Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Not just the turkey was stuffed!

It appears everyone left the Thanksgiving meal feeling as stuffed as the bird itself! As for me, well I ended up with a stuffed nose. Yup, a lousy cold hit me on Saturday morning. Started as just a sore throat but by Monday it was a full blown cold. I was scheduled to work the holiday and you never call in sick on a holiday. It's just an unspoken rule. So off to work I headed, runny nose and all. My DH got the turkey in the oven for me after a few calls to me at work.( Which side is up when it goes in the pan? Do I add water to it?). I had prepared everything else in advance, thank goodness because by the time work finished I was finished too! I slept before the meal and had Bob wake me in time to do the gravy. Our guests had all cancelled. Nobody else really wanted to catch the bug. So I was able to come to the table in my housecoat since I had a fever by then. I wasn't able to taste anything so I headed back to bed very shortly. My two youngest sons were home though and they lapped it all up! One of the boys said it must be hard to be thankful when you're sick. I said it could be worse and I was thankful that this was the first time I'd had a cold in two years. Both boys were a very big help with the cleanup and took home large care packages of food. I stayed home from work today though since the cold has moved into my chest now. I tend to get bronchitis so whenever it reaches this stage I make sure I get lots of rest.

The downside to all this is that I haven't felt very much like stitching. I did take a few pictures of some of my stash which arrived. The camera's battery died before I could finish so I'll have more pictures to show later. Most of the fabrics are from Sugar Maple Fabrics. The larger one in the center is a Silkweaver Solo linen. Below are a couple of pictures of the charts I received. On the left is PS Trick or Treat and Shepherds Bush Pumpkin Stew.
On the right is Ink Circles Cirques des Cercles which I will be starting Nov. 1st as part of a SAL.
At this point all the rest of the charts turned out too blurry due to my fading battery. I just love the SB chart! I've never done one of their patterns before and this looks like it would be a fun stitch.

I talked to my oldest son this evening. He's the one who lives in Quebec with his two daughters. The girls have been sick with colds the past week and the youngest who is only 10 months ended up in hospital. Her cold had turned into brochitis (just like her Grandma!). Normally this isn't too serious for an infant but Summer has a heart condition. She was born with two holes in her heart. One has closed but the other is still there and she often has difficulty breathing. Now throw in the bronchitis and you see why she ended up in hospital. She is home now but Jeff says she is receiving breathing treatments and is on a pump. In addition they had to start her back on her heart medication. She is mending slowly but surely. She has to return in November to the pediatric hospital in Montreal where they are following her.
Jeff was feeling a little bummed out by all this and the fact that they don't really celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday where he is in Quebec. He says that they get the holiday off work but nobody really does anything special or prepares a special meal. I told him that it's time to instill some of his customs in his family. That way his girls will grow up with both their French customs as well as the English customs. I told him the next time he's home I'd give him a quick cooking lesson on how to do a turkey. After all, if my DH managed okay then Jeff can too!

I'm off to bed early now to get rid of this miserable cold. Hoping to feel much more like stitching tomorrow!


  1. So sorry to hear you are coming down with a cold. That does make the prep work for Thanksgiving a bit tough. My DILS did all the cooking except the turkey for me this year due to my last minute arrival home. I wish your little granddaughter well. Our little grandson, Jackson ended up at emerg over Thanksgiving. When he gets a cold it goes to his lungs and he ends up in emerg for a ventolin treatment. It sure is scary for everyone. They are so precious, these little ones.
    My email is travelayottes@aol.com
    When you are feeling better, would you please send me the recipe for your red pepper soup.

  2. OH my Lynn...I do hope you feel better soon...my goodness that just stinks!
    And I had to LOL! about the not calling into work being and "unspoken" rule...same way here in the states...I remember having the stomach flu one Christmas and I went in and had to keep a can by my workbench...YUCK!
    I will keep your wee grandbaby in my prayers.

  3. I am glad to hear that you had a great Thanksgiving. Sorry to hear you have a cold. Hope you fill better soon.

    You have a great stash, the Cirques des Cercles looks like it going to be a great challenge.

  4. Glad to hear you had a great thanksgiving..

    Sorry to hear you and your grandbabies aren't feeling well.I hope you get better soon.

    I love your new stash...Shepherd's Bush is one of my favorites...

  5. Lynn i know exactly how you feel...im suffering with a terrible cold myself this week. Hope you get better soon.
    Didn't realise thanksgiving isn't celebrated so much in Quebec

  6. Gee Lynn get well soon!!Its no fun having a cold or the flu..I feel for you.I love your stash.

  7. Oh my, it sounds like a real corker of a cold. Do take care of yourself. I am very sorry that your grandaughter is so sick with her heart condition and bronchitis. I hope you both feel better soon! Hugs!

  8. Lynn I hope you feel well enough to enjoy the stash!