Sunday, 22 March 2009

Spring fever

I think some of that spring fever is starting to hit me. Now that our snow has finally disappeared I managed to get out this week and remove all the Christmas lights from the shrubs in front of the house. The ground is a little too soggy yet for raking but that will come. This was followed by digging out all the spring decor from the basement. Not all of it is in place yet but I'm home the next two days so hopefully I'll have a chance to finish. Although we have had some lovely spring weather recently I haven't put the winter sweaters away just yet. When I left for work this morning there was a dusting of snow on the ground again and today's high wasn't much above zero.
I also found time to give my blog an Easter look. Think it's too much?

In keeping with the spring theme I put aside some of my other stitching and got started yesterday on a bunny ornament from the Prairie Schooler's Farm Fresh leaflet. I managed to get a fair amount done and plan on sticking with this project for the next few days. The light wasn't too bright when I took this pic so I'll post another later this week. The fabric is a pretty little 16 ct Aida Silkweaver Solo.I'm also waiting for the PS Just Hatched leaflet which I won in an ebay auction this week. I'd love to do up a few of these ornies which are finished using an egg shaped template. PS patterns are such an easy and relaxing stitch which is just what I needed. For some reason I just can't seem to get back to stitching on my Mirabilia Easter Fairy. I've totally lost interest in this one and I'm not sure why. It's a pretty pattern but my interest isn't piqued at all. Originally I thought the Stitch a Mirabila SAL would get me motivated but it just isn't happening. Which reminds me that I've been very neglectful in checking on the blog lately.
The increased pressures of work have resulted in fatigue which leaves me with very little motivation for either blogging or stitching when I get home at night. I've returned to reading for a bit and generally end up falling asleep shortly after picking up the book!

I've mentioned before that I often accompany my husband to his rehearsals and sit and stitch to pass the time while listening to the music. One of the violinists on the church's recital series, Mary Pat, would often join me while she took a break just to see what new piece I was stitching on. She mentioned that she used to cross stitch and Teresa Wentzler was one of her favourite designers however she had to give up stitching because of her poor eyesight. Recently she emailed me to tell me that she still had a few cross stitch supplies that she no longer needed and asked if I would be interested in having them. I expressed my interest so she dropped them off to Bob at the church with a note telling me to dispose of anything I didn't want. She had told me she still had some leftover DMC floss but imagine my surprise when I opened one large bag and found this!

Somehow this wasn't what I pictured when she said leftover floss! She doesn't have every colour but it's darn close. I was blown away! Besides the floss there was some Aida fabric, needles, hoops, beads, a couple of TW patterns and a fabric which I wasn't familiar with called Colored Linen Duck by Regency Mills in a 28ct peach and pink. Pretty pastels. Thank you so much Mary Pat for your generosity! She's refused to accept anything from me for all this so I think that instead I'll stitch up a pinkeep for her. I've found a freebie patten by Windy Willows called AmitiƩ that will fit the bill. I found this site through a link on Laura's blog. She has links to several French blogs and it was on one of those that I learned of Windy Willows. Check it out, I love seeing what new blogs she's discovered.

Now I'm off to heat the kettle for a cuppa Chai tea, my favourite, and then settle in for some serious stitching. Have a great week everyone!


Lisa said...

What a great present!

Daffycat said...

Wow Lynn, that was very nice of Mary Pat to give you all that floss. You should certainly stitch her a little something!

Suzanne said...

What a fantastic gift! All that floss and such should keep you busy for some time.

Kathy A. said...

Love your Easter look. I don't think it is too much at all.
Lucky you. All that floss to ooh and ahh over.
Sorry that the Mira blog isn't doing it for you. Maybe some stitching time with me when I get home will help.
cute little bunny too

Vonna said...

WOWZERS....look at that floss! I bet that was like opening a treasure box :)
I've got spring fever too...luckily our snow is gone and I bet gone for good now.

AnnMcD said...

What a lovely and generous gift!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Lynn,

Your Easter themed blog decor is
very cute and the colours quite
refreshing. Gotta love those
sweet bunnies too. Isn't it great
that we can change the look of our
blogs so easily now and don't need
a degree in computer programing to
do it.

I always love seeing the cute or
funny or pretty pictures that you
put at the side of your blog and
keep meaning to ask you where you
find them...if you don't mind
giving your secrets away??? That
one with the cat in a rabbit suit
sitting amongst a herd of rabbits
is hilarious!!

It was so nice of Mary Pat to
give you her cross stitch stash.
Aren't those trays of DMC thread
are a vision!! You're well set
for DMC for awhile it would seem.
I'm sure she'd be delighted if
you stitched her something as a
thank you.

Why Lynn....thank you for the
compliment on my recent finished
and framed pieces. Didn't you
realize that I framed them
myself?? My first solo efforts.
It was a learning experience but
I'm quite pleased with them. It's
better then having them laying in
a drawer waiting for the day when
I can win the lottery and get
them all framed.

I can't recommend Maeve Binchy
enough to someone such as your-
self who has never read her
before. The first book of hers
that I read was Tara Road, which
happened to have been an Oprah
book club choice a number of
years ago. I've been collecting
and reading her books ever since.

I share your delight in the
wonderful designs of Prairie
Schooler. Your bunny ornament
is looking so cute and of course
is perfect for the season.

The cheeky one sends her regards
to you and to Clarisse.


Maren said...

That is one heck of a nice gift! lol, 'left over floss' I guess is subject to interpretation.

Your Easter theme is very cute. Love the bunny. :)