Monday, 16 July 2007

Squeezed in...

I've managed to squeeze in a little bit of stitching the past two evenings after my granddaughters have gone to bed. Not much though, I've been too tired! I'd forgotton how exhausting it can be chasing a toddler around! I've made a good start on the celtic heart. The original pattern calls for it to be done in black and yellow. I didn't like the combination so I thought I'd try using some hand-dyed threads instead. I'm not sure yet if I like the colour combination I chose. Maybe it'll grow on me!

The girls have been really good. I haven't been able to take any time off work this week to spend with them but I'm on the early shift so I get home shortly after 3. I still manage to get in a trip to the park with them before supper and a short walk before bedtime. Jeff's brother Dan has been visiting and helping him out in my absence. We've been lucky that the weather has been pretty favourable so they can spend time outdoors. I've posted a couple of pics of the two of them that I took this afternoon.

I've got a fair amount of stash due to show up in my mail in the next week or so. I wish that some of it would arrive before I leave for holidays but knowing Canada Post it's not likely. I'm still hoping though because next I'd like to start one of the LHN patterns that I ordered .


  1. Cute girls :)

    Love your WIP!

  2. cute girls. And you have my support and sympathy. Our grandsons are 10 months and 2 1/2 and DH and I are exhausted after one days babysitting. A whole week WOW! And stitching - somewhere between dark and falling into bed

  3. Your grandbabies are adorable!

  4. Your Granddaughters are adorable !!! Celtic heart looks good too : )

  5. What cuties, but they do look full of energy. Have fun and try not to let them run you to ragged. :)