Sunday, 29 April 2018

April WIPocalypse

In addition to my small finishes this month which I previously posted here, I have added some stitching to the lovely Awake My Soul.

I continue to enjoy the spring colours in this one. It's such a pretty piece. I want to do nothing but work on this one right now however I'm desperately trying to get some stitching done for gifts. I dislike deadlines and I should have started them earlier but we always think we have more time than we do, lol. Hopefully I will have a few days to devote to this for my next month's post. In the meantime I will show you some pics of recent finishes that I have had framed.

 Blackbird Designs  It's Spring Fever

Blackbird Designs   Evergreen

Both of these pieces have been framed by Patti Nicolosi of By My Hand Needl'werks. I will be picking them up from Patti at the Prim Stitchers Society Retreat which runs from May 31 - June 3. I'm looking forward to bringing them home and adding them to the other treasures on my walls.

I'm scouting through my stash now looking for a new start for when Awake is complete. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't often stick to my original WIPocalypse list. I go where my mood takes me and often something will just jump out at me and say "stitch me".  

April's question of what is your longest running WIP or UFO got me to thinking. I looked it up and a design by A Mon Ami Pierre called Paradis Perdu is my longest. I started it in Jan. 2012 and it still sits unfinished. I've completed quite a bit of it too. It's a large Adam and Eve design which I'm stitching with silks. I think the reason I've left it linger for so longer is that I'm not comfortable stitching it on the larger Q Snaps. It's difficult for me to hold in hand for any length of time and I'm not interested in purchasing one of the stand frames.  

It took me a bit of time to find these pics but just seeing it again makes me want to work on it. Now if I could only find it, lol!

Warmer weather is forecast for this coming week and with any luck I could quite possibly be stitching outdoors in the gazebo. I can't wait!

April Smalls

Based on the weather around here this month, it was a very good month to stay indoors and stitch. Lots of rain, snow and cold! I did manage to complete some projects but not nearly as much as I'd hoped. You see I was out running around in a lot of that mess!

One of the reasons for a lack of stitching was a trip back to my hometown. My hubby had a recital to play in London, Ontario and since I wasn't needed there, I dropped him off and continued on to Windsor to visit my mom and sisters. One other visit I had planned was to a childhood friend. One of the ones that you don't see often but when you get together it's like you were never apart. My friend Patti enjoys crafty things so I brought her a much delayed stitch for her birthday last summer. I showed you a sneak peek of it last month. Here's my completed finish: E SubRosa Designs Happy Birthday.

I really enjoyed stitching this one for Patti and she was very happy with the results. 

On to the next gift. This one I had hoped to have finished by now but time has been catching up to me. This is for another friend who loves bees. It's another SubRosa Design called Bee Heart. Here's where I am at this point.

I'm starting the second wing this afternoon. I find I need lots of quite to concentrate on the wing's intricate pattern otherwise I can easily count wrong. Besides the second wing I have a honeycomb pattern to stitch around the bee and then the final finishing. 

I also have 3 other birthday gifts to complete, one for my granddaughter and 2 for stitching friends that I will see at the end of May. Wish me luck. Time is not exactly on my side these days!

Monday, 2 April 2018

March Smalls

We turned the page on the calendar before I realized that I had yet to post my small finish for the month of March. This is a sweet little design by Pheasant Street Samplers called My Sewing Tools which I picked up last year at the Prim Stitchers Society Retreat.

I haven't decided on a final finish yet. Perhaps a needlebook? I didn't start this until quite late in the month but it stitched up quickly.

I'm already working on April's small. After arriving home from church following Easter services yesterday I sat down and stitched more than I think I had all last month! I've chosen a sweet little design by SubRosa to finish as a birthday gift for my childhood friend. It's appropriately called Happy Birthday. Here's a sneak peek of it.

I love the colours used in this design and it's also stitching up very quickly. Although Easter has come and gone, I'm in the mood to stitch another small design to add to my Easter/Spring display. Looks like I'll have plenty of time this month for another stitch! 

My eldest son is visiting with us for a bit. His girls are still in school so they remained home at their mom's place. It was great to have all three of my sons and my daughter-in-law join us at Easter this year!

I hope you all had a joyous Easter celebration. He is Risen! Alleluia!