Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My first exchange has arrived!

Prairie Schooler 1994 Prairie Fairie

This year I decided that I would take the leap and participate in my first exchange since I have a lot more time to stitch now that I'm retired. Angela of Hooked on Stitches offered to organize a Designer Exchange where a different designer would be picked for each exchange. Unfortunately the exchange has fallen apart due to another incident which I know many of you are aware of and this will be the only exchange taking place rather than the four planned ones.

My exchange arrived in yesterday's mail. Our designer that was chosen for this exchange was Prairie Schooler. Gracie has sent me the most adorable flatfold! This is one of the Prairie Schooler Prairie Fairies which were released as promotional cards. It's the perfect stitch for autumn and Gracie has finished it with a lovely sunflower (or are those daisies?) fabric for the backing. I'm so thrilled and can't thank her enough! It is proudly displayed in my livingroom with all my autumn decor. My exchange hasn't reached my partner yet so that pic will have to wait. I really enjoyed participating in this and I'm so sorry that a very unfortunate set of circumstances have forced things to come to a premature end. I'm not sure if I will participate in another because of what's happened. I'll have to think on it.

LHN Acorn Hill
 I was determined to get moving on my Acorn Hill and fix all the things that were bothering me about it. So yesterday afternoon I frogged out the pumpkins for the second time along with all the leaves on the vines and started fresh. This time I used WDW Carrot and it has really worked out well. The pumpkins have more varied colour and the colour fits the design a lot better. I then went ahead and restitched the leaves to match the grass. I'm really happy with how things look now and I'm forging ahead with the rest of the design today.

The postman also brought me another surprise besides my exchange. Nancy of the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe had a giveaway in September to share some of her new dyed trims with her blogging friends. I was lucky enough to have my name picked and my assortment arrived yesterday. Look at these wonderful trims! I just love her chenille and I'm planning on using some to finish off some pillows this weekend. Besides the chenille, the giveaway included hand dyed ric rac, cotton twill tape and even hand dyed buttons! Thanks so much Nancy, I will definitely putting these to good use. If you haven't checked out her shop, follow the link and have a peek. In her sidebar is a link to her ebay shop. She also has some wonderful hand dyed lace trims.

The other pleasant surprise I received yesterday came from Becky. Last year Becky had a pumpkin challenge on her blog of which I was the lucky winner. My winnings were put on hold because of some personal tragedies which hit Becky and her family and forced her to quit blogging for some months. Becky is now back and contacted me this week to say that there was a GC to 123 Stitch waiting for me at their site. Thank you Becky!! This was worth the wait particularily because now that I'm retired I have less spending money available than I did when I worked. I already have an extensive wish list at 123 and now I just have to decide what to choose for my winnings.

After such a wonderful day my mood has improved significantly and my stitching mojo is in full force. Off to grab lunch before my Wednesday afternoon stitching date! Keep on stitching!


  1. oh what fun
    it is to run
    to you mailbox
    You lucky girl you. I totally agree on those pumpkins looking just right now and that Exchange "Prairie Fairy" is adorable (Ithink they are sunflowers) It is to bad that the exchanges can not continue because so much fun was had by most.
    Be always in stitches.
    ps, if you are in need of any help with that GC from 123 , think of me.....just saying

  2. I LOVE the exchange you received and Acorn Hill is looking great :)

  3. Lynn what a lovely exchange you received! Its such a shame when an exchange leaves a bad taste in your mouth. But then we're all human and unfortuantely prone to being stupid sometimes.

    Glad you fixed what was bothering you on your WIP.

    Great prize!

  4. I am so happy you like the Faerie ...thank you for such kind comments!

  5. Beautiful exchange piece. Glad that you had such a wonderful day.

  6. the Faerie is gorgeous, and so is Acorn Hill. The trims are also stunning. Lucky you!

  7. You've been having lots of luck lately Lynn, enjoy it! I love Acorn Hill, it's such a beautiful design. Best wishes.

  8. What a great day you had! Love your exchange piece.
    Have fun spending your'll be spoilt for choice at 123stitch!

  9. I've been at my parents again, Lynn, so I'm just catching up on my blog reading. Wow--you sure got some wonderful goodies in the mail and a great gift certificate, as well--lucky you :)

    Acorn Hill is looking lovely with the WDW Carrot color--perfect choice :)

  10. Great exchange that you received! It is just wonderful! :o)


  11. What a wonderful exchange.
    Oh my and that give away gift WOW lovely!!!!!!!!
    Sorry I missed you on the weekend at Rebecca's, maybe next time.

  12. Lynn: I found your blog at Edgars site, How about the gift in the mail wow I was also one of the winners, Nancy is so generous I bought from her on Ebay and was just tickled to be one of the winners I am now a new follower of yours

  13. Gotta love your mailman. Great stitches! Thanks for coming to visit my blog - so glad you did - now I can watch your stitching too!

  14. Have enjoyed catching up with your blog at long last Lynn! I just love your fall pictures. You cant beat Canada for those fall colours. We completely missed Canadian thanksgiving this year-whoops!

  15. This is a wonderful exchange to receive. Enjoy!

    Freakin' awesome giveaway win! So much finishing stash to play must be over the moon!

  16. What a pretty exchange you received!! And all those wonderful trims too!! Wow, I love that chenille trim!! So luscious :D Your acorn hill is so lovely. I love the pumpkins with that crow sitting on the vine!!

  17. What fantastic packages!! Love the trims. The PS fairy--how adorable is that?! I've had it in my to-stitch pile forever!

  18. I am enjoying all your beautiful stitching and finishing. What a great prize pack you received. Can we expect some more finishing in the near future?