Monday, 7 November 2011

Do You See What I See?

Do You See What I See?
 by Deanna Carter of Carousel Charts
stitched on 32 ct Lambswool
using DMC
Can you believe it? Two weekend ornament finishes!  I'm actually making some progress with this challenge. The first design is from the Dec. 2007 issue of Gift of Stitching magazine. I backed it with the fabric shown and trimmed it with some of the chenille I won from Victorian Motto Sampler. In this picture it doesn't look like there is very good coverage on the shepherd's robe but IRL it looks just fine.

My second ornie is called Christmas Love. It's designed by X-Appeal Designs and is from the Just Cross Stitch 2003 ornament issue. I used the same fabric for it as I did for my Noel ornament since it went so well with this piece. I used a mix of DMC and CC floss. I wanted some more variegation in the tree itself.

I'm pretty new to pillow finishes and I still have a few problems with them. I tend to understuff them and my corners leave a lot to be desired!  I do have a question regarding these finishes. Do you attach your hangar before or after finishing your pillow? It doesn't seem to be as neat when you attach it after the fact.
In any case, they're coming together, slow but sure!

Christmas Love
by Deanna Carter of Carousel Charts
stitched on 32 ct white linen
 I'm going to give the ornaments a break for a day or so and concentrate on JB Christmas. Besides, I have trouble making up my mind as to what ornament to stitch next.  I have another stitch for Christmas on the go too but it's a gift so I can't show anything yet.
Hope your week is off to a good start!


CalamityJr said...

Great finishes. I especially like the Christmas love design.

Daffycat said...

Oh, they are awesome, Lynn! I especially like the shepherd & sheep one! I've not seen that one before, so darling. And that trimming is perfect!

Kaisievic said...

Lynn, two very cute chrissy ornaments - lovely work.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Veronica said...

Lovely ornament finishes. Love the fabric you used to back the shepherd ornament. So cute.

I've not made these pillow ornaments before but have done quite a bit of sewing. I think the hanger would look better before finishing the pillow. As for the corners, a pair of tweezers would be useful to turn them out nicely and to stuff them up. Just my two cents :)


Nancy said...

Beautiful finishes!

Teresa said...

Love both your new ornaments. Puts you into the real spirit of Christmas.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Patty C. said...

They are looking wonderful -;)

Siobhan said...

All of your ornaments look great, Lynn! I've got a few stitched myself but stink at finishing so I'm putting off doing that part of it. :P What ornament finishing I've done in the past has been to pillow them, and I've always sewn the hanger into the finishing itself--except for the time that I sewed the hanger INSIDE the ornament. Yeah, seriously! LOL (I told you I stunk at finishing! LOL) I was reading Vonna's tutorial for pillow finishing and she has a tip there about cutting the corners at a diagonal after they're sewn to reduce bulk. I'm going to try that when I get up my finishing mojo.

Bekca said...

Beautiful ornaments Lynn, I look forward to seeing what you stitch next.

Tatkis said...

Beautiful ornaments! And you are so quick!!


Carol said...

Love your latest ornaments, Lynn!! I always attach the hangers before I finish with the looped hangers... And yes... really stuff those ornaments--it makes such a difference :)

Did you sew on or glue on the chenille trim, Lynn? I've never used it. I always glue on my cording, but didn't know about the chenille...

Berit said...

Lynn, Ieft a comment for you on these on the ornament blog, and recommended a tutorial from Andrea, but then saw on a more recent post there that you commented that you really had to learn how to do a beaded edge.

So, I wanted to also comment over here to recommend her advice as she is the queen (well, so I say!) of beaded edges. I wanted to let you know here in case you would miss a comment there!

Her tutorials are linked at the right bar! HTH! ;D

Penny said...

What lovely ornaments! The little shepherd and his sheep are sweet. :)
My word verification fits too ~ whool. :)

Aussie Stitcher said...

Gorgeous ornaments Lynn.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Good job on the ornaments Lynn, finishing just takes practice!

I put my hanger on when I'm sewing the ornament together.

Anonymous said...

Love your ornaments.

I sew the hanger with closing the edges. A larger crochet hook can be poked carefully in to corners and to move filling around to make it more even.

Mary in TN

Brigitte said...

Both ornaments are very pretty, Lynn. And I think you were doing a great job on the finishing as well. I rarely make ornaments, but I laso add the hanger when I sew them together. My favourite way of finishing them is a cording along the edges and the cording is also the hanger. I hope this makes sense.

Pumpkin said...

Congrats Lynn! They're both adorable :o)

With the first type of hanger, it's best to attach afterwards. With your second type, before. It all depends on the method you choose.

If you're sewing the pillows, before you turn them right side out, cut the fabric on the corners at an angle. Don't cut too close to your sewing though! Gently use something with a point to punch out the corners when you've turned it right side out. HTH :o)

Suzanne said...

Lovely ornaments!

I have problems with my pillows as well. I just can't figure out how to stuff the corners of the pillows properly and then the fibrefill tends to ball up leaving lumpy shapes.

I always sew the hanger in while stitching the ornament together, it makes to neater and more secure.