Friday, 12 October 2007

Feeling better

At least that's what I thought this morning! I was feeling much better on Thursday morning and headed back into work. However everyone at work is passing this cold around, we are short-staffed and it was just crazy. Throw in the first cold, damp weather of the season and I sort of feel like I've rebounded tonight. Head's all stuffed up again and I'm pretty wiped out. Nothing that a bunch of sleep won't cure though! I'm working the weekend but it shouldn't be as bad as the past couple of days and then I have Monday and Tuesday off to regroup. Thank you all for your well wishes. I see a few others have managed to pick up the bug as well. Hope you're over it soon!

Okay so my battery's all charged now and I got some pics of those Prairie Schooler charts that arrived. I really love these! As soon as Faith is complete, I've got the small sampler from Pumpkin Patch all kitted up and ready to go. It seems I like their seasonal pieces the most. I still would like to get Winter Winds and I believe there is a Spring piece as well. However I'm not as fond of their Santas. I've always been a big fan of folk art but for some strange reason these ones just don't do it for me. However I have thought about doing one for my friend Trish. She absolutely adores folk art. She's commented on my stitching several times (favourably, lol!) and since she's not a stitcher herself I might be tempted to do one of these for her as a Christmas gift. Trish is one of those friends who has everything! She and her husband own a Home Hardware Store and Trish is the craft buyer for the store. I love some of the things she comes home with from the buying trips in Toronto.
I've also thought she might like something by Blackbird Designs. So if I run out of time as the holiday approaches I just might finish off the Country Garden I did earlier for her.

I did manage to get a few more stitches into Faith this week once I started feeling more human.
I haven't done nearly as much as I would have liked. I found myself nodding off more than once!Here's my progress so far.

If you get a chance, drop by Judy's blog and check out how she recently finished Faith. She changed the colour of the border and her butterfly and it looks fantastic!

Voting day in Ontario is over now and all the talk at work was about the Premier's announcement of a new statutory holiday in February. There was more talk about this than about who won the election! For those of you who live in the US and haven't heard, we are to get a new holiday on the third Monday of every February called Family Day. There were a lot of mixed thoughts on this. Several people thought that the amount of money in lost business revenue just wasn't worth it, since in Canada most stores and businesses don't open on stat holidays. Then there is the question of whether or not Heritage Day in Feb. will still exist. I know that this wasn't an official stat holiday but our hospital had adopted it and was counting it as one of the stats for staff. You can bet they're not likely to pay out for two stat holidays in the same month! It should be interesting to see what happens as a result of this.

Fall weather has officially arrived! For the first time, I had to drag out the fall jacket and actually put some socks on! I absolutely hate having to put anything on my feet again other than sandals. I expect on my days off I'll be boxing up the summer clothes and bringing out the sweaters again. Didn't I just put those away?!


  1. I love your PS charts! I so want more PS charts in my stash, im glad Christmas is coming up ;)
    Ive just joined your CdC sal by the way - looking forward to it already!

  2. I love that Faith project. It's really pretty. Great stash too and cute photo of squirrel too lol.

  3. Glad your feeling much better Lynn :)
    I love all your PS stash...they just have lovely designs don't they?
    I love Faith and have it in my stash! Hope to do it up one day soon!

  4. Glad to hear your are feeling a little better.

    I really like your new stash..

    I had never really paid attention to PS before but I find the more I stitch my taste seems to change and I think they are really cute:)

  5. Wow, that's quite the PS stash. Nice going. Yes, fall has arrived. I have just started my annual fall cold. I'm with you on the sock thing. I was hoping to get out of town before that. I don't have socks on yet but I guess I will have to soon.l

  6. Wow, so many PS charts, lucky you! What a great stash you have there.

  7. Lynn get well ASAP! We've got a reatreat starting on Friday! What time will you be getting to Gan. at?

  8. I'm glad you're feeling better! Faith is looking so pretty. I have that one in my stash too.

  9. Hope your cold goes away soon. I love that charts that you got, looking to increase my stash with some PS charts in the future.

  10. Get well so you can go retreating in Gan. Have a great time.
    Nice Stash!!
    Faith is coming along nicely.

  11. I'm glad your feeling better. Love the PS charts, they are based here in Kansas City and are such nice ladies.

  12. I have a surprise for you on my blog..have a look.