Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween's over, Bring on Christmas stitching!

I know that many of you start to bring out your Christmas garland once Halloween has past. Although we don't decorate here quite that early it doesn't mean that I can't start thinking about Christmas! Becky's Christmas Ornament Challenge starts today and I'm kitted up and ready to go. I'll put my first stitches in after I finish this post. I have so many ornaments designs that I've dug out to stitch. I'll be happy if I can finish even a couple of these. I know I won the Pumpkin Challenge last year but too many other activities start to take place in the next few weeks and I won't have a hope of completing as many projects as I did then.

However I have been stitching away on my Jenny Bean Christmas Sampler and really enjoying it! I'll put this aside now for a few days while I get started on my ornaments.

No, I haven't forgotten about Gobble. I've put a few more stitches into it as well and will have another progress pic soon. Yesterday's mail brought the charts from the rest of the series.

Gather, Give and Ghoul all look like such fun stitches. They won't get done in the near future but I certainly hope to start on at least one of them in the coming year. Eventually it would be nice to have them all hung in a group.
Another PSS design which was a recent ebay win also showed up yesterday. It's called A Handwork's Pace. I love the verse on this one. Click on the pic to read it.

My youngest arrived home on the weekend for a very short visit. He wanted to see his girlfriend and attend some of the Halloween festivities in the area. We caught up with them on Sunday for lunch. He showed me some great pics taken of the two of them in costume. He was supposed to email them to me but they haven't shown up yet. In the meantime I snapped a pic of them during our visit.

Chris always loved watching me carve our Halloween pumpkins. He asked if I was  still doing them. I sure am! Below is a pic of this year's carvings. Sorry it's a bit grainy. I didn't bother setting up the tripod to take it and should have with the low light setting.

Time to get to those ornaments! Hope you have a good start to your week and I'll catch up with you soon!

Edited: Okay so right after I posted this, the pics from Chris showed up. You saw the pic above, now see them dressed for two different events.


The first pic they donned makeup for a walking tour at Screamers in Toronto and the second photo is of Chris dressed as Chucky. and Steph dressed as Tiff, Chucky's bride. Love the makeup! Can you tell that my son is a horror film buff, lol? Seems his girlfriend has similar interests!

I've also included a pic that he sent me from this year's Festival of Fear in Toronto. Believe it or not, this is Doug Bradley who played Hellraiser from the movie of the same name. Chris also got to meet Robert Englund who played Freddy Kruger.


  1. pumpkins away my friend and the garlands are dusted off and ready to hang. woooo hoooo
    Bring on the festive season. Can the commercialism but bring on the season.
    Be always in stitches

  2. Love your Jenny Bean sampler! That house is so darling I want to live in it!!!! Yay for Christmas! I have to say I'm not into Halloween at all so I'm glad it's over and we are onto my favourite time of year! Your pumpkin carving is pretty serious! Wow you are good!!

    Enjoy those PSS charts! I love her designs!

  3. You and I have similar tastes! I am working on the Jenny Bean Christmas sampler too (it's one of my crazy 15!) I'll post a progress pic in a few days -- you have a little more stitched than I do.

  4. Your son & his GF did great with their make up! Fantastic. We love scary movies, too--so much fun, though we haven't been genuinely scared by one in awhile.

    I love your JB Christmas sampler! I hope to get to that this year, too. I'm also doing the ornament challenge--so psyched to get started! I have grand plans this year, and just hope I can stick with it. Love the new stash!

  5. If my husband had his way, we would begin decorating for Christmas now and leave everything up until the end of March. :D
    Jenny Bean is so pretty and I love the verse on A Handwork's Pace.
    Great job on the pumpkins, very elaborate!

  6. Hear hear Lynn! I can't wait to start my Christmas stitching :) Great new stash too, I look forward to seeing your first ornament.

  7. Love your Jenny Bean! What great makeup jobs! Talented family . Love your new stash.

  8. Jenny Bean is looking good! And your pumpkins are awesome! Love the make-up on your son and his girlfriend. They're costumes were excellent!! I'm glad to hear you got a little bit of family time in this weekend. :)

  9. Good luck on your Christmas challenge! I'm concentrating on my PS project and NaBloPoMo this month so I decided to give it a pass. I'll be watching your projects with interest though!

    Your son's a little scary, Lynn! (ROFLOL)

  10. I finished one autumn design and one Halloween, and there are several Christmas designs I want to start just now (and yes, it's spring there in Australia :)) )
    Good luck with your projects!


  11. Love your JB Christmas. I love this time of year as well. Have to start decorating soon myself.

    I had never seen A Handwork's Pace, I'll have to be on the hunt for that one I really like it. I've gotten on a PSS roll lately, just love her designs.