Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Slow stitching week

Some things never turn out the way you hope. I just had a couple of days off work after a rather busy 7 day stretch and wanted to do nothing more than kick back with some stitching in hand. However I spent most of the first day off trying to sort out computer related issues and the second day I spent taking my son into Ottawa for some errands. Hence, not much to show I'm afraid.

Here's what I've managed with Spring Quakers. I've completed 3 more of the smaller flower motifs as well as the backstitching of flower names which is seen throughout the piece. The colours on this are so beautiful but there are also frequent colour changes which mean I'm spending a lot of time threading my needle. Somewhere in this house I have one of the systems for threading multiple needles with all the requested floss and having them at the ready. Do you think I can find this? I've wasted so much time looking that I could have stitched the darn motifs three times over! So I've chosen to do things the hard way for now and perhaps what I'm looking for will show up when I least expect it. You think?!

In the meantime I'm enjoying my time spent on this.

The only other stitching I've done recently has been on my Maison No 4. This is a much easier design to take on the road with me and I stitch on this one at work during breaks and lunch. If I could just sit down and spend some quality time with this one I could have it completed in no time. At my current pace though I figure it will take at least another week. I took my pictures in a big hurry this time and they could be better. My DH was heading out and taking the camera with him so I snapped these very quickly and uploaded them before he left.
Weather reports indicate another significant snowfall overnight here which has already started. So I'm off to get ready for bed early. I'll have to give myself extra time during my commute tomorrow.


Alisa said...

Lovely stitching Lynn, they are both looking gorgeous! :)

Deborah said...

Love the Spring Quaker piece. Just beautiful.

CalamityJr said...

You may not have gotten as much done as you had hoped, but what is done is beautiful. And since you said you're to get a significant amount of snow, I'll keep my fingers crossed that you can just stay home tomorrow and relax and stitch to your heart's content!

Brigitte said...

Spring Quaker looks so great with all its flower motifs. Unfortunately you are still missing spring in your corner of the world.
When I have a couple of days off it's the same thing - all I want to do is stay on my couch and stitch or read and all I actually do is clean or iron or go on errands. Sigh ...

Patty C. said...

All of your work here looks gorgeous - Love the colors, love the patterns -You might not be stitching much - But stitching so well ;)

Donna said...

The stitching piece of beautiful. The right time will come for stitching more. Have a good day and hopefuly no more snow

Nick said...

Both pieces are looking great! I really like the colors in Spring Quakers. Same thing seems to happen when I have a couple days off as well, never seem to get in the things I want to do.

Beatrice said...

Hi Lynn...Finally up and running now that I'm home.I had to get my computer fixed was minor but time consuming.
The store was in Provo Utah..oh my I had fun there.
Your stitching is looking sweet.
I guess we weren't gone long enough to miss the
But I'm glad to be home anyway 6 weeks was long enough.

BrendaS said...

Spring Quakers is just beautiful. Are you using the Valdani thread?

Have a good weekend.

Carol said...

Oh, I love your Spring Quaker, Lynn--I've never seen that one before. At least you can stitch yourself some spring--winter seems a long way off, doesn't it? We are due to get 4-6" of snow ourselves tomorrow--sigh...

Daffycat said...

More snow? This winter just doesn't want to give up, does it?

It drives me crazy when real life gets in the way of stitching time. That's the only real time I can seriously relax and enjoy myself. I can be a real bear when I'm unable to stitch!

Your WIPs are just lovely, Lynn. I hope you are soon able to spend some quality time with them!

Beth said...

With each update, I love your Spring Quakers more. It is really going to be an incredibly beautiful piece!

Judy S. said...

At least you've got some springy stitching going! Love those flowers.

Suzanne said...

Such lovely stitching. Spring Quakers is looking so lovely. I know the needle gadget you are talking about. You will find it, but after you no longer need it.

Siobhan said...

Any progress is good progress! Everything looks great, Lynn.

Andrea said...

Love these two pieces.

Rhona said...

Don't you just wish Spring would come - and stay!!!

Your stitching is looking great. Hope you get time to do more!

TeresaB said...

It may have been a slow stitching week but what you did is beautiful! I love how Spring Quakers is looking. They do say that slow and steady wins the race, or in this case gets the cross stitch piece finished!

Crazee4books said...

Dear Lynn,

Your blog posts are always full
of wonderful pictures, interesting
news and fun, delightful chat. I
am always inspired to write long
comments in response. I did that
a couple of weeks ago. It took me
quite a while but I wanted to
"talk" to you about all the stuff
on your posts since my last visit.

At the end of the epic comment I
clicked on "publish" ... and the
whole thing vanished, never to be
seen again!!! Blogger said "Ooops,
sorry about that" and that was it!
I was so cheesed off, and it sorta
put me off commenting for a few
days. Probably my own fault for
being so long winded, but still.

So, let's try this again shall
we?? I love, love, love your
Spring Quakers project!!! I do!
Those colors! Those motifs!
Glorious! I'm gonna love seeing
your progress reports on this one
for sure.

Maison No. 4 is beautiful
too with a charming design
complimented by some very
yummy, rich colors. You
have a knack for choosing
such amazing and diverse
designs to stitch and I
love every one of them!!
So there!!

Your Saturday SAL back in
February looks like it was
a lot of fun and you had a
really excellent turn out.

I had to laugh when you told
how poor Clarisse had to be
locked away because she was
being a bit of a pest. My
Rupert steals thread skeins
too probably because I chase
after him to rescue my thread, which he loves. He also loves
climbing into bags and he
really loves checking out
people's hair. Must be a cat

I've got Rose Quaker too and
love it to pieces, and I've
been eyeing those new Jardin
Prive designs as well. Oh

Finally, your framed Spring
Lace piece is gorgeous and
that frame you chose for it
sets it off perfectly!! Um,
yes ... I do have this one
in my stash as well.

And thank you for that lovely
picture of Clarisse, showing
off her pretty face and her
exquisite blue eyes. She
is so beautiful!! Give her
a pat for me, would you?

Loving these warm temperatures
even if it means rain at times.
Spring arrives this weekend,
can you believe it?? At last!

Take care Lynn! Cheers!

Mary said...

Spring Quaker is so lovely!

Have a great week!