Sunday, 3 April 2011

New moon rising

So April's new moon is rising and it's time to post my TUSAL for the past month. As you can see I've some orts in both my little jars. One is kept upstairs and one is kept in the family room downstairs. That way I have something handy to drop orts into at any time. Here is what they amounted to when their contents were added to my main jar.

There's definitely more colour showing up thanks to my Spring Quakers. Tonight will be the beginning of a new start which I hope to have pictures of shortly. It's a wedding gift for my cousin's daughter so I have to get moving on it.

I made sure that before I started the wedding piece I completed the other stitching which a friend had requested. If you remember, she requested something stitched by me to hang in her new home.

Cast All Your Cares is designed by My Big Toe Designs and is stitched on 32ct Lambswool Jobelan. The floss used was Weeks Dyes Works as was charted. I made sure to use a big enough piece of material so that she could use mats with the frame if she wants.

My new start is simply called Wedding Sampler designed by Lisa Cowell. I'm using another piece of Lambswool, this time 28 ct and I'm not using the gold leaf floss suggested. Instead I'm using the colour of the bridesmaids dresses which is tangerine. I had originally decided to go with a Silk 'N Colors floss called Orange Grove but I really think this one is more orange than tangerine so instead I'm using an overdye by Six Strand Sweets called Apricot. This one also has more variation in the floss.

I'll also be continuing with Sweet Little Berries this coming week. I should also have some pictures later in the week of my recent newly framed stitches which include Jardin Prive's Noel

Now I'm off to settle into my comfy stitching chair and watch The Tourist while I stitch. A little Johnny Depp can fire up anybody's night, right?


Beth said...

Cast All Your Cares is beautiful! I am sure your friend is really going to love it! I think that doing the wedding sampler in the bridesmaids color is brilliant!

Ziggyeor said...

Yeah ort progress! That's a good idea on keeping the different jars. I hope your friend loves the stitch!

CalamityJr said...

Cast Your Cares turned out beautifully. I hope you feel better about it now that it's finished. Can't wait to see the wedding sampler - it sounds gorgeous!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lots of ort jars Lynn! What a lovely finish for your friend!

Karen said...

ORT jars in all of your stitching rooms... Now that's being organized! :)

Great finish for your friend!

Alisa said...

Cute jars! Your Cast All Your Cares looks fantastic, I love the design.

Bekca said...

Congrats on your latest finish, and I love the look of your new project, can't wait to see it started. Oh I really enjoyed The Tourist when I went to see it in the cinema, hope you enjoyed it too :) Happy stitching!

Rhona said...

Lovely stitching. You have lots of threads in both ort jars!

Daffycat said...

Both ORT jars are lovely!

Whoa, tangerine dresses ~ beautiful!

Carol said...

Gorgeous finish, Lynn! And what a pretty sampler that will be all done up in a shade to match the bridesmaids dresses--great idea...

I'm with you on Johnny Depp :)

Suzanne said...

Great finish for your friend! That's a lovely wedding sampler you will be stitching.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Lynn,

Cast All Your Cares did turn out
beautifully and I am certain
that your friend will be delighted
with it. I love My Big Toe Designs
and have quite a few in my stash
pile to be stitched ... someday.
I often wonder where they got their
name from. Hmmmm.

I love those little jars that you
are using to hold your orts while
you stitch. Very cute.

I can't wait to see your newest
start, Wedding Sampler. The color
that you've chosen to stitch it
with sounds perfect and I'm sure
the Bride will love it. Can't
wait to see your framed pieces
as well.

It snowed here this weekend!
It all melted in the warm
temperatures that we had
yesterday but there's talk
of flurries this evening.
Will it never end???

Are you going to be attending
any of the stitching gatherings
this summer??? Alisa and I are
seriously thinking of going to
Dani's gathering in May. Alisa
doesn't seem to mind the long
drive and I'd be her navigator.
It would be so nice to finally
meet you.


Judy S. said...

Beautiful work< Lynn. I love it, and yourQuaker piece. Our studded tire season here has been extended until the 14th. Usually they have to be removed by the first, but it's been a crazy winter everywhere, I guess.

Siobhan said...

I love your Cast All Your Cares!! The Wedding Sampler is going to wonderful--what a nice thing to do as a wedding gift.

Nancy said...

Love Cast Your Cares! I look forward to seeing your progress on your other WIPs.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your taking the time to comment!

marylin said...

oh very lovely


Aussie Stitcher said...

Cast Your Cares turned out great Lynn, your friend will love it for years to come.

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