Thursday, 4 October 2012

September WIPocalypse

September has just flown by and my needle seems to be flying too. I have 3 small finishes and 2 larger finishes to show as well as a new start and some work on an older WIP!
If you're a regular visitor to my blog you will have seen some of these already.

First up are the smalls:  Threadwork Primitives Enchanted Crow and The Gentle Art Fall For Squirrels followed by my latest finish, PSS Give Thanks.

I'm working at getting all three of these finished off into pincushions.

Next up are my two larger finishes, PSS Turkey Love and With Thy Needle & Thread Birds of a Feather Mystery Sampler.

My latest new start is PSS Ghoul. Think I'm on a bit of kick with all the Plum Street designs, lol!

I've run out of the black silk for this now and I'm awaiting the arrival of more skeins before I can continue with this one.
In the meantime I dug out a WIP which hasn't been seen since the end of January! It's Paradis Perdu, designed by A Mon Ami Pierre. I've done a silk conversion on this and I got sidetracked when a couple of the silks just weren't the right colour. I re-ordered them and when they arrived I put them away. Problem was, when I went to retrieve them and continue on, I couldn't find the darn things! Would you believe, I only just found them while searching for something else within my stash. Finally I'm able to move on again!

Here's a before photo:

And after:

I'd forgot just how much I enjoy this one!
That wraps it up for now.

 I'm very glad to have my computer back after several trying weeks with it. Goodness but I felt lost without it!!
The computer slowed down to a crawl and then started freezing on me constantly. On rebooting it wanted numerous check disks done and my worst fears were confirmed....the hard drive was finished. My laptop is not quite 4 years old and although I really would have liked to replace it since it operates with Windows Vista, I just couldn't afford the extra expense right now. It was far cheaper to just replace the hard drive, especially since they were on sale. 
So if I haven't responded to your emails I apologize and hope you'll understand. Some of the mail just wasn't getting through and in many cases I wasn't able to reply to it.

The spooky month is upon us now and so I'm off to get started on some Halloween smalls. Have a great day!


  1. Great projects!! Bummer about the computer.

  2. WOW!!! Lynn, I am so impressed with your finishes and your WIPs. Great progress!

    Sorry to hear about your hard drive! When we were buying our laptop, our computer repair guy said that laptops have a 3 - 4 year life span. We bought a Dell and bought the extended warranty, something we rarely do. This time it actually worked out in our favor because a month before the warranty was to expire, the hard drive died. I'm glad that you were able to get yours fixed!

  3. Oh my gosh, Lynn, your finishes are all so beautiful. All these lovely fall pieces motivate me even more. And they have all the things I loveon mine as well - squirrels, blackbirds or crowes, leaves, pumpkins. even a witch's hat. With my Witch'SAL I have discovered my love of Halloween pieces and I have Ghoul on my wish list, too.
    Wonderful stitching, Lynn!

  4. Smoking needles, batman, lol
    You have just inspired me to stitch all weekend

  5. Great finishes there girl! Sorry to hear of the computer issues. glad they were fixable.

  6. Love all of your finishes Lynn :) Ghoul is a great design, PSS are catching my eye lately too.

    I won't tell you how many hard drives I have gone through in the past few years. Glad to hear it's fixed though :)

  7. you accomplished so much I feel mostly ashamed of my little stitching time..!!
    well done! and can't wait to see the spooky stuff!
    what a downer the disk thing.. glad you're finally back though!

  8. Beautiful work! I love your finishes - especially Birds of a Feather!

    My laptop just died last week.... I think the hard drive is fried. It's about 4 years old too. I wonder if they're making laptops like cars now!?! As soon as the 3 year extended warranty is up they die! lol If they have some really good sales at Christmas I "might" replace mine then....

  9. Awesome stitching for this month! Mine has been almost nonexistent. Blah! I think my favorite are your squirrels - so cute!

    Too bad about the hard drive. At least it was easily fixed and you are back in business. I'd be quite lost without a computer too. I'm very glad I have some backup options if one of them goes out!

  10. Lynn your needles sure have been busy! Fantastic finishes and WIPs!!!

  11. Great job!
    Every time I see the ghoul I like it more!
    Hope to see you soon!

  12. Lots of lovelies to look at, you've been busy. My favorite was Enchanted Crow, very cute.

  13. Wow Lynn! You have been a busy bee! Love all of your finishes this month. I actually have that Give Thanks design kitted up but haven't started it yet. Love your interpretation!! Those squirrels are adorable!! Big congrats on finishing Turkey love and Birds of a Feather. Both are gorgeous!! Too bad about the computer problems but I'm glad you got it worked out now. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Hugs from Anne and Titus :D