Tuesday, 15 November 2011

It's nuts around here!

Two things have prevented me from getting a lot of stitching done this past week. The first is the ongoing renovations to repair our flood damage. Workers have been coming and going, drywall dust is everywhere and displaced items are in my way everywhere in the house.  It makes things very hard to settle and concentrate. However the  new carpet will be laid on Wednesday and all our junk  belongings put back in their rightful place Thursday. DH and I spent yesterday washing drywall dust off of most surfaces.

The second thing which hasn't helped my stitching any is that my Daylite lamp with magnifying lens appears to be on its way out. The light keeps flickering and now has finally died, all of which is due to a broken socket. Bob tried to repair it yesterday with no luck. He has a local fellow that he's going to take it to for repair. I have some table top Ott lites but it's not the same especially without the magnification. I'm hoping the repair doesn't take too long. Last time he repaired my lamp I didn't have it for a month.
 I see that JoAnn's has had a sale on the Ottlites. Perhaps I should make a visit stateside to pick one up.

Don't you just love the pics of my furry visitor? I've never seen a squirrel with white tufts of fur on the ears like this one. Her partner in crime could be distinguished by the beige vest that he was sporting.

I've put my ornaments aside this week in favour of Jenny Bean's Christmas.  I really enjoy stitching this one and find it so unique for a Christmas design.

It appears my iron isn't working all that well these days! It's just not putting out the heat even when I try the steam setting. Sorry about the mussy pic.

The second piece I've been working on is for an exchange so I can't show any peeks of that one yet.  I've also made a start on Tra La La Duo Noel. I wasn't far into it before I discovered a  mistake in the charting of the alphabet. The W didn't look anything like what it should and came out looking like a more glorified letter V. The charts for both of these two stitches have the same alphabet so I flipped the chart over to the second stitch and found the correct lettering. Now I'm back on track. I'm thinking that my next ornament stitch will be using the top portion of one of these designs minus the alphabet.

I'm hoping to get back to my ornament stitching next week. During the past two weeks I've managed to get almost all of my Christmas shopping done. Just a few items left such as stocking stuffers for my granddaughters.  The weather here has been unseasonably mild which has also aided me in getting my Christmas lights out on my shrubs.
 I've recently picked up a few Christmas baking magazines to help me pick out some new cookies for this year's baking. I always try to find one or two new ones to try each year. I love the BH&G Cookie issues that come out every fall. A second favourite are the Canadian Living issues. Oh yes and the Taste of Home seasonal magazines. This one is an older issue I dug out. I always manage to find some new favourites within the covers of these three. I'm so excited that I actually have the time to bake this year!

With extra time on my hands I also joined the new casserole ministry at our church. We will be cooking up casseroles and freezing them. These will be used to send out to any members of the congregation who fall ill and are unable to cook for themselves or to anyone who has a death within their family. Before this ministry was announced, DH and I made three casseroles last week for friends who took sick. I think it's a wonderful idea and there is definitely a need. After all, many members of the congregation are elderly and live on their own so there is no one else to cook for them should they fall ill.

Lots of Christmas craft and bake sales are popping up in our area and I noticed that the stores are now displaying their seasonal finery. It certainly brightens up the dull November landscape. Lots to see and do! I hope that some of the excitement of the upcoming season is spreading your way. I can hardly wait until I have my family all together once more!


  1. Ha ha! It must be the day for posting squirrel photos, Lynn! I just posted one a few minutes ago on my blog, too...

    Hang in there with the workmen and their renovations--I know it's not easy to have your home in an uproar.

    Your Jenny Bean is looking wonderful--I really should stitch that myself some day. And how smart of you to get out there and put your Christmas lights up while it is warm--sure wish I had done that!!

    I haven't even begun my Christmas shopping--guys in their twenties are so hard to buy for--any ideas?

  2. So funny Lynn that Carol posted a squirrel photo too minutes ago! Makes me especially happy, because you know how I love my squirrels!! I really like your white-tuffed eared visitor :D So cute!!

    Sorry to hear about your place flooding. Hopefully all the renovations will be ceased soon.

    Your Jenny Bean sampler is gorgeous!!!! It's such a great design and fills me with Christmasy feelings! Great work on your Tra Lala. Love the alphabet.

    Sounds like you are pretty organized with your shopping! I managed to get a couple of things for people at our city's big craft fair on the weekend...but still loads to do!!

    I love how your church makes casseroles for those that may fall ill. It's so important to help out others.

    Take care Lynn!!

  3. I love the first squirel picture - it was like he (she?) was poseing!

    Also, not sure if this in your neck of the woods, but depending on how much drywall dust was kicked up you may want to consider haveing your ventillation ducts cleaned.

    Hand in there, things will be back to normal before you know it.

