Friday, 31 August 2007

Too busy to stitch

It's been one of those weeks. You know, the ones where you're running like crazy but getting nowhere! I thought that once the kids had left home I wouldn't have to run as much but this week sure shot that theory out the window. I worked a lot of overtime as well since my supervisor is on holidays and I'm covering her job as well as my own.
Finally it's Friday and I arrived home looking forward to a relaxing weekend but I think I was only home an hour before I had to turn around and do the 40 min trek to work again. It's part and parcel of covering for the supervisor. Glad it's not my job on a regular basis!
Consequently I either didn't have time or I was too tired to tackle much in the way of stitching. I should have been finished with Peaches by now but I'll try and finish up this weekend. Here's my progress so far. Sorry it's not very clear. My battery was getting low and I couldn't focus very well.

When I returned home this evening I found a parcel waiting for me from Stitching Bits and Bobs.
All the overtime I'm working lately is helping pay for my addiction! I fell in love with the Country Cottage Needleworks Home Sweet Home and since I'm enjoying LHN Peaches I decided to pick up another of theirs called Comfort. But it's the Halloween pattern that really caught my eye when I was checking out the new charts. It's called Trick or Treat Lane by The Stitching Parlour. I'm anxious to start this one. Only thing is, I had a look at the pattern and nowhere on it does it list the stitching count or the finished size. It's done on 28ct linen but I guess I'll have to guesstimate what size fabric to use.

Besides the charts I ordered a couple of their project bags to tote my WIP with me. Finnigan rather like these and settled himself down on them for a rest!
I'm looking forward to a restful day tomorrow. I've decided to stay put instead of going into Ottawa with my DH. I'm having a few friends for dinner on Monday so I'm going to check out my cookbooks and see what I can come up with . Lots of stitching is also on the agenda! Hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. Great stash! I wouldn't just take a guestimate in case you cut your fabric too small. You'll just have to get the stitch count by counting the chart squares. I always double check the printed measurements with the chart myself before cutting my fabric anyway. It has been known to be wrong.

  2. Great new stash! The Hallowe'en pattern is so cute. I think I would be counting the stitches before cutting the fabric...I guess that makes me a little too anal LOL!

    Have a great stitching weekend :-D

  3. I love your stash, hope things slow down for you so that you can get in more stitching.


  4. Nice stash haul... Looks like Finnigan thinks so, too! What a pretty kitty :)

  5. Peaches is looking great!

    Lovely new stash! Lynn, do you want to pick a date for us to GTG soon? Throw some dates at me and I'll let you know what works!

  6. nice work on Peaches and nice new stash! Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Im having one of those busy weeks this week!
    Peaches looks lovely and your new stash is fab :)