Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Happy Hallowe'en!

It's perfect Halloween weather here, no rain, mild and a slight breeze. We're up to 87 spooky visitors so far but things are slowing down now and I don't expect too many more. That's down in numbers. Last year I had about 110 kids at my door and I really expected the same this year especially with such good weather. A few of the neighbours around me are retired and no longer opening their doors so perhaps that keeps the kids from this end of the block. After all, we always knew which were the best neighbourhoods to hit! My DS tells me another carload just landed in so we're up to 94 now.
Over the years Halloween was a big thing around our house. We always decorated inside and out and quite often my boys' father would answer the door in costume. I find now that my boys are all gone I don't feel much like decorating . Perhaps if my granddaughters lived closer I would. However I still like to carve my special pumpkins. That's what my boys always called them. Here's a sampling of this year's jack-0-lanterns.

The mailman brought me a special gift this week. At the end of the summer I entered a contest on Vonna's blog. She was celebrating her blogger anniversary and had a draw of which I was lucky enough to be one of the winners. She would make a special little something for each of us. On Tuesday my special gift arrived!! I just love it Vonna! I know I saw pics of it on your blog but they didn't do it justice. It is just the sweetest pinkeep!! Vonna knew that autumn was my favourite season and with this in mind she stitched up a pinkeep on that theme by Prairie Schooler. It's my very first pinkeep and has a place of honour on the dry sink in my living room. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

I've had another new start. A co-worker's daughter is expecting her first child at the end of November. Erin and my oldest son are the same age and often played together when young. I decided that I would do the Trilogy's Baby Spots as a gift for the baby's arrival. Although she already knows that the baby is to be a girl and has chosen a name, I've decided not to take any chances(or jinx things!) and will stitch the name last along with the date of birth. As you can see from my progress pic I haven't got very far on this one yet. I'm off the next couple of days and hope to put some stitches in on it then.

My Snowbirds' SAL has chosen tomorrow as it's date to start but I'm going to be a little delayed. Although I ordered my fabric on Oct. 1st, it has only just come in and was shipped out today. Let's hope Canada Post is good to me and there are no delays in my receiving it. Otherwise I'll just have to spend a couple of days stitching on it to catch up. There are two groups participating in this SAL. One group has chosen LD Paradigm Lost to stitch and the remainder of us has chosen IC Cirques des Cercles. I'm doing the latter. I've chosen a Kiwi Illusions fabric in a soft green (Apple mint) along with some Vicky Clayton overdyed threads called Dragon Hoard. If you check out our blog you'll see some of the lovely threads and fabrics chosen. I'm anxious to get started so I hope that fabric flies here!!

Well, Halloween is over for another year. The doorbell hasn't rung for 30 minutes now.
The final tally - 110! It seems we've equalled our previous numbers after all!


  1. HURRAY! I'm so glad that you got it safely :) And I'm glad that you love it as much as I thought you would!

    We had carload after carload last night trick or treating...our neighborhood is one that gets LOTS of people. But that's good, because I love it :)

    Can't wait to start my CdC today!

  2. Your pin keep is wonderful. What a lovely gift!!
    The pumpkins are awesome. The photos are so pretty. I hope you don't mind if I scoop one from your blog to put on my Desktop.
    I know Halloween is over but I change my desk top lots so it won't be there long.
    Good luck with your fabric.

  3. Sounds like you had wonderful weather for Halloween! For the first time since I moved here, we had no snow, but the wind was cold. We only had about 30 visitors, which I'm surprised about since we live in a newer development with lots of houses.. oh well, maybe we'll get more next year? I love your pumpkins, every year I have grand ideas of doing that, but something always happens LOL. I ADORE your pinkeep, as a PS fan, it looks fabulous! I added your stitch a long blog to my list to keep up with, will be fun to see how they progress. Oh, and did you get the package I sent you? I always worry until it arrives safely!

  4. Hi Lynn,

    I've just finished reading Dani's blog, and her description of the stitcher's weekend that she hosted. So I came to your blog to see what you might have to say about it all. Hurrah!! Pictures!! Nice to be able to put faces to names.

    Your flat fold turned out beautifully. Congratulations on this new accomplishment. I love this type of finish, and the fabric you chose for the backing is gorgeous!

    Oh lucky you. To have one of Vonna's pinkeeps. She's such an amazing stitcher, and finisher. I love to see what she's up to on her blog.

    Your halloween pumpkins are fantastic, although the spider one is creeping me out a bit. I have a spider phobia. The mummy (??) one underneath the spider is really impressive.

    We had half the number of kids that you did come to our door. We've got left over candy. Guess who's gonna eat it??? :)


  5. Great Pumpkins Lynn...maybe that is why you have so many visitors. For the first year this year I did not have a jack o'lantern on the porch...maybe that is why we had no visitors...of course I had one last year and we had no visitors then either... Oh well the Thursday stitchers had mini chocolate bars for a treat today and nobody complained!

  6. Your pumpkins are great! The kids look adorable too!

  7. I'm trying to catch up, your Trip sounds like a great time was had by all. Stitching. Beautiful !!
    Pumpkins GREAT!!! Gotta love the pumpkins.

  8. The pumpkins are really good, you must have been working on them for quite a while. Your children are looking really cute in their costumes.

  9. 110?? Oh my goodness! Halloween isnt very big over here.
    Love that pinkeep from Vonna, ive stitched that one myself recently.