Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Halfway there!

Can you believe it? I'm half finished my Cirques des Cercles! I'd fallen so far behind in the last couple of months and I really had hoped I'd get in a lot of stitching time on my vacation. That wasn't the case as it turned out. We were much too busy on holidays and my CdC languished at the bottom of my stitching bag. So when we returned home I made an effort to get back on track with this one. I vowed that I wouldn't touch anything else during the past week and so I removed all my other projects from my bag and hid them. Below are the fruits of my labour. I've also posted a "before" picture to show my progress. The bottom photo is actually closer to the true colour of the fabric. I had taken the first one during the evening using my flash whereas I took the latter one this morning in daylight.



I feel much better now that I've turned the corner and am halfway there. I definitely want to have this piece done by the end of the year. Besides there's another SAL starting up in January involving a Mirabilia piece which I want to take part in. If I haven't got this finished by then, I'll never finish it!! I really do love Cirque though. Everytime I pick up this piece I don't want to put it down. It's just so soothing to stitch on.

So that's the only stitching I have to show for now, however, I did find some stash in the mail following my return from vacation. I'd almost forgotton about some of this in my rush to get packed and away. First off is LHN Home of a Needleworker, CCN Joyful Summer, and a couple of The Cat's Whiskers Krazy Kitties including the Halloween Kitty. ( I love this one!) Then there's Dinky Dyes Mount Coot-tha and Midsummer Night Designs Forget Me Not. Now you can see why I had to hide everything to concentrate on Cirques! I was so tempted to start one of these new lovelies. Just posting them here gives me the itch to get started on one. I guess I should have used my flash on these pics but I was afraid I'd get glare from the packaging and I was in a hurry to take them. My DH was taking off with the camera today and I wanted to get these photos before he left.

Now I'm off to see Mama Mia with my friend Michelle. I saw this one already last week with my son but Michelle hasn't seen it yet and knowing her DH wouldn't accompany her I jumped at the chance to see it again. It really is a fun flick and besides I don't mind looking at Pierce Brosnan one bit!


  1. Hi Lynn
    CdC looks fabulous! Great stash too :o)

  2. CdC looks wonderful, you made fantastic progress on it. This is such a neat piece, and being past the halfway point now would be so motivating. However, great stash. I can see how the temptation would be great to start one of those too. :)
    Which Mirabilia piece are you thinking of doing in the upcoming SAL?

  3. Hi Lynn,

    Wow, cool stash. The Dinky Dyes
    design is soooo pretty. I love
    it!! And of course the LHN and
    CCN designs are just so wonderful,
    as is everything they design.

    And look at the progress that you
    have made on CdC. It's looking
    spectacular Lynn. I really hope
    you can finish it before years end.
    It's too gorgeous to abandon!!

    So which Mirabilia design are
    you going to be stitching??? Or
    are you going to make us wait
    and see?? Have you ever stitched
    one of their designs before??

    I got the soundtrack CD to Mamma
    Mia yesterday and have played it
    several times since then. And
    I want to go back and see the
    movie again. Everyone I know
    who's been to see it has either
    gone again, or is planning to go
    again. I can't wait for the DVD
    to come out!!


  4. Lookie there at your CdC...it is gorgeous Lynn! KUDOS!

  5. Lynn, your CDC looks awesome you've done a great job this past week! We're going to miss you on Saturday at Ann's!

  6. Lynn...
    Great progress on CdC. Sorry you won't be here on Saturday but there will be other opportunities to get together I am sure.

  7. Great circles in the mornin', Lynn! You've nearly finished the Cirque and it's gorgeous! I'm proud of you. Didn't you just love Mama Mia? I would have loved going with you... Hugs, Deb

  8. Wow, such huge progress on CdC, I am very impressed. Love your stash, now I feel very jealous.

  9. Nice work on CdC there girl. and all your new stash - no wonder it was hard to concentrate! I alwo want to finish my PL by year's end but it's not looking good at the moment. Hopefully, I will get the urge again and the needles will fly.

  10. Wonderful progress on CdC. I hope you can achieve your goal of an end of year finish, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  11. Great progress on Cirque!!!

  12. CdC looks fabulous! I havent stitched on mine in sooo long!
    Great stash!