Thursday, 27 September 2012

Stitchy progress

Just a fly by post with some updates on my stitching progress of late. Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my framing of Gobble. He proudly adorns my wall now and is receiving just as much praise from neighbours and friends who drop by.
Ghoul is starting to take shape. For the black I'm using the recommended silk floss which I happened to have in my stash. However I just may have to order another skein to make sure I have enough since the bulk of this design is stitched in the black. I notice the instructions tell you a second skein may be needed if you're not too frugal.

Isn't that just the most demonic looking squirrel you've ever seen? Love it!

I also stitched up this Plum Street Sampler freebie, Give Thanks, during the past week. All that remains is the border which I've just got started on. I think I'm on a bit of a PSS kick lately!

The pumpkin on the far right was supposed to be just the brown and white but I substituted the white with the pumpkin shade to add more colour. I'm not sure though if I like the looks of the lineup now. I just might frog both it and the first one and interchange their colours to give more balance to the piece. Or am I going to too much trouble for such a small stitch? Guess that's the OCD  in me coming out, lol!

Then I spotted this lovely in the November issue of Cross-Stitch and Needlework.

The designer is Erik Shipley of Ships Manor who is featured in this month's issue. Love those trees! I also fell in love with the colours used in the design and I'm currently on the hunt in my stash for a fabric to stitch it on. It uses DMC floss which is perfect since I really don't feel like spending any more on stash at the moment. 

Canadian Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I'm trying to get answers from my sons on whether or not they'll be here for a meal. Hubby and I have been invited to join some friends this year and I don't want to accept if the boys are coming home. Why is it always so difficult to get an answer from them? I won't be offended if they can't make it. In fact it's sometimes nice to have a break from preparing the meal once in awhile. We'll see!

Not much else going on here. I was up at the crack of dawn this morning and  have managed to catch up on a good portion of my blog reading already. It's a gorgeous day and Clarisse and I are going to head out into the gazebo now to enjoy a bit of it. See you soon!


  1. Hi Lynn! I was just admiring "Home Sweet Home" yesterday. Maybe some day, too much stuff lined up right now!!! Look forward to seeing you stitch it.

  2. That squirrel is hatching an evil plot!!! You're getting some great stitching time in lately!

  3. Good progress, and this Home Sweet Home sampler is adorable - hope you'll stitch it!


  4. Love the little evil squirrel! Enjoy your stitching time in the gazebo! :)

  5. That squirrel is just too cute!! Love all of your PSS projects. Enjoy your Canadian Thanksgiving!

  6. Ha ha--love the evil squirrel. What a fun piece this must be, Lynn!!

    I guess I would tell the guys if I don't hear from them by such and such a date, that you will be accepting your friends' invitation. It is a big job to make Thanksgiving dinner and it might be nice to have a break this year, Lynn (says the woman who is having 25 here for ours!!).

    Hope your stitching day is going well--it is pouring rain here!!

  7. Lovely stitches you've been working on... and I love the evil squirrel... it's like if he's warning the bird not to get too close :)

  8. Love the fall pieces. Ghoul is looking great and I am going to be doing the freebie from PSS. Yours is very cute.

  9. Wonderful autumn stitching, just wonderful! The pumpkins look fine to me but if you want to frog and restitch, it's only a few stitches so wouldn't be a big deal, right?

    I hope you and Clarrise had a lovely afternoon!

  10. Such lovely autumn stitching Lynn and I love what you're planning to work on next.

  11. Great progress on the "Ghoul"! And the freebie by Plum Street Samplers is looking nice already! This is one I would like to stitch, too! ;o)


  12. Enjoy your stitching - love the little pumpkins in the give thanks piece :)

  13. That squirrel really does look scary!!! Lol! I love it though.

    The freebie from PSS is lovely.

  14. Thanks for the thanksgiving reminder! We will do something this year!
    Always enjoy your stitching pictures