Monday, 29 July 2019

July WIPocalypse

Summer is here and the living is easy! Would you believe I didn't touch any of my cross stitch until mid month? Even then I only worked on small projects until this last week. My small finish can be seen on my previous post. The weather this spring was so lousy that as soon as better weather arrived we took advantage of it. However now the sticky humidity has arrived which forced us indoors and out came my stitching.

I've been concentrating on The Scarlett House Mary Ann Farmer this past week. I made significant progress from my last post.



The lettering on the centre portion is stitched over one and stitched up very quickly. I actually enjoy over one stitching and I had just finished working on a name tree which used the over one.

I almost forgot to show you the finish I had right at the beginning of July. It wasn't finished in time for Canada Day this year but I'll have it ready to go for next year. As you'll see it was designed for Canada's 150th birthday celebration two years ago so I'm a little late to the party, lol! Better late than never! This is Canada 150, designed by Jeannette Douglas.

That's it for this month. I hope you're not melting the way we have the past few days. More reasonable temperatures are called for later in the week. Lots of visits for us this coming month including a stitching get together. I can't wait!

Saturday, 27 July 2019

July Smalls

Just one quick little Small finish to post for this month. This will be a Christmas ornament for a friend whose moving to Hawaii! Shhh! It's a surprise! This is the Aloha Tree by Nouveau Encore Designs.

This is stitched on a 32ct Silkweaver Solo opalescent Lugana using Silk 'N Color Turquoise Fields.

I took this finish along with the name tree from last month's finish and got everything ready to do my final finishing yesterday. I was annoyed as heck when I discovered that I had misplaced my sheet of mat board to use in the ornament finishing. It was residing with all my other craft materials, that is, until we emptied the room for the new hardwood floor. The craft room was the third and final bedroom to have new floors installed and since everything has been placed back in the room the mat board has gone missing in action. I had just purchased it recently and it was a fairly large piece too so it can't hide just anywhere. I have one last place to look and if it's not found then it looks like I will be making a trip to Michael's tomorrow. I want these ornaments finished before I go on holidays in August. Of course you know I'll find that mat board after I've bought a new one, lol! See you next month with a pic of both finishes and a new small as well.

P.S. Someone has taken over my stitching chair in the gazebo!!!

Monday, 1 July 2019

June WIPocalypse

I spent the better part of June getting immersed into something that I haven't done for awhile....reading a book! Consequently my stitching suffered somewhat but I'd temporarily lost my mojo so I didn't mind. After completing 3 novels I'm now back on track and my stitching has resumed. 

Mary Ann Farmer has progressed a little farther than I expected from last month. Here's my progress up until now.

It's coming along, slowly but surely. I don't feel much like starting or working on anything else at the moment although the Autumn Quaker I started in May is calling to me on occasion. For now I'll continue with this as I search for another small to stitch for July.

Our hardwood floors are almost complete. We had wanted to do all three bedrooms, using our income tax refund. Well Canada Revenue had other ideas and our refund wasn't quite as large as I was expecting. So the decision was made to only do the two largest bedrooms. In the meantime I did a little digging and checked things out only to discover that Canada Revenue had made an error. Turns out that they forgot to include the income tax that my hubby had paid on his self employment income. When that was corrected we were owed a considerable amount. So bedroom number 3 will be done albeit a little later than the others. Here are some pics of the finished rooms. We managed to find the same hardwood as used in the main living areas which had been installed ten years ago!

Here's a pic of the original flooring installed 10 years ago.

 It's all the same flooring. It just appears a different colour at times due to the lighting in the rooms. We are thrilled with the results and look forward to completing the final room.

I wanted to share this little sewing kit that my son Jeff picked up for me at a local flea market.

I thought it was darling! He also gifted me with an oval antique frame with the bubble glass. It currently houses the picture that it came with. Someday I hope it frames a piece of my stitching!

Finally I'll leave you with a picture of my recent framed piece that I picked up. I think I finished the stitching on it about 18 months ago.
This is Stacy Nash Tribute to Summer.

Today is our Canada Day holiday and we're off to a BBQ with some of the neighbours later this afternoon. Should be fun! I've offered holiday greetings in an earlier post to my Canadian friends but I'd like to take the time to offer wishes for a Happy Fourth of July to my American family and friends. Enjoy!