Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dare I?

Remove my winter tires, that is. I'm afraid that as soon as I head off to have them removed we'll get dumped on once more. The temperatures have been quite cold here this week and we see the odd flake drop from the sky but my garden tells me that spring is definitely here and warmth won't be far behind.
My tulips are popping up all through the garden despite all that dry, cracked earth. Bring on some of those April showers and it won't be long before all those pretty flowers will be blowing in the breeze. Spring fever seemed to take hold of me this week and prompted me to start a new stitch.

Sweet Little Berries by Little House Needleworks is a kit which has been sitting in my stash for several months now. It came complete with fabric and floss but I've substituted a Silkweaver solo Jazlyn from my stash for the designated linen. I had a hard time finding a picture of this one online. I believe that this was a complimentary chart given out at retail shops if you purchased the required Crescent Colours floss. It's a fun design to stitch and I'm really enjoying it. My photo looks a little washed out though. Why is is so hard to get decent photos?

Sticking with the fruit theme, I finished Tra La La's Maison No. 4 today with it's lovely cherries.

The floss I needed to finish this one up was waiting for me in my mail yesterday so I didn't waste any time and started stitching that border. Here are the results.

This appears to be a series of some sort since there are several more of les Maisons available. Judy was asking me if I thought I'd do some of the others. Perhaps, at some point, but right now I have too many other things I want to get started at or finish. One of those includes Cast All Your Cares which is moving along quite nicely. I'll have a picture of that one for you on the next post.

As I sit here at my keyboard I can hear barking coming from my neighbour's dog across the street. He has spotted Clarisse sitting in the front window and I think he desperatly wants to meet her.

Nick is actually tied up in his back yard and has pretty well come to the end of his leash. He peers across the street from between the two houses and watches our front window for any sign of Clarisse. I cropped this picture so you could him a bit better so it's a little fuzzy but I was taking it from the dining room chair in my home across the street so I don't think it turned out all that badly. He's a real cutie! Thank you to all of you for taking part in my TOGA giveaway. It was a lot of fun and it won't be the last one. Thanks also for all of your wonderful comments on my stitching. I love hearing from each and every one of you. Hope your week is going exactly as you'd hoped it would.


  1. Nice finish Tra La La Maison No. 4! The LHN is coming along too, can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Your Maispn is beautiful! Love to see those tulips popping. I sure hope spring is close at hand. I need to get my yard into good shape soon!

  3. Spring seems to be taking its time arriving this year so you might want to leave the snow tires on a little longer. Here in Washington State they're extending the studded tire deadline since the snow is still falling over the mountain passes. I'm sooo ready for some warm, spring weather!!

  4. Great finish on Maison No. 4, Sweet Little Berries looks great as well! Send some of that Spring this way! It's been in the teens and 20's here since the ice & snow storm we got mid last week - feels like the end of December, not the end of March!

  5. Great little finish on the Maison! Gotta love that little fellow trying to get a peek of Clarisse in your window- so cute.

  6. very pretty finish and as for changing those tires... well... awe just go for it, and if it snows one more time then, maybe just call in and have a stitch day instead of a lab day. Have fun with that one too...
    Hope the rain doesn't play havoc on our muck pit out back but the little pretties popping through the earth are ready to have their drink. Have a great day and rest of the week Lynn,and remember
    Be always in stitches.
    As always

  7. We've had gorgeous Spring weather here in England for the past week but seems it was just teasing us as today and for the next few days it's back to dull, grey and rainy ~ YUK! Perhaps our sunny days are heading your way!
    Cherries and berries, both my favourites and the thread colours for both are lovely.
    Hope your week is a good one too

  8. Oh my Clarisse better watch herself :)
    I love, your start and I love your finish. DARLING!
    Snow tires...well I'm no good to ask about that, about the time I would say take 'em off...it'd snow a foot :)

  9. Hi Lynn,

    I love, love, love Maison #4 so
    much. The colors compliment each
    other so well. Oh boy do I want
    to get these designs and stitch
    them. Maybe together on one
    piece of fabric. Better start
    saving my pennies. Meanwhile,
    I'll have to settle for drooling
    over yours. Figuratively speaking.

    The LHN Sweet Little Berries
    looks cute and I'm curious to
    see how it'll turn out. I love
    stitching with Crescent Colors
    threads, don't you?

    When I walked home from Curves
    tonight I passed a neighbour's
    front garden (which faces west
    and gets the afternoon sun) and
    there was at least one bunch of
    tulips pushing through the dry
    earth. Very thrilling to see.

    Sadly, it's suppose to flurry
    during the night, although it
    will turn to rain in the day
    time. We've got daffodils
    coming up and they appear to
    be coming up with buds already
    on them. Last weeks snowfall
    doesn't seem to have phased
    them at all, thank goodness.

    So Clarisse has a not so
    secret admirer does she??
    Poor Nick is doomed to
    disappointment if he hopes
    to make friends with her I
    think. He really is a
    sweet looking dog. Poor


  10. Lovely finishes!

    Spring is waffling in Winnipeg. Today we got into the pluses (woohoo!) tomorrow it's apparently back to -30 (boo hiss!)

  11. I love Maison No 4, it's really lovely! I still have my snow tires on and yet again we had some snow overnight. Soon it will be time...

  12. I was thinking about taking my winter tires off soon as well, and then they anounced 20cm of snow over the weekend! Yuck!

    Sweet Little Berries is so cute and Spring-like. Tra La La's Maison No. 4 turned out lovely.

    Cute story about Nick and Clarisse. Clarisse better watch out if Nick ever gets free lol.

    PS: Very cute bunnies in their eggs on your sidebar! What a cute pic.

  13. Very nice finish and I love the sweet little berries design. I have never seen it stitched up before either, so I look forward to seeing your one.

  14. Where, oh, where is spring? I just got back from sunny Florida last night Lynn, hoping to find some warmer temperatures here. No such luck! There was frost on the ground this morning :(

    Your LHN start is so cute and I love the house finish--nice colors!

    You'll have to arrange a playdate for Nick and Clarisse--so cute :)

  15. Beautiful stitching, Lynn! I do like those berries a lot.

    We are having a severe drought here. April will be spent wishing for rain!

  16. Love your Maison finish!! Great job.

    Nick is a cutie. :)

  17. Your Maison piece is lovely, and berries is looking great. Poor Nick must be so frustrated.