Monday, 1 September 2008

No better medicine...

Than stitching all weekend! That's what I was doing this weekend on Lake Ontario at Kathy's lovely home which by the way, has a most spectacular view. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful and I had an awesome time!! I met some incredible ladies and visited with friends such as Rebecca, Beatrice, Christin, Kathy and Dani. A good number of the ladies belong to Ann's Thursday stitchers. I was finally able to meet Ann and visit her incredible shop, Knowledge and Needles. Of course, I couldn't
walk out empty handed, instead carrying one of her lovely green bags with assorted floss, needles and a couple new patterns. The green bags so I'm told, have to be hidden by certain stitchers who frequent Ann's. It seems that some hubbies recognize these particular bags and know exactly where their spouses have been and as a result major damage to their wallets most probably has occured! In any case, Ann's shop is lovely and I hope to pay a repeat visit.
I was also very pleased to meet Beatrice's mother, Adriana, who's stitching I have admired on Beatrice's blog on several occasions.

Below are some pictures from the weekend. I can't take all the credit. Dani used my camera and took the group shot for me.

Ann, Kathy and Nan checking
out Kathy's biscornu given to
her by Dani .

On the right is Nan, Judy, and Barb with Beatrice and Christin in the background.

Angie and I pictured on the left and Ann the right.

The group and one of Rebecca with Lake Ontario in the background.

Numerous other pictures of the weekend can be found on both Dani's and Beatrice's blog within the next few days.

Thank you so much Kathy, I really needed that getaway!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to spend the entire weekend with the gang. With much reluctance I had to take my leave Sunday after lunch and head home where I had a date that evening with one of my best friends, Michelle. She has just finished celebrating her 50th birthday and in honour of the occasion I was taking her to see the play Wicked which BTW is fantastic. However in the brief time spent at Kathy's I did manage to get a fair amount accomplished. I worked primarily on my Witches Garden as well as my mitten ornament for my September ornament.

Cirque made a brief appearance as well as a new start, M designs Peace Tree which I'll have a picture of for my next post.

Now, since the weekend continues with beautiful weather (where was that earlier in the summer?), I'm off to prepare for a boat ride with DH and friends on the St. Lawrence this afternoon.

Happy, sunny stitching everyone! Enjoy what remains of the last holiday weekend of summer. I'll leave you all with this beautiful sunset photo taken on Kathy's deck on Saturday evening.


  1. Lynn it was great to see you! I hope that Oct 5th is a go!

  2. Everything looks so beutiful and green and lovely! :) What fun!! I'd love to hang out with all you girls!

  3. WOW.. what a gorgeous setting for a stitching weekend!!

  4. I'm looking at maybe coming the 5th of Oct. Let me know if it's still on!
    We had a good time didn't we?
    I stole a couple of the pictures from your blog for my photo album.
    The sunset it stunning!
    You got a bit of stitching done too...nice!

  5. As always, wonderful to see you - too bad it wasn't a longer time but there is always another weekend. The weekend we were talking about may not work, I have friends who have already booked us in for the Saturday...I'll see what I can do, or if you come up with another weekend in the mean time, let me know.

  6. What a nice people and view!! You had really wonderful weekend.

  7. I am glad to hear that you had such a wonderful weekend. I love the sunset picture.

  8. It sounds like a fantastic weekend and what a gorgeous backdrop you had for stitching. Thanks for posting the pics for us all to see!