Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Close to a finish

This past week I finally decided to take a break from stitching ornaments and give some quality time to my BBD 'Tis The Season. I'd really like to have this one completed by Christmas and after this past week I know that I'll make my deadline.

Seeing this picture I notice that one of the gold leaves of holly may have to be restitched along its stem. The colour variation is such that it's just not showing up in the stitching well at this point. The suggested colour didn't show up at all so I substituted with Belle Soie Butterscotch which seems to be a little darker and I'm happier with the results. 
There's very little remaining to be stitched on this one and theoretically it should be done within the next couple of days. However life is getting busier as Christmas Day approaches so the happy dance might have to wait for several days.

Since 'Tis is a little too large to take along on day trips I've started another ornament by Gazette 94 called Bon Noel. Here's my progress so far.

That tree will soon have a kitty reaching up into it, trying to dislodge the ornaments. It's particularly fitting for our family as you'll hear later in this post.

I've managed to get all my decorating done minus putting up the tree which will take place on the weekend. My son Daniel celebrates his 28th birthday on Saturday and always comes to our place on that day to help me with the tree. My hubby's birthday is tomorrow and because of his busy schedule with numerous Christmas concerts I always hold a joint celebration for Daniel and him which will probably take place towards the weekend. I did get my twig tree put up this week though which holds all my ornaments for now. Eventually these ornaments will end up on the big tree as I add to my collection.

I made one big mistake this year though in adding some new birds to this tree. There are three of them in red, green and a tan colour and they each have long tail feathers. Guess who has taken a fancy to them?
If you guessed Clarisse, you'd be absolutely right! In the next pic you can see the green bird on the tree which was recently moved up higher where she can't reach it as easily.

I returned home Sunday to find several ornaments on the floor and the bird sitting rather cockeyed on the tree. The tail feathers seemed a bit damp too!  Speaking of damp, I've been bringing out the water bottle and each time she attempts to get near the tree I give her a little squirt. Sometimes she stands her ground and just squints at the bottle but other times she slinks away and hides until she thinks I'm not around anymore. As of today I think she has finally given up in her pursuit!
This is unlike my son Chris and his girlfriend's cats which are Maine Coon kitties. This is their first Christmas and Chris recently posted a score on Facebook which read Kittens - 10, Tree - 0! Apparently they don't care if they get wet so the water bottle isn't very effective with them.
Here's a pic of the two of them sitting in their fridge. They like to jump in every time someone opens the door.

I'll leave you with a picture of my grandchildren taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus. My son just sent this to me. Love it! 
I hope you are all enjoying your preparations for this very special season and Happy Hanukkah wishes to all of my readers belonging to the Jewish faith.  May you be blessed with health and happiness!


  1. Your grandkids are adorable! Loved the picture of the cats, too, in the fridge. How crazy! I had a laugh at Clarisse trying to catch herself a bird or two out of the tree. LOL You can't blame a girl for trying!! Your tree looks amazing! You'll be happy dancing in no time with your 'Tis the Season--it looks great!

  2. What a great post Lynn. Those kittens are just adorable.♥ What a great picture of the grandkids too.

  3. LOL at those kitties in the fridge!! They are adorable!!! Oh my, your Tis the Season is perfectly beautiful. I wish I could have had mine done--though I have yet to even start it--for this year. I just need a few more of me. :) Your tree is lovely.

  4. Your Grandchildren are beautiful. Love the photo of the kitties in the fridge. Clarrise must have been disappointed when she got the bird and it didn't move.
    'Tis the Season is looking great, gorgeous colours.

  5. What a great photo of the kitties an your grandchildren.

  6. All your christmas ornaments look fantastic - those kittens are hilarious and adorable - tis the season looks fabulous as well - hugs, Amanda

  7. Oh those kitties in the fridge made me laugh!! What a sweet picture of your grandchildren. Tis the Season looks great as well!!

  8. Oh wow Lynn! Your Tis the Season is so lovely!! I really adore your Christmas tree too! You've stitched a lot of ornaments this year! Oooh that Clarisse!! Naughty kitties...we've found that Titus has taken to our tree too and bats at the ornaments. Never thought of the squirt bottle...hmmm! Lovely photo of your grandchildren and those maine coons are adorable!

  9. ooooo well done on the near Happy dance .. I do love that chart :) and yours looks gorgeous :) hehehehe to the kittens and well done on the tree battle ... and gorgeous photo of the grand children too :) love mouse xxxxx

  10. Beautiful post!
    What a special way to spend your son's birthday.
    Your stitching tree is lovely.
    So is the BBD piece.
    That pic of the 2 cats is so funny!!

  11. And the grandkids are so sweet! What a lovely pic of them.

  12. Lynn I've really enjoyed catching up on your blog and all your ornament finishes this last little while. Love your 'Tis the Season. Its one I keep meaning to stitch, maybe I'll manage it in 2013! Great pic of your grandkids and the cats in the fridge!

  13. so nice to see all your ornaments on the tree

  14. Love what you've been stitching - so pretty. Lovely tree displaying your Gorgeous Ornaments. Had to laugh about your cat terrorizing your tree. Beautiful photo of your Grandchildren and Santa! Loved your post, thank you for sharing.
    Merry Christmas. love Annette

  15. I love your Christmas tree! So wonderful and covered with ornaments!

    The BBD bird is fantastic, kittens are cute, and your grandchildren are so sweet!


  16. Ha ha-- I love the kitties in the fridge, Lynn! Too cute!!

    Your BBD is so beautiful--how nice that you'll be finished by Christmas... And I just love all those ornaments--sorry Clarisse has taken such a fancy to them and the new birdies, too!

    Great photo of your grandkids--how you must love sharing the Christmas season with them!

  17. Oh my...your BBD looks FAB!!! How WONDERFUL!

    Lynn, I know they sell a static mat you can put under things you'd like to train the cat away from. It gives them a tiny static zap like touching metal in winter. If I'm not mistaken it's called a "Scat Mat." That Clarisse, she is such a stinker sometimes!

  18. Your tree looks gorgeous, and you were so busy to stitch all these great ornaments that I have just admired in your recent posts. And wow, the BBD piece is nearly finished - or maybe you've already finished it since your last post? Your needle must be smoking!

  19. Great post! Love those two kittys hiding in the fridge.