WIPocalypse 2021

 This is the first time in many years that I haven't selected a list of stitched pieces that I would like to complete. I do have some WIPs remaining from last year and I do hope that I am able to complete at least a couple of them. Picking out designs and having expectations just hasn't seem to have worked for me in the past particularly in this past year with the pandemic.

Instead I shall just go with the flow and stitch whatever speaks to me at the time. I'll list them here as I start them and mark them completed when finished. I will also post pictures of the finishes on a separate page.

1. Blackbird Designs Her Fair Work - started in April 2020 - complete

2. Little House Needleworks Saltbox Village- complete

3. Prairie Schooler Snow Angel ornie from Button Up - complete

4. Nia Rhind Baby Sampler - in progress

5. 1897 Schoolhouse Samplers My Precious Jewel - in progress

6. Heartstring Samplery Victoria's Garden - started in May 2020 - in progress

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