Tuesday, 18 December 2012

'Tis The Season

'Tis The Season to be joyful which I most certainly am with the completion of my Blackbird Design of the same name.This was a delight to stitch and I can hardly wait until it graces my walls.
My husband wanted my initials on the piece so I managed to find a spot for them in addition to the charted year. It's stitched on the suggested 32ct LSL Pear with most of the suggested Belle Soie floss. I swapped out the red for a brighter colour as well as the white which I replaced with an Au Ver a Soie which I had in my stash. 
Next year's Christmas stitch could very well be BBD Christmas Garden but I've also got a few others up for consideration, including  Heartstring Samplery Sing We Then Merrily.

I spent the past couple of days finishing up some previously stitched pieces. The first one is by Helga Mandl and the branches of the tree spell out Merry.

This one is going to a friend's home who admired one of the name trees which I'd previously stitched.
Following that I finished up LHN Fa La La which is being given to a friend who sings with me in the church choir.

The Christmas tree is finally up at our home which helps things feel more festive especially since we have no snow to speak of. I'll have to post a picture another time since my camera battery is in need of charging. I'm just about ready for the big day. Only a few gifts remaining to be wrapped and some baking which will take place on Friday and Saturday. Now if we only had some snow!

Edit: I stepped out from a Christmas get together this evening to find the ground covered with snow and it continues to fall as I write this. 


  1. Congratulations on finishing Tis the Season, it's lovely :)

    No snow here for us yet. Maybe a little dusting on Saturday which would be nice.

    Have a great week.

  2. wooooo hooo it looks fabulous :) love where you have put your initials too .. gorgeous wee ornaments as well.. we have tree up lights are on but no decorations as yet ... *sigh not enough hours in the day .. and so far no snow for us phew :) love mouse xxxxx

  3. Everything looks so beautiful. Getting ready for Christmas can be hectic but it is worth it when all is done.

  4. Great finish Lynn, love the red.
    Your smalls are nice also. :)
    You did a great job on them.

  5. What FANTASTIC finishes! I've been reading back a few posts and am awe struck by all you've done. I adore the kittens too. LOL I have a baby that is mischievous like that too. Well done you!

  6. Beautiful Christmas finishes! I know that your friends are going to treasure the ornaments.
    And you got some snow! Lucky!!

  7. What lovely finishes. You're going to have some very happy friends! 'Tis the Season is one of my favorites, and your changes are perfect. Enjoy! (I know you will :))

  8. We too have snow Lynn. Your finishes are great. Let's hope your little girl leaves the tree alone. ;)

  9. Gorgeous finishes Lynn. The BBD piece is so pretty.

    I am longing for a white Christmas but the forecast says no :(

  10. Tis the Season is BEAUTIFUL!!! I so love it Lynn :)
    and all you sweetly finished ornaments...stunning!

  11. Your BBD finish is beautiful. Love all the ornaments.

  12. Tis the Season is just lovely!!

    The ornaments are adorable and nice finishing!

  13. love your BBD finish. Same goes for the beautiful ornaments
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones

  14. Gorgeous finish Lynn and lovely finishing as well. I really like the Merry ornament. I haven't seen that one before.

  15. Beautiful finishes, Lynn! especially love that BBD, all set for the holidays!

  16. Wonderful finished, Lynn. I love the beaded edge on the tree; it's lovely. Have a terrific Christmas!

  17. Truly lovely finish, Lynn--just perfect for Christmas. And your little ornaments are so darling, too...

    We're to get our first snow tomorrow--sure hope we'll have a white Christmas!

  18. Hi Lynn!

    I tried to find your e-mail but couldn't... I saw your post on my Mums blog... if you want to order any Pink Papaya, I'd be happy to personally ship it to Canada for you since the warehouse doesn't ship to Canada. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if it's something you're interested in! breanna2619@cox.net

    Have a Merry Christmas!!!


  19. Lovely ornaments and a gorgeous finish on 'Tis The Season. I can't wait to see it hung on your wall either!

    Have a verry Happy Christmas.

  20. And here it is. Such a beautiful finish, just right for Chrsitmas.

  21. Wonderful finishes!

    Happy New Year!


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