Friday, 7 September 2012

First Fall Finish

Although the season hasn't officially arrived yet, I had my first "Fall" finish this week. Turkey Love was a great stitch to kick off the season!

Plum Street Samplers Turkey Love
stitched on 32ct Vintage Sand
using DMC floss

The date of 1578 is the one on which Martin Frobisher celebrated the first Canadian Thanksgiving. He had been trying to find a northern passage to the Orient. Although he didn't succeed, he established a settlement in Northern America and on this date he celebrated the first Thanksgiving for a safe passage, in what is now known as Newfoundland. Other settlers carried on the tradition. In the year 1879, Canadian Parliament officially declared a national day of Thanksgiving "to thank almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada had been blessed". The holiday is now celebrated on the second Monday in October.

Having finished up Turkey Love, I decided to get started on some small finishes for autumn and Halloween. The first one I pulled out of my stash I went with. I love this one and didn't have to look any further. It's Threadwork Primitives Enchanted Crow Pinkeep.

I'm very close to a finish on this one so it won't be long before I have my second finish for fall. I've pulled several other charts for another start including some freebies that I'd saved as well. Clarisse has been watching my progress all morning!

 I'm using Lakeside Linen Sand for Enchanted Crow and have enough remaining for another 3 or 4 small stitches so I'll go ahead and use this up. It's a great colour for fall stitches although in this picture it's a little washed out from the flash.

This week my youngest granddaughter, Summer, started school. She has been waiting for this for the past year and is more than ready. In Quebec the rules are different for the age at which you can start school. You must be 4 at the start of the school year instead of by the end of December which is the rule elsewhere. Since she was only 4 last November she had to wait another year to start whereas in Ontario she would have started last September. She loved it and is excited at all the new friends she's made! My son posted this pic on fb of her arrival at school the first day.

Now I'm off to grab a quick bite before heading to my first session in applique quilting. My friends Thea and Shirley are going to be running this every Friday afternoon. It should be a lot of fun!
Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Hi Lynn, Love the finish and what's one more addiction... Cheers to spending time with friends doing what you love to do. Have a great time and enjoy the weekend.
    Be always in stitches.

  2. Turkey love is terrific! You were quite quick with the Enchanted Crow piece - great for the fall! Your granddaughter is darling! My DGD will turn 5 in October, and she is just allowed to be in Pre-Kindergarten. The cutoff date is 10/01, and her birthday is 10/20. She is another that will have to wait a year unhappily.

  3. Turkey Love looks fantastic Lynn. Very nice start on your Enchanted Crow piece too!

    Have fun at your applique class:)

  4. Love Turkey Love! Sweet GD! Good for you with the applique!

  5. Okay, I admit it...your stitching was totally trumped by the photo of Clarisse. You need to picture her loveliness more often so I'm not so distracted. Awesome finish and a darling new start! I can't wait to see what goodies you have lined up to stitch!

  6. What a great finish, Lynn--and you are so lucky to have such a beautiful stitching partner as Clarisse is!!

    Isn't Summer adorable--I hope she enjoys a wonderful school year :)

  7. What a great start for fall finishing!

  8. Great finish, like what youve got started on the next one. Your granddaughter is cute as a button. Best of luck to her her first year of school, sounds like she is off to a great start.

  9. What a beautiful finish. Congrats. Love also your new start.

  10. Turkey Love is Great. I think its really cute but when I read what you wrote about the sampler, - Priceless!
    The Crow Pinkeep is so cute Yet rich in color - Love it.
    Have fun at your get together!
    love Annette

  11. Wonderful finish, congratulations!
    Clarisse is so cute, and your granddaughter is such a lovely girl!


  12. Love your stitches! Your granddaughter is so cute! And Miss Clarisse looks so regal!

  13. Your granddaughter is adorable!! I loved seeing your stitching. That Turkey Love is just so cute. I hope you'll show your applique! I've got caught up in the applique bug this summer. I never thought it'd happen to me but I am really enjoying it--hope you will, too!

  14. You've been very busy! Cute photo of your grand daughter! Love your finishes.

  15. Your granddaughter is so cute! I never knew about that rule in Quebec. It's nice to hear she was so excited about going and that she had such an excellent first day.

    Turkey Love turned out so nicely! The sand linen you are using for the Enchanted Crow Pinkeep looks like a gorgeous neutral. Can't wait to see what you decide to stitch on the rest of the piece. :)

  16. What a great finish Lynn! Love what you're working on now. I'm in the mood to stitch Halloween/Autumn at the moment too. What a wonderful pic of Summer. I hope she is enjoying every moment!

  17. Lovely fall stitching!
    How was the class?
    I hope that Summer is loving school.
    Hugs to you and Clarisse!

  18. Lovely stitching! Very seasonal.

    In the UK children start full time school in the academic year they turn 5. So Small Boy will be 5 in Feb 2014 and will start school Sept 2013. We can opt for him to be part-time in the class until Easter.

    Also, I notice that few of the Canadian and USA school starters are wearing uniforms. Unless pink floral skirts are the uniform! In the UK they are obsessed with making all children look identical, often in the most hideous colours. Our school is green and yellow, although they allow black or grey trousers, skirts, shorts and cardigans.

  19. Lovely PSS finish Lynn! It'll be perfect for Thanksgiving. I can hardly wait for it! Ooh sweet Clarisse! I've missed seeing her photos. Give her a snuggle for me :D I'm glad Summer is settling into school...I'm trying to as well with my new teaching position. I think it's more fun for kids and lots of work for new teachers!

  20. I absolutely love your PSS finish. So cute!

    Your granddaughter is so sweet. I hope she enjoys school :)

  21. Love the stitching...great Fall and Halloween pieces. I am a sucker for anything Nan does at Threadwork Primitives!

    Your granddaughter is adorable, and Ms Clarisse is so elegant and regal looking :o)

  22. Turkey Love looks absolutely great and I love the historical detail that you added to it. Great background story. So you started your fall stitching in a very interesting way. Also your next project looks great. I think I have to pull out some of my fall freebies and start stitching them right away.

  23. I forgot to say good luck to your granddaughter at school. She will certainly enjoy it thoroughly.