Thursday, 19 July 2007

Muskoka bound!

Finally what we've waited all year for has arrived. Vacation!! Yahoo! This will be my last post for 2 weeks or so as we start our holidays tomorrow afternoon. We are headed to a cottage on Lake Muskoka. For those of you who are not familiar with the Muskokas, this is an area of lakes about two hours north of Toronto, Ontario. The three biggest lakes are Lake Muskoka, Lake Joseph and Lake Rosseau. But there are hundreds of lakes and cottages all around the three big ones.

I'm just finishing up the last of my packing. Packing for the cottage is kind of like packing for camping. Besides clothes there are sheets, blankets, towels, and food to be readied. As tiring as it is it will all be worth it once we are there. The cottage doesn't belong to us. We rent from the same people each year. This particular cottage is only 4 doors down from where Bob's grandfather's cottage was located which was sold when he was in high school. So being in that neck of the woods is rather nice for him. He bought his first puppy at the place where we are staying. The same people own the cottage and remember Bob's family. This year we will be staying for 10 days on the lake before we head to Sault St. Marie to visit friends. We will be towing our boat as well.
This is the one place where I am totally relaxed and forget about work entirely. Mornings are spent on the dock with a coffee and my stitching. I've posted a pic of the view from the dock which is not hard on the eyes at all!

Speaking of stitching, I spent a good portion of yesterday evening frogging on my celtic heart. It seems I was out by one stitch on the outside and it wasn't until I tied it in with the center that I discovered it. It doesn't surprise me since I've been sleep deprived lately and busy with all our preparations. I haven't slept well for a little while now. It seems I'm at the age where Mother Nature likes to inflict hot flashes on me in the night! Anyways I spent some time frogging and managed to redo the area and get a bit more progress in.

It looks like most of my new stash will arrive when I'm gone. I'll have to post pictures when I return. Since our kitty can't come with us, my DS is staying at our place in our absence. He'll be bringing his cat with him so Finnigan will have company!
My granddaughters and son Jeff left on Wednesday for their Grandpa's place where they will finish up their vacation. I hope to see them again in September for a weekend.
If I have time I'll post a picture of my progress on Celtic Heart before I leave tomorrow. If not, then hopefully I'll have it completed upon my return and be on to something else!


  1. That cottage looks heavenly!

  2. Have a great time! It looks like a beautiful place. We were in Huntsville (on Fairy Lake) back at the beginning of june.

  3. Have a great holiday, the view from the dock looks amazing.