on, I'm very disappointed. The fabric isn't nearly dark enough and the snowman (being stitched with overdyed thread) is just blending in so that all you can really see is the word Joy. It might have shown up better if I'd just used plain white thread but at this point I don't know whether to finish it off or just call it quits. I'm not about to frog out all the white. I might just pick up something else.

All this time I've been waiting for my threads to start Trick or Treat Lane and the order hasn't even shipped yet! It seems they were waiting for a chart I'd ordered which was on back order and finally they just reimbursed me for the chart and are shipping the order out today.
So I'm kind of at a standstill right now! I've been thinking very seriously about the invitation I've had to join some friends in a SAL on November 1st. Some are planning to do Paradigm Lost and a few others are doing Cirques des Cercles. I think I've decided to go ahead with the latter. It's large enough for my first attempt at something of this magnitude! Now all I have to do is get my fabric and threads ordered. I really like the looks of one of the photos in the Cirques Gallery. It's done with some Vicki Clayton hand dyed silks. I don't care whether or not I'm using silks but I love this particular colour . It's called Dragon Hoard. Hopefully I can find something along these lines.

Thank you all for your help with my button dilemma on Blood Donors. I think I'm going to go with Cindi's suggestion of glue buttons mostly because I don't trust myself with the Tacky Glue. I'm a real klutz!


  1. The punchneedle work is cute, I might just have to give it a try. The ornament looks good, the snowman might look heaps better once it's finished. Don't give up yet!

  2. Hurray on your new try at a new craft! I love the look of it, never tried it tho'
    I love the VC silk that you chose...and that lady that colored the pattern in first and stitched her's is GORGEOUS...if I were to do it I think I'd do it that way :) WOW!

  3. Nice work on the punchneedle. I tried it several years ago but never stuck with it. Persevere with the ornament. It may turn out very well. Glad you are joining us Nov. 1st. I will start in the car on the road back to Texas.

  4. You did all that on the punchneedle in two hours? I've never tried it but I think I would come to the same conclusion. It can't replace cross stitch. And the ornament looks cute,even if it does not pop like it should.

  5. Glad to see you will be joining our SAL I'm doing Paradigm Lost.
    It will be fun to keep an update. The cirques is beautiful and I may do it another time.....maybe in another life..... I don't have time to do all the things I want to do.
    JOY looks good

  6. Great job with the punchneedle! Never tried it before.
    Im stitching CDC too although i havent worked on it since May! Maybe you'll inspire me to pick it up again. Check out this blog to see what colours people have chosen
    I love how everyone's is so different.

  7. Good job with your first attempt at punchneedle!

    Hmmm I'd be tempted to start that ornie over!

  8. You might think about just backstitching around the outer edge with a slightly darker color?? Don't give up :)

  9. Oooo, you are braver than I am! Good start with the punchneedle. Your little ornament is going to be so cute!