Saturday, 25 August 2007

Autumn's coming

Despite today's heat and humidity this was the first day that I definitely started to get that fall feeling. The cooler weather of the past couple days brought it to mind but it wasn't until today when I saw leaves changing colour on some trees that I realized how close it is. That, combined with the shorter days. Gee it was almost dark tonight at 8:00. What happened to summer? It feels like it hasn't been around much this year. I've also got the itch to start baking and usually that only happens when fall is approaching. I suddenly have a craving for a home baked apple pie. When fall approaches I also get that urge to start all kinds of new stitching projects. I think it has something to do with the homey instinct that sets in at this time. Hence, the urge to bake!
Seems like this whole thing is happening earlier this year or is it just me!?

I paid a visit to my LNS today. I needed some fabric for some of my smalls and I also took the opportunity to check out which classes are being offered at the upcoming retreat. Jeannette Douglas is taking one of the classes and is teaching a new piece of hers which has not been released yet. I was advised to sign up for this one soon since spots are filling up quickly. Once I'd done that I had to decide which class to take on the second day of the retreat. I opted for a beginner's Hardanger class. I've wanted to learn Hardanger for some time now but I didn't know anyone who could help me with it. I know that my LNS offers classes in this but because they are out of town I find it difficult to get there regularly. Hopefully I can pick up enough in this class to make a stab at it on my own. The class also includes a lovely reference guide which should help.

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my Coeur finish. In answer to one question, the designer is Passione Ricamo. She has a collection of seasonal hearts which are freebies on her site. I'd like to do the winter one next. I've made a small start now on LHN Peaches. This looks like it will be a quick stitch.That's if I can stay off the computer long enough to stitch! I've been spending far too much time lately catching up on blogs and checking out ebay for supplies. Here's a photo of my progress so far. Blogger was a little slow tonight. For a minute there I thought I'd have to post a pic tomorrow.

And for those of you who have invited me to join in the Paradigm Lost SAL, thank you I'm thinking about it. I've just never tackled a project that big before. I know it's only for one night a week but I'm afraid I won't stick with it. I'll let you know soon whether or not to count me in.


  1. Autumn is certainly approaching here and very fast. I like this season :o) mmmm, home baking. Sounds scrummy.

    I've watched some other bloggers stitch Paradigm Lost as a SAL and it was great watching their progress. I would say go for it :o)

  2. Peaches is looking great ;)

  3. Peaches is looking great, nice start. This is such a fun one, I really enjoyed stitching it.

  4. Peaches looks good. I find when I stitch with internet pals, it tends to keep me motivated. We are a great bunch and do a good job of keeping each other going. Take the big leap and join us.

  5. After the hot and humid summer I've had, I'm ready for autumn. Its my favorite season.

  6. I always look forwards to Autumn too! Its my favourite time of year. I have about the same amount of stitching done on Peaches!

    I'm in the Paradigm Lost SAL ~ please join us!!

  7. Great new start!

    LOL I've been registered for Jeannette's class since the moment I put down my deposit for the retreat!

    I'll be doing her Sunday class as well none of the other Sunday classes appealed to me!

  8. Great start on peaches!
    Autumn's coming here too which is so depressing as we're still waiting for summer. Its been a really poor summer in the UK this year :(

  9. Hi Lynn,

    The neighbour's tree across the street from our house is changing colour. It's dark when we get up in the morning for work. Fall is definitely around the corner, and edging closer.

    Loved the picture of Finnigan at the window. My cats do the same thing, with the same expression on their faces.

    Peaches is a fun stitch, which will go quickly and provide a bit of (almost) instant gratification.
    Loved the colours too.

    Cheers! Judy

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I appreciate it :)

    I must admit-I love summer, but it has been so hot here the whole month of August, I am ready from some cooler weather :)