Thursday, 5 July 2007

A finish and a fresh start

As you can see, my Brittercup Brotherly Love is finished. I chose to use the Best Buddies option. It was my first Brittercup design and was a quick, fun finish. I'll do another some other time. I got started last evening on the JBW French Country Cat. I love this shade of blue. I'm using a WDW Sky. This should be a fairly quick stitch as well. Famous last words! Every time I say that something happens which stops my progress or grinds it to a complete halt! Let's hope that's not the case this time. I bought another JBW French design last night on ebay which is called Pumpkin. I also got a Blackbird Design called Country Garden.
I was checking out the sale at SB&B last night. The new CC-LHN combos are really cute. I'm trying to decide which ones I might want to stitch. I like the new Mirabilia November Topaz Fairy as well. Decisions, decisions.....
I've also been checking out a lot of new blogs, new to me that is. I'm just amazed at the lovely work that is being done by all of you ladies! I'm very inexperienced at specialty stitches, I'm only just now venturing to try some. I tend to work on the evenweaves. My eyes have a harder time working on the linens although I do love them. Anything higher than a 32ct also gives me eye strain even when I use my magnifier.
I'm far-sighted so all this work up close is really killing me! I also think that maybe it's time to get in and have my eyes checked again. I think I'm due for a new prescription on my lenses.
Geez, by the time I retire I could be blind!! Lol!


  1. Lynn, congrats on your finish! It looks fanatastic! Can't wait to see how your French Country Cat turns out! I've got the same chart but will probably do it in red.

  2. Your best buddies is soooo cute !!! Congratulations on your finish. Don't fret about using a magnifier, I have two Ott Lights and use them all the time even on 28 count.

  3. Your kitty piece is so cute. It reminds me of my cats Hobbs and Gracie. I like the blue in your second piece. Congrats on your finish.

  4. Your Brittercup turned out adorable, I really like their designs. I like the new LHN ones as well, those are such fun stitches.

    As to seeing above 32 ct, without my magnifier and ott light (and that's with using magnifier/reading glasses as well, in addition to my normal contacts) a higher count is difficult to work on, so I do a project with it very rarely. Like you I like the look of linen, but something about the uneven threads makes it harder to work on, so I tend to stick with the evenweaves.