Saturday, 8 September 2007

A visit home

I've just had an unexpected visit home from my two youngest sons. Number 2 son Dan knew that I had a couple of days off work and was heading into Ottawa so he asked if he could join us. He has a friend from high school who is about to become a father anytime now (twins!) and wanted to visit for a bit since he figures he'll be tied up very shortly! At the same time, number 3 son Chris called and asked if we could pick him up and bring him home for a couple of days (he attends school in Ottawa). He was jogging home from work the other night and cut through an opening in a fence. It was dark and somehow he managed to hit the fence post with his foot. It's quite swollen and he's been having trouble walking on it. He told me about this a couple of days ago. When I suggested he have it looked at, he came up with all kinds of excuses - school had just started, he couldn't miss work, he didn't have time.... After trying to hobble about the last few days he finally gave in and asked us to take him to get some x-rays. Yep, it's broken! He has to wear an air cast for the next month and stay off it as much as possible. Yeah right, like that's going to happen! He's agreed to the cast but that's as far as it goes. He was heading in for an 8 hr shift at work today,claims he's a poor student and needs his spending money!
Sooo, I ended up spending my days off with both boys. Friday was a gorgeous day so we sat outside and caught up with each other. This was interspersed with various trips to clean out my cupboards! (Don't you have any snacks, Mom?). Chris' schedule this semester gives him Mondays and Fridays off. I wish I worked a week like that! However he has classes from 9 until 6 on Tues- Thurs. We rented the movie Premonition last night which I recommend if you haven't seen it already.
Then this morning I took Dan back to his place on my way to work and Chris rode back into Ottawa with Bob. Now I'm home and it's so quiet again! Isn't it amazing how when they're home all their friends seem to find out and the phone never stops?!
I managed to finish off Peaches the beginning of the week and I've made a new start on Blackbird Designs Country Garden. All this before the boys arrived, since there was no time afterwards. My french knots on the cats' eyes aren't showing up all that well. I hate doing them and suspect I'm not quite getting it right. Why do I find them so difficult? Any tips?
Anyways I'm enjoying my new start and hoping to get some more done tonight.


  1. Aww, I bet you loved having the boys around, even if they did eat all your food lol.

    Great stitching. Peaches is lovely.

    I enjoy doing french knots but trying to explain in words is pretty difficult. I always wind my thread round the needle 3 times rather than the two and just make sure you hold that tail REALLY tight until the thread has been pulled back through to the back of the fabric (but do this very gently and stop as soon as you feel resistance). Mmm, I hope that helps. I was shown how to do it by someone who does all kinds of embroidery except cross stitch lol.

  2. Lynn... that was actually a starbucks frapacchino in my car LOL. But the ones at Timmies are pretty darned good too (and much cheaper).

    Congrats on getting Peaches all stitched up. I'll have to teach you colonial knots they're much easier than FK's.

    Your new start looks great!

  3. French knots are not my favourite kind of stitch either, my animals always end up with different sized eyes. Sounds like you had a great time with your boys at home.

    You asked in my comments if I thought that CdC was labour intensive, I don't think it is and find it to be rather enjoyable, and each finished segment it like a little happy dance.

    Regards Joanne

  4. A mother's work is never done! How nice that you were able to help out your boys on your time off work though. Peaches looks great - such a sweet little stitch. I agree with Dani about the colonial knots, I always use these too. You may be able to find an on-line tutorial for them.

  5. I have two sons as well and spending time with them is always wonderful! They do tend to clean out the cupboards and the cookie jar is always empty. I use beads sometimes now instead of knots. I need to have Dani show me colonial knots sometime

  6. I love peaches and your new start. You know what...I'm pretty adept at needlework...but I can't for the life of me do french do you know what I do? I use Mill Hill antique seed beads for eyes and other things. :)
    I'm a cheater!
    I bet it was fun to be with your boys! And I bet as they get bigger they get hungrier! My boys eat me out of house and home now (they're 7) I hate to think what it will be like when their adults!

  7. Congratulations on your stash and your stitching. It sounds like you and your boys had a great time.

  8. Hi Lynn, When I stitched Peaches and complained about the french knots several stitchers, including Dani, recommended the Colonial Knot. Guess what? Once you work through it a couple of times it is much easier then the french knot. Look up a tutorial on the web and see what you think.

    Beware, those LHN smalls, with the thread included, are decidedly addictive. All of them!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend with your boys. Too bad about the broken foot your youngest has to put up with. Hope he follows doctor's orders as much as possible to allow it to heal quickly.

    Cheers! Judy

  9. Hi, Lynn! I'm new to visiting your blog. I saw your comment on Vonna's blog and wanted to know who you are. I'm always looking for other stitchers who have my same obsession!! LOL I also see that you're an Anne Rice fan!! I love her! And a Harry Potter fan! We have much in common, Lynn. Love your "Peaches."
    Come visit my blog, too!
    Deb in FL

  10. Sounds like a busy time with your boys!
    Peaches looks great! What are your plans for it?
    Im sorry but i've no advice on the french knots, i dont enjoy them at all either!

  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. And you pieces are very nice.
    I don't mind French knots but tiny beads works wonders.
    I'm looking forward to Stratford.

  12. Hey Lynn,

    Glad you had a nice time with your boys...

    And come on, admit it, you really do want to start either Paradigm or Cirque with us on Nov know you do!!! How can you resist???