Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Join me in a little dance

A happy one of course! I have two finishes to celebrate. The first is my Tantes Zolder piece followed by my August ornament. Both are pretty quick stitches but that doesn't mean that I was that quick! Too many things going on over the summer months prevent me from getting much accomplished. I'd hoped to get the TZ one finished as a pinkeep yesterday but I couldn't find any fabric that would work in my stash so I'll have make a trip to FabricLand to find something.
The ornament will be finished into a pillow(at a date yet do be determined!).

I had to work this past weekend but when I'd finished on Saturday, I took a drive to the village of Cardinal to join some friends for more stitching. I met Cathy through our South Eastern Ontario Yahoo stitcher's group. We've had a number of SALs through this group but Cathy has been unable to attend any so this time we decided to bring the SAL to her! I was joined by Dani and Rebecca. Cathy has no blog so I've been unable to see some of her many finishes. Saturday's stitch was a chance to get acquainted with her and view some of her fantastic finishes. My favourite was one by Barbara Baatz which I believe was the Fairy Godmother. It was a lovely visit although short but we are planning to do this again in the near future. Thanks Cathy!

This weekend I'm off to Brighton to the home of Kathy for a weekend SAL. Some of the stitchers are arriving on the Friday evening but I'm going to head out early on Saturday morning. I'm just too tired after working on Friday to do a 3 hr drive. It's my understanding that several of the stitchers in the Brighton area will be joining us for the day Saturday which will include a trip to Ann's shop, Knowledge and Needles. I'm looking forward to meeting Ann and the others as well as seeing several other stitcing friends. In the past Ann has invited me to a couple of her SALs which I've been unable to attend and I'm really wanting to spend some time in her shop.

I'd hoped to stay for the day at Kathy's on Sunday too but it looks like I'll have to head out shortly after lunch. I'm taking a friend to see Wicked in Ottawa on Sunday night. Then I'll have Monday at home to recuperate from all my travels!

This is my new start. It's by Waxing Moon designs and is called Witches Garden. I'm stitching it on 28ct SMF Howling at the Moon. As you can see I've managed to finish the bottom of the witch's dress. The original pattern calls for this to be done on a much darker fabric and the colour of the dress was a much lighter gray which just couldn't be seen on this fabric. So I hunted through my stash and came up with this gray. It's still not quite as dark as I would have liked but I think it will turn out okay in the end.

Now I'm off to hunt for a pattern for next month's ornie SAL. Hope you're all having a great week!


  1. Lovely finishes and I'm happy dancing with you. I am soo looking forward to this weekend and I am thrilled that you will be joining us. See you Saturday.

  2. Your finishes look great, Lynn! Have a great time this weekend, they are a wonderful group of ladies, well aren't all stitchers really? Sorry I won't be able to attend.

  3. Look at those pretty finishes...I'm doing the fox trot for you! :)
    Give Kathy a great big hug from me...HOW FUN and how I'd love to go too :)

  4. The snowflake is darling and your santa is just charming.

  5. Congratulations on your finishes! They both look beautiful.

  6. Hi Lynn,

    Congrats on the two finishes.
    They both look awesome!!

    All the designs from Tantes
    Zolder site are wonderful,
    and this one is so pretty.
    Love the colour combination
    that you chose for it.

    And the Santa ornament is
    sweet, especially with the
    little kitty following at
    Santa's heels. Probably
    looking for a treat.

    I have Waxing Moons design
    Witches Garden too and I
    really love it. I've been
    thinking of picking up
    one of their Halloween
    designs to stitch next. I
    have several, and they're
    all so cute and colourful.

    Hope you have a great weekend.
    The gathering at Kathy's will
    be a blast, and I've heard
    lots of good things about

    And hey, three days of good
    weather as well. What more
    could you ask for??