Sunday, 20 March 2011

Giveaway peek

My camera is back home once again and now I can give you a peek at the goodies in my giveaway! I've included some fabrics for spring finishes, a spool of ribbon adorned with butterflies, a pair of Uptown Girl scissors and the LHN chart Simple Joys.

Besides these I'm stitching up something with a spring theme. I only have about a days worth of the actual stitching left and then the finishing which will probably have to wait until my days off work next Thursday and Friday. Once I'm finished with it I'll post a picture of it for you. In the meantime here's a sneak peek! Any ideas? Just remember to leave a comment on my post of March 17.
Maison No 4 is at a bit of a standstill at the moment. I've put it aside in order to finish up the stitching on my giveaway. I'm so close to a finish on it though. Just a tiny bit of the basket to finish off and then the border all around.

With Spring Quaker I've concentrated on finishing up the motif I'd left half done in the last picture. That's pretty much where I'm at now. I've had a slow weekend with nothing more to do than stitching but I can't seem to settle much. I'm up, I'm down, checking the computer, back to stitching, sorting through my stash.... you get the idea! Maybe it's spring fever!!
Edit.. I forgot to mention that the draw for the giveaway is open until Sunday March 27 . I had mentioned in the previous post that the draw was open until Sunday March 26. I guess I don't know how to read a calendar! Also the draw is open to both current and new followers as well so pass the word along to your friends. The more, the merrier!


  1. What a great giveaway. I love what you're stitching even though we can't see it all yet!

  2. Simple Joys is in my wishlist - Awesome stash - !!!!!
    Beautiful Fabric & who wouldn't love uptown scissors !!!

    Spring is such a wonderful time of year - Looks like a lovely surprise you are stitching:)
    Good Luck to all - Happy Sunday

  3. Is the chick from a Prairie Schooler pattern?

    Peggy H.

  4. Love the scissors!
    Great stitching :)

  5. Awesome giveaway, Lynn! The scissors are adorable. :) Love your stitching, as always!!!

  6. Hi Lynn,

    Hope that you got lots of
    stitching time in this weekend!
    You've always got really
    great projects on the go and
    seeing them makes me want to
    stitch them all too.

    Maison No. 4 is one of those projects. I see that there's
    a whole series of these houses
    by this designer. Do you have plans to stitch more of them?? They'd make a great set.

    Your newly framed Halloween
    Cover looks fabulous in it's
    new frame and it's just a
    shame that you don't have it
    on display all year round.
    I guess it might look odd
    having ghosts and witches
    hanging about during Easter.

    Well, Spring officially
    arrives tonight and we're
    all pretty glad about that.
    Our snow is almost all gone
    and the birds are starting
    to make a racket in the
    mornings. Hopefully we
    won't have any set backs
    (i.e. snow) in the coming

    Have a great week Lynn!


  7. Your giveaway looks fantastic! I don't know what the design is that you are stitching, but I know that it will be beautiful! Both of the WIP's are gorgeous. I would have a tough time deciding which of the great things I wanted to stitch on next.

  8. I love that you can stitch all weekend and pop in on the computer, and stitch some more and maybe sweep the floor added to more stitching. Not much of anything but man the time it can take. lol
    Have a great week Lynn and I am looking forward to next Thursday and Friday for you.
    Be always in stitches.
    As always

  9. This is looking like a very lovely giveaway to me, I hope mine is the lucky name! I don't know what design the little chick is, but he sure is cute. I love spring fever, I smelt freshly cut grass today, the new season is definitely here. Happy stitching to you.

  10. You're giveaway is looking good! I hope I win. ;)

    I LOVE Spring Quaker! That might end up as one of my "must haves" this year. :)

  11. Your give away looks wonderful, I hope I win. I hear snow is coming again this week. Not so nice, I thought it was over. I love your blog!

  12. The giveaway looks wonderful! The little chick is too cute!

    I've seen Spring Quaker on several blogs and I've fallen in love with it--just might follow me home from LNS one day...

    Spring is here in Tulsa. Everything is blooming and the grass is beginning to green up. I was out doing a little trimming and flower bed cleaning yesterday. Can't wait to actually start playing in the dirt!

  13. Oooh giveaway! Must go enter and your draw date is my b-day too! Oh lucky day!

    Your WIPs are just great!

  14. Lovely goods!
    And Maison No.4 colors are so nice! Hope you'll finish it soon :)

    Best wishes,

  15. Oooh, very nice spring themed giveaway items. I like the tease with the giveaway stitching, I am intrigued. Great work with your other stitching as well.