Saturday, 6 October 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

A very Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all my fellow Canadian bloggers! Although I'm working, we are celebrating on the holiday Monday since that works out best for my sons and our guest.
My plans are to cook the turkey overnight on Sunday so there is not that much to do when I get home from work Monday. I'm cooking things in advance over the weekend. As I write this I have a roasted red pepper soup simmering on the stove and the pumpkin pie will be cooked later this evening.
Except for today, the weather has been absolutely marvellous the past week. Warm temps and plenty of sun along with all the fall colours has just brightened everything.We took one final boat ride yesterday and then winterized the boat motor and got the boat covered and ready for storage. On my way home from the river I took this lovely picture of the sunset. The colours were so stunning I just couldn't resist!

Canada Post finally came through this week with a good portion of my much anticipated stash!
I forgot to take a picture during daytime hours so I'll post one in the next couple of days.
Included were several Prairie Schooler charts , some fabric smalls from Sugar Maple Fabric and the chart for my SAL in November. After looking at the new charts I wanted to start everything at once! However my common sense prevailed and I've limited myself to just one, PS Pumpkin Patch. I'll start it as soon as I've got threads. I've already picked the fabric. In the meantime I've put the ornament aside until I decide whether or not to continue with it and I've started LHN's Faith. I haven't got very far on it since I been overloaded at work this week and just too pooped to do anything at night. Here's a pic of my progress so far.

I've decided to join a SAL with some fellow southeastern Ontario stitchers for Nov.1st. The group is split in two, some doing Paradigm Lost and the others doing Cirques des Cercles. I've decided to try the latter and ordered my threads(Vicky Clayton) and fabric(Kiwi Illusions) this week. This is my first undertaking of anything of this magnitude and count on the group giving me a nudge if I start to tire of things or have any problems. It's always much nicer having the encouragement of fellow stitchers. The date for my stitching retreat is fast approaching, only two more weeks! I'm really looking forward to meeting some new stitchers from my neck of the woods.
I'm off now to finish up my soup and then perhaps some stitching. I'll leave you with a picture I took this morning. It was raining lightly and while I was sorting through some recipes at the dining room table I heard a loud cheep. When I looked out the window I spotted this woodpecker at our feeder. In the past we've had some downy woodpeckers visit but this one was larger and we think it is a Hairy Woodpecker. We're going to check it out with a birder friend of ours. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Lynn =)I thought I'd check a few blogs while waiting for my pumpkin pie to cool so I can go to bed. I see you also have PS Pumpkin Patch, isn't it cute? I couldn't restrain myself when mine arrived either. I hope you enjoy stitching it as much as I did. Also, I've just had a light bulb moment LOL I thought your name looked familar and I see you recently bought Kiwi Illusion fabric on eBay... I hope you enjoy them and can't wait to see what you choose to stitch on them, glad to see they went to a nice home since I hadn't been able to use them =)

  2. Your photos are gorgeous Lynn, especially the sunset one! Happy Thanksgiving weekend.
    Cant wait to see your stash, im really into PS at the moment so i cant wait to see the charts you have purchased ;)

  3. Hi Lynn,

    Glad you will be with us for the SAL. Good for you for having chosen your fabric and thread already. I have only changed my mind about CdC's fabric and thread about 10 times already!
    I have a turkey in the oven and chili sauce on the stove and I think seeing your Hairy Woodpecker will inspire me to get the suet out for my birdfeeder as well. Dan is gone to Canadian Tire. I think I'll phone him to pick us some sunflower seeds ...then the birds can have a happy Thanksgiving as well!

  4. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to you Lynn :)
    Eat a whole bunch of leftovers for me! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays :)

  5. Oh red pepper soup!!!!!!!!! - I want the recipe. Glad to hear you are joining us. I got a note from another stitcher today - Coastal Stitching. She is going to join us too doing Paradigm - I think we are now 9. This should be fun

  6. What a great photo Lynn! I hope you and your family are enjoying a wonderful meal together this evening.
    I'm looking forward to the weekend at the end of the month as well...if you are free next weekend I'm home with the boys if you fancy a drive!

  7. We have another stitcher for our SAL Rob from Coastal Stitching at Wordpress is going to join us with Paradigm. We are now 9. this should be fun

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Your pictures are gorgeous!! And how funny, I just finished stitching the PS Pumpkin Patch for a Halloween exchange LOL!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Lynn!

    I can't wait for the reatreat either!!! Todd and I just spent the weekend at the Gan. Inn and had a fantastic time... as usual the food there is just fantastic!

    Looking forward to seeing you there in two Fridays!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving! A rather belated one, sorry. How great to have all the new charts to pick from! Have fun at your retreat!

  11. Hi Lynn,

    I love seeing your photographs, and especially the bird ones. Yesterday I sat next to our bird feeders and watched a Rose Breasted Nuthatch fly back and forth, picking seeds out of one feeder and flying off somewhere. A couple of minutes later he'd be back for another seed. I read somewhere that Nuthatches store seed for the winter.

    We also get woodpeckers at our peanut feeder. We can get quite close to them as well.

    Herons are the most handsome bird, but when they fly it looks as though they forgot to raise the landing gear. Those long legs trailing behind them as they surge through the air. They really aren't the most elegant of fliers.

    Aren't Ott-lites wonderful!! I love mine, and it's so easy to carry around.

    Good luck with Faith. It was a nice stitch. I think the Magnolia colour will show up better on the fabric you've chosen to use then it did on mine. Having said that I do prefer the boarder stitched with the pale pink colour.

    I went to the site you linked to, to see the colours used by various stitchers to stitch Cirques des Cercles. Wow!! Did you see the one stitched all in beads??? Good Grief!! Gorgeous, but I wouldn't have the patience.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We're on day 3 of the leftovers!