Thursday, 16 August 2007

New stash

I've finally got some pictures of all my new stash. The first few items I found on ebay. There are two by Calico Crossroads - Awesome Autumn and One Is Not Enough. The latter I've wanted for a while since I've always maintained that you can't have too many cats! The other is one by Rosewood Manor and is a Mini Sampler Trio. I haven't done any samplers before but I find my tastes are changing and I'm really wanting to do one. I thought these smaller ones would be good to try and see how I like them. I also like the colour scheme. I also ordered some WDW threads but for the life of me I can't remember which chart I got them for! I've pulled so many from my stash lately to look at. I'm going to have to go through them again and see if the threads belong with any of them. Pretty bad, eh? The mind has been doing that a lot lately!

The rest of the stash I ordered during Stitching Bits and Bob's 4th of July sale. I just love the LHN and Crescent Colors kits. I ordered two - Peaches and Faith, but I'm sure these won't be my last. I don't know which I want to start first! Then there's Blue Ribbon Designs Comfort and Joy and finally by Drawn Thread, For the Birds. I couldn't help myself , there are just so many designers out there whose charts I want to do! I keep telling DH that I'm getting my stash together now because I won't have as much money when I retire but that's 4 yrs from now. I can accumulate an awful lot in that time period!!

I didn't get much of a start on anything today though. Originally we'd planned to take the boat out to Big Rideau Lake and stop in to visit friends who cottage at Westport. The weather didn't look too promising with rain forecast for a good portion of the day. Instead we headed into Ottawa. My DH had received a phone call that a friend of his was visiting and wanted us to join her for lunch. It turns out that this particular friend is a former teacher of ours from grade school, Grace Lewis. Grace taught us band and was responsible for giving us the music bug. I learned how to play the flute from her. Bob learned sax but later switched to clarinet. She's now 85 but is still directing a senior's band in Windsor, Ont. Bob and Grace have remained in contact over the years since they both direct handbell choirs.
We had a lovely lunch at the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau followed by a free concert at the museum. It was a choral concert by Chor Leoni which is a men's choir from Vancouver,BC. They were awesome! I really enjoy listening to choral music and judging by the response, so did everyone else. All in all it was a lovely afternoon. The rest of the day was spent cleaning up here at home since we are having guests for dinner tomorrow night.
I may not get a chance to post tomorrow because of that but I should have a progress pic by the weekend of Coeur d'Ete. I worked on it a bit tonight and plan on taking it with me to work this weekend. I'll be thinking of some of you fellow bloggers who I know are going to a stitching retreat this weekend at Ann's. I hope you have a really enjoyable and relaxing stitch weekend!


  1. Lynn, you certainly are keeping busy. Next year you will have to set this weekend aside and come to Brighton for the retreat. I have been to Chesterville...well, through it actually, frequently on the way to Russell where my brother Ken lives...yes the infamous brother of the story on my blog. I wonder if he remembers the actual incident or just Mom's retelling of it!

  2. OOh look at all the lovely stash! I love those LHN charts...can't get them here yet.
    Have a great weekend :)

  3. Wow!! That looks like some wonderful stash ya' got there!

  4. Great stash. One is not enough is also in my stash, and with my 3 cats and my DD's 1 it is very appropriate for my household. I'll look forward to seeing which one you decide to start first. I just finished Peaches and loved it. Have fun on your retreat.

  5. Wonderful stash! I just received my order from the 4th of July sale yesterday.

  6. Oh my GF, you have excellent taste in stash! btw, I stitched Drawn Thread's for the birds for my Mother-in-Law. She loved it. I thought it was really a nice project.