Tuesday, 30 May 2017

May Smalls and WIPocalypse

As seems to be the case lately, I'm a little behind in my posts and have combined my smalls and WIPs. May was a very lean month as far as stitching was concerned. I attended the Prim Stitchers Society retreat during the first week of the month and it was downhill after that. I think I've only picked up my work 3 or 4 times since then. Other commitments have just taken over...... birthdays, Mother's day, gardening and some long overdue spring cleaning. I only have one small for the month to show you. This is Tulip House Stitching Companion by Blackbird Designs. I chose to finish it a little differently instead!

This piece was my exchange gift for the PSS Retreat. There were only 2 exchange gifts left to pick on the table, one of which was this one and my name still had not been called so one of the other ladies ran up to let them know so that I wouldn't end up with my own gift, lol. Here is the lovely gift that I did receive.

Isn't it gorgeous? Apparently it was a limited edition kit put out by With Thy Needle & Thread called Flag Day at the Potting Shed. Thank you again Ann Thompson for this lovely reminder of the retreat!

For my WIPocalypse this month I concentrated on Blackbird Designs Summer Jubilee. I really haven't got very far on it since last month. Time to pick up the pace!

I'm not totally thrilled with the difference in dye lots between the cover design and my own. In particular, the GA WoodRose used on the basket is too close to the outline of the basket done in WDW Hyacinth.The possibility exists that I might still restitch the outline in a darker pink. We'll see!

The remainder of the photos are of birthday gifts I received from my dear stitching friends Nan, Michelle, Cathy, and Pam. I loved each and every one that I received!

 This little mouse was handstitched out of mohair by Cathy!

 The Ball jar and oil can lid will be used to hold my crushed walnut
shells for stuffing. There is also an antique pin cushion with bone rings!
Thanks Michelle!

 Pam made this lovely pouch from scrap fabrics and her daughter
made the scissor fob.

 Nan gave me some lovely wool for finishes as well as
some awesome vintage bone buttons. The safety pin
on the left holds a collection of charms. As well there 
is a vintage pin box

I was spoiled rotten!!

That's it for this month. Next post I'll devote to the retreat with lots of pics of the event as well as some photos of the items I purchased there. See you in a bit!

Monday, 1 May 2017

April WIPocalypse

A rainy, cool April resulted in a lot stitching here. I love Blackbird Designs and it seems I have a number of them on my list of must stitches for this year. The latest finish is one of their new designs from market and is called It's Spring Fever.

I love all of the blues and browns in this piece. It was a fun, quick stitch and as soon as it was finished I went to work on another of their designs. This one is from the August 2003 issue of Just Cross Stitch and is called Summer Jubilee. I'm Canadian but my sister lives in the U.S. and I thought she might like it for a housewarming gift in her new condo.

I'm stitching this on R&R 18th Century Blackbird linen with one strand and I'm enjoying it very much. Love the collection of colours chosen in this one.  
I have another Blackbird Design all kitted up and ready to go after this one which is also a new release called Winter is Past.

I also finally finished up Paper Snowflakes just as winter left us and spring arrived. This is a design by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle & Thread. Love the border on this one!

As promised, spring has arrived along with the rain to grow those May flowers. It was time to add a bit of spring decor to the house.

This candle and potpourri arrangement, along with the thread waxers that follow are from the talented hands of Misi at Gable House Goodes. The potpourri is her own scent called Tulips, the candle is a spiced Chai and the little bee skep candle smells of honeysuckle!
Here are a couple of the lovely thread waxers that she made.

That's about it for this month. Hopefully May will be just as productive. After all, outdoor gazebo stitching has arrived!