  4. I love the squirrels! They're always so cheeky and cute. Yours look nice and plump, and ready for the winter.

    Jenny Bean is fantastic. My guilty little secret is I started her as well, when I should be working on ornaments.

    Great idea with the casserole crew for your church. I always grew up with my mom keeping some in the freezer for that reason.

  5. Lynn---
    Jenny Bean's Christmas is so pretty! I can see why you are enjoying stitching it.

    I'm glad your house is getting back together -- just in time for the holidays.

    How very nice to be part of taking care of people when they are sick or elderly:)))

    Have a good week.

  6. My heart goes out to you, with all of the flooding renovations that you have to make. Then to have your favorite Ott light go "on the blink", must be so frustrating. Hope that it can be repaired soon.

    Aren't squirrels just the most adorable creatures? Now, if they weren't such pesky little things!

    Hope that there are some "brighter" spots in your week ahead! Blessings for you!

  7. Jenny Bean is looking fantastic Lynn and I'm looking forward to seeing what ornament you'll be stitching up next.
    That sounds like a truly great thing to cook casserole for those in need, I think it's a brilliant idea.
    I've picked up the December issue of the Sainsbury's magazine over here, it has lots of festive recipes in it. What with that and my new recipe book, I'll be cooking up a storm!
    Best wishes and happy stitching to you.

  8. Love the squirrel photos. We don't have many around here. I guess they are not too fond of our dog. As usual, your stitching is beautiful. Hope you get your house back to normal. I know how disruptive it can be. We had our home remodeled when the kids were young and lived in it the entire. I have often contemplated writing a book about our experiences, but am not sure if it should be a comedy or tragedy. lol

  9. Wow, you guys are all posting squirrels and I started a squirrel pattern last night...how wierd is that??!! Great minds think alike...so they say anyway, LOL!

    Love your WIPs and the dapper little guys who visit your yard.

  10. Oh my goodness, squirrels always bring a smile to my face. They really look like they enjoyed having their picture taken. :)
    Hope your renovations get done on time ~ it's never pleasant when your home is turned upside down.
    Jenny Bean is looking pretty!
    The casserole ministry is a lovely idea and so good of you to help. :)

  11. Jenny Bean is so pretty! Love the squirrel pics! So glad your home repairs are coming to an end, that drywall dust gets into everything and is such a mess to clean up!

  12. Love the squirrel pics. Hope you get things back to normal soon, can't imagine all the upheaval with the floods and repairs.
    Your stitching is , as always, wonderful!
    The casserole ministry is such a wonderful idea, hope all goes well with it.

  13. Don't you hate when your stitching tools are not working. I remember when my ott lite bulb went out... I WAS A MESS!! lol
    Hopefully it doesn't take long to fix.

  14. Oooh, I love that Jenny Bean's Christmas! I don't seem to be making any headway on Thanksgiving stuff, mainly I suppose because I haven't started stitching the many charts that I've gathered around me. LOL Good luck getting all of your Christmas prep finished--good for you! I've only gotten as far as buying Christmas cards.

    I had my Daylight lamp burn out on me due to the wiring. I don't know how yours works, but I was unable to take a Daylight bulb and put that into a student lamp with adjustable neck. My DH attached it to the Daylight base (very tacky looking but hey, it gets the job done and cost me a fraction of what a new lamp would cost!) and I'm able to use it just the same as the regular Daylight lamp, plus I have the magnifier arm still there. I don't know if that'd be an option for you, but just thought I'd mention it!

  15. Such a funny plumpy squirrel :))
    Hope that your repairment and other important things would be done soon and you would be able to stitch a lot :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  16. Sorry to hear about your flooding :o( Hope you get everything to rights soon.

    I LOVE squirrels! I think they are so cute. How can you resist those sweet little faces? ;o)

    JB is looking beautiful! I'm loving your other WIP too.

  17. Wow flood dammage! That sucks Lynn I hope its all taken care of soon.

    Your WIP is looking great!

  18. what a sweet little chap ... chapess!Wonderful progress on the Jenny Bean piece. Sorry about your daylight lamp. I know when my first bulb packed in, it literally exploded. I thought I'd been shot! Especially when it was right beside my ear! Hope it's sorted soon.

  19. That drywall dust is annoying and I am sad to say that even though you have cleaned it up thoroughly, you will find traces of it for months, I know we did!

    Pretty progress on your stitching!

    What a great idea to have the casserole ministry, it's a shame we don't have the same sense of community at our church.

    I can't wait for the Christmas baking, the girls are getting very excited about which biscuits we are going to make for my Mum and Dad.

  20. I love your fluffy visitor!! He's cute! In the first photo, he looks like he's posing! And your stitching is gorgeous!