Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A Christmas start, TUSAL and Crumpets

Christmas is fast approaching, at least in terms of stitching it is! Having completed my Halloween Quaker I gave myself permission for a new start. Jenny Bean's Christmas Sampler is one that I've had my eye on for some time now. I have several of the Shakespeare's Peddler designs in my stash but this is the first that I've pulled to try. I'm stitching it on LL Magnolia and I'm really loving this fabric! Lots of lovely coloured floss too! I'll be packing this one up for my stitching this afternoon.

The new moon is upon us once more and with that comes TUSAL.
My little ort jars were pretty full this month. Lots of blacks, browns, rusts and golds from Halloween Quaker and Acorn Hill. My large jar appears to be just the perfect size to hold my annual orts. When I stopped by my girlfriend's place the other night she had the same jar but it was filled with potpourri. If you remember, this jar has holes on top of the cap so it's the perfect jar for scenting a room in this way plus it showed off the dried berries perfectly.

Last night's weekly stitch was filled with fun. Many of the ladies had just returned from the Fall Retreat in Gananoque. Unfortunately I was not one of them since it's just not in the budget. The retreats are now being run by Laura of Enchanting Lair designs. Laura hand dyes fabric and she brought a selection of her fabs to retreat. Following retreat the fabrics were sent along with a member of our stitching group for those of us who couldn't make the retreat.
Okay so you all know what happens when there is a table full of fabric and a room full of stitchers! Lots of ooohs, aaahs and major fondling going on!  I had hoped to pick up some more 32 ct for my stash but it all sold at the retreat so I came home with these two pieces of 28ct.

The one on the left is a lugana and the one on the right is a linen. I had a terrible time taking photos of these though. The linen is one of her new colours called Spydermyst. You can't see it from this pic but it has a very subtle mottling throughout it. I already have a project in mind for this one.

 The lugana fabric is oh so yummy! Isn't this a wonderful piece of fabric! That mottling is like a soft copper colour and I snapped this piece up as soon as I saw it. It's called Smouldering Skies. It would work great for an autumn or Halloween stitch I think.

On the lighter side, I've discovered crumpets! I haven't mentioned it here yet but I've been trying to shed some pounds. I have an athritic hip and haven't been able to exercise much. Combine that with my high blood pressure and it's time to drop some weight. My biggest downfall are breads. Actually carbs in general but breads just seem to call my name! We've replaced our bread with the Weight Watchers version but it just doesn't seem the same for my morning toast.
Yesterday I paid a trip to our local grocer and discovered these little goodies on the shelves.

Okay so I'd heard of crumpets but I never really knew what they were. Turns out, this particular brand has 0 gms of fat and a very low carb count. Hmmm, how would they taste toasted? I dropped the package into the cart and headed home with them. This morning was the true test. I love them! The bottom looks almost like a pancake and the spongy surface soaks up my reduced calorie jelly, filling the whole crumpet with flavour. Along with my shredded wheat it is keeping the hunger pangs away quite nicely. Who knew!!

I hope you all have the time to fit in at least a few stitches this week and welcome to my new followers!


  1. I love that Jenny Bean Christmas Sampler and agree on the colours involved. Have fun with it.
    Be always in stitches.

  2. I am stitching Jenny Bean also. I hope to have it finished for the holiday this year. The colors are wonderful, and the variety of motifs is fun. Great choice!

  3. Love Jenny Bean Christmas, the colors are beautiful!

  4. Your Jenny Bean Xmas Sampler start is lovely!! The trees are so pretty and I really like the colours!! Great fabby's! Can't wait to see the project you have lined up for it. Your Tusal jars are super full of threads!! Glad you found the great taste of crumpets!! My Nana sometimes has those and makes me one from time to time. Another great breakfast food that boosts your metabolism (notes taken from my brother who works out) is good ol' oatmeal with unsweetened applesauce. It's actually not too bad and you feel full for awhile :D

  5. I love JB Christmas sampler too! Can't wait to see your progress on it:))

  6. Jenny Bean Christmas Sampler is a beautiful one ~ can't wait to see yours as you work on it. The Smouldering Skies is pretty ~ love the ghosts too. :)
    The crumpets sound delicious!

  7. I love your latest Christmas project. I also love crumpets, strawberry or peach jam is delich any flavour actually except marmalade. I detest marmalade, always have.

  8. Such a pretty new start, Lynn, and I love those fabrics you ended up with--very nice colors for fall. Your Jim Shore pieces are such fun--I've been contemplating starting a collection of them myself.

    Have heard of crumpets, but this is the first time I've actually seen one. I love my breads, too... Best of luck with your weigh loss goals--you can do it!!

  9. I cannot believe this is the first time you've had a crumpet! They're so delicious :) I have them sometimes for breakfast like that, with jam, yum yum.
    Loving your first Christmas start Lynn, and the new fabric looks great.
    Best wishes to you.

  10. Oh, Jenny Bean Christmas, I have that in my stash, soo pretty! Can't wait to see your progress. Your Jim Shore kitties are adorable.

  11. So howe many points does the crumpet work out to?

    That's a lovely new Christmasy start.

  12. Love your Halloween's decoration. Very pretty, Lynn! Beautiful progress on your Christmas Sampler and it's looking great! The crumpets looks delicious, good luck with your weight loss and stay healthy. Wish you a happy Halloween!

  13. I love your Jenny Bean start. I have this one kitted up, just need to pick some fabric. I might have to borrow your idea of the LL Navy Bean, I think I have some.

  14. Loving it; great new stitch and love your seasonal cat figures, too!

  15. Congratulations on your Halloween finish that you showed in your last post. It's fantastic. And your new start is, too. I love the Jenny Bean series, too.
    Great new fabrics for you. You will easily find something to stitch on them.
    I can hear you on your love of breads, lol. They are my downfall, too. I love all sorts of bread and there are so many different ones here. So, eating low carb would be a real challenge for me, lol.

  16. Beautiful Christmas sampler! And great Halloween ornaments :)
    The crumpet looks yummy!