Tuesday, 19 August 2008

It is still summer, isn't it?

Is anyone out there noticing that the leaves are changing much earlier this year? Since when do they start changing the first week of August? In the past I have noticed colour changes during the latter part of August just before the kids return to school but on our way home from Muskoka I spotted several trees that had completely changed and were a vibrant red. I opened my mouth to comment on it and my DH said he had been thinking the same thing. I don't know if it's the cooler nights we've been having this summer or what but I for one am not impressed! Don't get me wrong, I love autumn but this summer I'm feeling cheated. It's rained at some point in time nearly every day. We had an incredible storm just last night. It carried on through most of the evening.We've had very few stretches of sunny days at all lately. When I see those trees changing it just reminds me of that miserable winter we suffered through. It's returning far too quickly.

On my last two posts I've neglected to say thanks to both Von and Dani for nominating me for a Brillante Award. Both of these super ladies nominated me while I was on vacation but I declined to pass on the award because of my limited access to a computer. Now that I'm home I couldn't possibly limit this award to only 7 people. There are too many bloggers out there whose work inspires me. Thank you to all the many bloggers who have shared so much with me over the past year and from whom I've learned a lot! A special thanks again to Von and Dani for choosing me as a recipient.

I'm not terribly ambitious so far this week. There has been a somber mood at work. During the past two days alone we've had some bad news. First, one of my co-workers' brothers died at age 40 from a stroke. They had been estranged but it has been hard on her family.As if that wasn't enough, today our secretary's husband was brought into Emergency feeling short of breath and within an hour he had died. Only 56 and it appears he has suffered a stroke as well. I happened to be the first to arrive at work right after this happened and received a call from one of the nurses to tell me that our friend was down in the hospital family room alone with no-one to comfort her. All her family lives out of town and apparently they are not close. I'm feeling kind of shell-shocked. She was so terribly distraught and not knowing her all that well,(she's only worked with us for a short time) I just didn't know how to console her. I kept trying to imagine how I'd feel in her place.

Then shortly after came the news that our boss, who has been suffering from back pain, is now diagnosed with lung cancer which has already spread to the bones and brain. He's only 56 as well and is the fifth person within our lab to be diagnosed with cancer.We've already lost one co-worker at age 45 with ovarian cancer. Although he's our boss now, for many years prior he worked alongside us as a tech. He'd just taken retirement and come back to work part-time on contract. We are all feeling as if life isn't very fair to these people and their families. As much as I may complain at times, I feel so blessed that my DH and I have our health and a loving, close family who support each other. I'll be saying extra prayers tonight.
As a result of all this I haven't stitched for the past couple of nights, but I do have some progress to show. I worked a little more on the weekend on CdC and even picked up my other Tantes Zolder piece for a short spell. Here's the results. I'm about a third of the way into my fourth page on CdC ( which is actually page 6 since I'm working my way backwards now). I'd like to continue working on both but my ornie needs to be complete by the end of the month. I only have the border to finish on that one. Plus I'm getting the urge to get started on my Witches Garden. Then I think I should be starting the Christmas present I'm stitching for my youngest sister in order to have it completely finished in time. I'm planning on stitching M Designs Peace Tree for her as a flatfold rather than an ornament. My head is just swimming at the moment so I think the best thing right now is to head off to bed early and leave the decisions until later. Sorry for such a depressing post. Here's hoping for better days ahead.


  1. Oh, so much sad news! You really do feel for these poor people and realize how much we have to be thankful for! I'm sure even just having you present for the secretary was something she won't forget.

    I for one, can't wait for Autumn to arrive, because that means my daughter's wedding!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear what horrible situations for you and all of the loved ones.

  3. What an awful time for all those families, and you and your colleagues. I'm so sorry.

    CdC is stunning. I've never seen it close up and the colours are beautiful.

  4. Hi Lynn,

    I'm so sorry to read about all
    the terrible things that have
    been happening to your co-workers
    in the past few weeks. It's so

    Hope you and your co-workers can
    find some comfort and support
    from each other, and can pass
    it on to those of your group who
    really need it.

    We haven't seen any indications
    of an early Fall around here yet,
    but I've been keeping my eyes
    peeled when we've been out and
    about. I love the Fall too. Its
    my favourite season. But you're
    right that this summer has left
    many of us feeling cheated.

    The thought of another winter
    like the one we just had (a few
    weeks ago?) is very depressing.
    Hope we get a nice, long Fall.

    Your little Tantes Zolder piece
    is looking beautiful in that
    colour you've chosen for it.
    And CdC is breathtaking!

    Sounds like you've got a lot
    of stitching planned for the
    next while. There's just never
    enough time in the day.

    Take care,

  5. Awww Lynn sounds like you've had a rough time. Hopefully the weekend at Kathy's will cheer you up!

  6. What a terrible series of events, I am sorry for you. It's times like this that it really hits home how fortunate we are and how we should really appreciate our families so much more than we do.

    Your stitching is looking good.

  7. Your wips are looking great. What a bad run you poor thing. Looks like you had a busy but lovely time at the lake, the pictures are wonderful.

  8. It's terrible to receive so much bad news in a row, so don't apologize for letting your feelings show, that is what blogging is for.

    I have lost nine family members to cancer so far, it is a terrible disease, may the intelligent minds find a cure for it in our lifetime.

    Your stitching is amazing. Your hands are truly blessed.

  9. That is a lot to have going on around you. Seeing and hearing about all that really does make one appreciate the health and family they do have. I feel so bad for all of them. As to the weather, it is starting to change here as well. In fact a couple trees near me have already dropped a huge amount of their leaves. Unfortunately I think winter will come early this year. Your stitching is looking so pretty, gorgeous colors.

  10. Boy my thoughts are with you and with the families of those folks.
    I look forward to seeing you on the weekend and maybe we can have a few laughs together to cheer you up!
    Yup we have some red trees here too! Way to soon!