Sunday, 8 July 2007

Quick stitch

Thank you friends and family for your anniversary wishes! Bob and I had a really nice dinner last night . This particular restaurant was taken over about a year ago . It used to be more of a roadhouse. Although it hasn't changed much in appearance outside they have fixed it up inside and it's quite nice. The menu actually leans more towards a fancy restaurant and has a really good variety. We settled on the red snapper which is something I haven't had for ages. It was excellent! We're hoping to make a repeat visit in the near future.
Work was exceptionally quiet today so I was able to spend a good portion of the day stitching. My FCC is indeed proving to be a quick stitch. I'm really enjoying this piece in that I don't have to change threads or think a whole lot while doing it. It's a nice change of pace. I love the little birds and cats that are incorporated within the larger cat. However because it's such a quick stitch I'm getting that itch already! I've been going through my stash tonight looking for another small take-along piece. I've found a celtic knotwork heart that looks interesting as well as the summer heart freebie from Passione Ricamo. I wouldn't need to buy any threads for the celtic piece since it could all be done in one colour. I have quite a few Six Strand Sweets that I could pick from for this one. Think I might be leaning in this direction! My mind is gearing towards vacation and I don't really want to do anything challenging right now. It's nice to have something simple to stitch dockside at the cottage. I have the next two days off work so I'm hoping to tackle my Fairy wings again tomorrow. Wish me luck!

It turned out to be quite a nice evening considering all the rain we had most of the day. Bob and I decided to have our coffee in the gazebo after supper. The rain brought out the mosquitoes though and I ended up dousing myself in repellant. Usually we don't have many inside the gazebo but someone left the screens unzipped allowing all our bloodthirsty friends in! No pointing of fingers though 'cause it was probably me!! I'm starting to get a headache from the smell of the repellant now that I'm indoors. It smells like I bathed in it!! So at this point I will head off to the shower to remove it.


  1. Glad you had such a good time for your anniversay. Your Cat is looking great, nice progress. Also, good luck with Fairy Wings.

  2. I love your story about you and Bob. Thanks for sharing. Your cat is looking great, such a pretty blue.


  3. Sounds like a wonderful anniverary dinner...except for the mosquitoes wanting their fair share!

  4. This WIP is lovely, nice colour! Glad your anniversary meal was good

  5. What a neat story of how you met. There is such a thing as destiny. Your little cat is so cute. I love the colors he is done in.

  6. Whew...I'm behind on my blogs :)
    Love your French Cat...I have all of these patterns, but haven't stitched a one yet...:(

    Hey Lynn...I see your Medical Lab Technologist, I'm a MT too :) I work predominantly in Microbiology...what about you?
    is my to talk up the lab!

  7. Lynn your cat is so pretty! Makes me want to pull mine out and stitch it... but no must work on the Sub.

    If you like the flat fold its a technique I'd certialy be happy to teach you sometime. We should plan another stitching day sometime!