Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Springing forth

Spring is just around the corner. Don't believe me?....well lookee what I found in my front garden today! Amidst all the stones, frost and leftover leaves I spotted these. Yup, that's some of my tulips poking through! My tulips tend to come up fairly early because they are planted close to the house and there is an overhang which protects the area. I know it won't be long now though. I also spotted some geese returning to the area. Now the hunt for the robin is on!

So if spring is just around the corner why am I still stitching snowmen? I sense a new spring start if only to get me out of the doldrums which I've fallen into lately. Any suggestions?
I'd hoped to be a lot further along by now on my Secret Snowdrift but life keeps getting in the way and not a heck of a lot gets accomplished these days as far as stitching is concerned. I had a really lazy weekend following my 7 day stretch of work. On Saturday I decided to take a drive into the nearby village of Embrun where a friend told me that she thought there was a new stitching shop. So off I went to investigate and sure enough she was right! One Silver Needle just opened this past fall and are carrying supplies for cross stitch, knitting and quilting. With such a variety of crafts they don't have a lot of stock of any one thing but have assured me they can order anything I need. Plus they are still in the growing stages. Their website is fairly new and they are adding things all the time. I'm just thrilled that I have a local retailer who can supply me with the basics like my DMC and beads. In addition they have fabric squares for quilting that I can use in finishing.They're only 15 minutes from my place as opposed to an hour's drive to my previous LNS. Bonus!!

I had a small new start this past week. This is my ornie for the month which I found in the Nov. 2008 issue of TGOSM.
I didn't really look very close at the designer, I just liked the look of this one. As I was stitching it I was thinking that it reminded me of the Christmas Box ornments from Country Garden Stitchery, one of which I'd completed this past December. So when I finally got around to looking at the designer of this particular pattern, sure enough it was Cathie Richardson of Country Garden Stitchery. It's called Christmas Tree in Blue and I'm stitching with a lovely Gloriana silk named Holiday Blue. This if the first time I've stitched with a Gloriana silk and boy am I lovin' it! Beautiful floss!! I've got the beads and Kreinik for this one on order so I hope they come in early enough that I can finish this off in the next couple of weeks. I've woefully neglected my Mirabilia Easter Fairy and I want to get back to her.

While I'm writing this there is a little wild girl running around the room. No I'm not referring to either of my grandchildren but to the new baby here, Clarisse. I haven't quite figured out how to make her see that at this time of night she should be quieting down instead of gearing up! I snapped this pic just as she emerged from inside one of the pillows on the spare bed. Notice the wild look in her eyes! The sheet music scattered around her had been in a nice neat pile until she hit the scene. I'll have to get everthing back in order again before Bob finds the mess she made.
It's taken me most of the evening to get this posted. I seem to be moving in slow motion so I figure it's time to hit the sack now. They're calling for high winds here tomorrow so I'm counting on a strong tail wind to carry me in to work quickly. Does that mean I can sleep in longer?!


  1. Wow a LNS in Embrun?
    Where is it? Email me so I can stop on the way home next week!
    Not that i am stitching much. See you on the 23rd!

  2. I love your snowmen :) and the ornament is so sweet ;)

    Robins have been here since Saturday...I spotted my first one in Bloomington, then...and I've been looking, it is one of my favorite things to do in the spring...find the first Robin.

  3. Maybe you should have called her Mischief :o) Come south anytime. We have robins to spare.

  4. Your new kitty is so adorable. I wish we could get another cat, but I know the other 2 would totally freak out. They argue enough as it is!

  5. What a pretty new kitty!

    Your Secret Snowdrift is coming along nicely, even if not as fast as you'd like. I know how you feel, though. I've got one of those projects now myself.

    I've also got my first project that calls for Gloriana silks. I haven't reached the point of using them yet, but they look so beautiful that I just can't wait! Your lovely blue ornament is stunning! I really can't wait to try them.

  6. Oh Lynn, I don't know where to start. Did you know my youngest son lives in Embrun!!! and there is a new needlework store there!!! I am jumping up and down!!!!!! I can hardly wait to head there once we get back home the end of April.
    Love your Christmas tree and the colors! Looking forward to more progress. Thanks for the tulip photo! Spring is on it's way and me too!

  7. Hi Lynn~ Isn't it so wonderful to see those first signs of spring! But these temperatures have been so wonky - up and down so much. Clarisse looks like a beauty and I'm sure you will enjoy having her in your home, once she becomes a little more house-trained. We are enjoying our Bella - its our first puppy in 12 years!

  8. I hope that you manage to send those doldrums packing (((HUGS))). Clarisse is gorgeous, I am trying to talk DH into letting us get a cat, he is very much a dog person. CdC is looking wonderful, I shall be dancing along with you when you finish.

  9. The snowmen are looking great, and your new start of the tree is gorgeous (awesome color). Clarisse is such a cutie, but they are a bit wild at that age. Good luck with getting her to realize she needs to settle down a bit, somehow I just don't see that happening for a bit. :)

  10. A new LNS closer to you is great news!! I have to drive an hour and would love one closer!
    Your wips are so pretty:)
    I laugh everytime you write about Clarisse. She really has a great life and she sure seems to keep you busy!...lol!! She's just adorable!

  11. Hi Lynn,

    Did you have a chance to get out
    and enjoy the incredibly beautiful
    Spring like weather that we had
    this weekend??? It was so nice
    to go outside in shoes instead of
    boots, and with only one jacket on
    instead of a jacket, sweater, vest,
    scarf, hat, mittens...etc.

    DH and I went for a drive in the
    old car, taking her around town
    and letting her run a bit after
    a long winter in the garage. We
    saw lots of motor bikes out and
    about, also taking advantage of
    the glorious weather.

    Saw my first Robin today too, so
    that sort of makes it official...
    Spring is here! The crocuses
    are coming up and so are a few
    of our daffodils.

    I am really enjoying reading
    about Clarisse's antics as she
    settles into her new home and
    breaks you in. She is so
    adorable, and so cheeky. But
    don't worry. You can reassure
    Bob that in less then five or
    six years she'll mature and
    calm down and become a sweet
    and biddable cat.

    Your snowman project is looking
    great. I find that I don't mind
    seeing snowmen and snow scenes
    in charts and stitching, just as
    long as it stays away from my
    house and my neighbourhood.

    I really love your newest project
    too, stitched with that really
    beautiful blue thread. I look
    forward to seeing how it's going
    to turn out.

    It's really nice that you've got
    a needlework store opened up so
    close to where you live. Hope
    that they can make a go of it in
    this topsy turvy economy.

    This is my second attempt to
    write you a comment. Blogger
    lost my first one. If this
    doesn't work I may start
    throwing things.

    Have a great week Lynn!