Monday, 28 September 2020

September Smalls

 Only one small was completed this month but it was an important one and all my other ideas were pushed into the background. I originally planned on stitching some new autumn or Halloween smalls. I even have some lovely new (to me) designs by Early Workes the I especially ordered for this purpose. 

While I was checking out my new purchases, I noticed a pile of loose charts that I had put aside on one of the shelves in my cross stitch room. So I pulled out the charts to have a look at them and figure out why they hadn't been filed away yet. Perhaps they were being considered for future stitches? As I looked through them I came across one in particular called Oh Mother Dear, designed by The Sampler Girl. Bells started madly ringing in my mind as I realized that this particular chart was based on the children's tale, The Three Little Kittens. 

Why was this so important? Well, it just so happened that my daughter-in-law's baby shower was coming up mid month and instead of including cards with our gift we were asked to bring a copy of our favourite childhood book. Yep, you guessed it! Mine was The Three Little Kittens! It's no longer in print but I had found a copy in excellent condition from an antique book shop on Etsy.

Having come across this particular chart was absolutely perfect. I decided to stitch it to accompany the book. I've included a pic of the original chart to show you. The poem is based on three kittens who lost their mittens and therefore should have no pie. The original chart includes the kittens and the mittens but also a key. I replaced that key with a small cross stitched pie since it's an integral part of the story. I also personalized the design with my initals, the year and the baby's initials. The addition of a small heart button completed the piece which I finished into a small pillow to place on the shelf in the baby's room. I found the perfect backing fabric for it in my stash too!

I think perhaps that this book may have influenced me more than I realized. Take a look at the illustration on the final page. Could it have anything to do with my current obsession?!

The chart for this piece was very simple and didn't take long to complete but my month has been taken up with working on the birth sampler, a couple of other samplers and then a trip home to Windsor, Ontario to check on my mother who turned 90 in late August. 

This pic was taken with my niece. I loved the balloons and the Birthday Girl badge that they pinned to her shirt.

It's very unfortunate that my middle sister and her family were unable to join us because they live in the US and the border remains closed between the US and Canada due to the pandemic.

Watch for my WIPocalypse post in a few days to see the rest of the stitching which has been occupying my time. See you then!