Saturday, 28 March 2009

Bunnies, kitties and zombies?!

The lovely spring weather we've had here the past few days has really got me in the mood to stitch more. During my days off early in the week I managed to complete my PS Bunny. I've got the templates all cut out to make the egg but haven't found a suitable fabric in my stash for the backing. So I think I'll head out in an hour or so to visit our local fabric shop. Yes, my tiny little village has a fabric shop of all things! With any luck I'll find a gingham or similar fabric to complete the bunny. The other PS leaflet I ordered hasn't arrived yet so I'll have to delay the start of the next egg.

In the meantime I've actually pulled out my Easter Fairy. Can you believe it?! I didn't get very far though before I ran out of the Kreinik thread. Now that I have to order some it's unlikely that I'll have this one complete by Easter. So I'll work around the wings for now and see if I can give this girl some legs! A progress pic will follow shortly.

As I'm writing this Clarisse is being a royal PITA. We've had her on medication for the past 2 weeks because she developed an upper respiratory infection. The vet says that it's common in kittens and may be caused by a herpes virus. Although she may have been fine when she left the breeder, the stress of the move, leaving her mother and adapting to a new environment has probably let the virus take hold. It resulted in sneezing, runny eyes and attempts to cough up mucous. Over the past 2 weeks we've given her Clavamox which is identical to the Amoxil medecine that many of us have had to treat our children with, right down to the banana flavouring. No, she does not like it!!! As well we're giving her an enzyme supplement with her food that prevents the virus from replicating. Although it's a virus infection primarily, it has resulted in a baterial infection in the eyes.

Well let me tell you she must be feeling MUCH better. The sneezing has quit, the eyes have cleared up and she has become a wild banshee! Just look at her eyes in this picture...wild! I just kicked her out of the office here and shut the door so that I could get this posting done. In the past five minutes alone she's knocked over the hole puncher spilling its contents on the carpet, chewed Bob's music lying on the bed and her latest trick..... emptying the garbage pail and climbing inside. I think she's busier than any of my kids ever were!

Speaking of kids, my two youngest got together this past week to attend a play at Carleton University which was a parody of all zombie and horror flicks called Evil Dead : The Musical. It's right up their alley since all my boys are big fans of the horror genre. Chris said that the Ottawa production was a little more tame since there wasn't a splatter zone. A splatter zone? I questioned. Apparently at the Toronto production the first few rows are given plastic ponchos to wear during the performance because they end up splattered with fake blood! The play is being called the next Rocky Horror show and often fans show up dressed in costume.
However the only ones in Ottawa who dressed up for the production were... you guessed it!, my two sons and their group of friends. Chris has a friend who loves to do makeup and agreed to paint up the guys before the show. Here's the results. They got quite a few stares when they boarded the O Train in Ottawa to ride to the show.

That's Dan on the left and Chris on the right. I tell everyone that they take after their father, lol!! The boys all had a super time and are planning to do the same thing again in a few weeks at a concert put on by a punk group called Creepshow. Chris himself is a member of a punk band called Hands of the Few who play clubs in the Ottawa area. Okay, so it's nowhere near my type of music but I've got to give them credit for the hard work they've put into this. Chris has even taken on a second job in order to have extra money to devote to this. One of the members of the group studied in Toronto to learn sound recording engineering and they have recently recorded their second CD which is scheduled for release this coming summer followed by a 2 week tour of clubs in the Toronto area. They also hope to squeeze in a side trip to the Toronto Horror fest. This is Chris' idea of a summer vacation!! When they showed me a picture of the new T shirts they're having made for the release I asked if I could get one in a plus size. The boys all laughed and said they'd get me one somehow.

Last night I pulled out Cirque for a bit and finished off another circle (bottom right in the picture). Notice the pretty needle minder that I received as a Christmas gift. This weeks' mail brought the Kreinik and beads I need to complete my March ornie so it looks like I have plenty to keep me busy this weekend. I just let the banshee back into the room and she's washing my face as I'm trying to type. Gotta love her! Have a great weekend.


  1. Love the bunny. Nice pic of the guys!!! Young men seem to march to their own drummer don't they! But we love them the more for it. Sorry that the Banshee is being such a pain but you know she is feeling better!!!!
    Take care hon

  2. The banshee sounds like a handful LOL!
    Fun pic of the boys, their makeup is great!
    Lovely stitching. Glad you're persevering with the easter fairy.
    Have a great weekend :)

  3. I am glad that your banshee's eyes are better, and I encourage you that she will mellow out with some respectable age and only do things like that when she thinks noone is looking. What a beautiful kitty though!

    Your boys look ghoulishly hilarious! I can just imagine the stares that they encountered on the bus.

    And finally, your stitching looks fabulous as usual. The PS bunny is very cute, and you have made excellent progress on your beautiful CdC!

  4. haha--don't you just love playful little kittens? I am glad she is feeling better--she is a cutie!
    Love the needle minder--I have one just like it--cute and so appropriate for cat lovers!! Have a great week.

  5. It sounds like your little one is on the mend.. I hate it when a pet is ill. They just can't tell you where it hurts.
    Cute bunny and the CdC is looking wonderful!
    Interesting guys you have there. hmmmm Goulish for sure.

  6. Hi Lynn,

    I know your boys are past high school age but seeing their pic and hearing about their plans makes me realize how much I loved my job working with teenagers and young adults and makes me miss those times...
    Your adventures with a kitten does not make me miss those puppy/kitten times!


  7. Very cute bunny, and Clarisse is adorable, so glad that she's feeling better. As to the actors, boy do they look gruesome, I'll bet they did get a few stares as they traveled. Your household always seems to have something going on. :)