Saturday, 15 September 2007

Virtual SAL

I had the perfect day today. I pretty well did nothing except stitch! The SAL that was planned at Rebecca's this weekend was not meant to be. We planned it at the last minute which often turns out to be the best kind. However this time things didn't work out for us so we decided that those of us who could would stitch at home. I'd hoped to finish off my BD Country Garden and did just that! I loved doing this piece and now I'm searching for other BD charts. I know I have at least one other in my stash. Sorry the pictures a bit on the dark side. I just couldn't get the light right. When I used the flash I ended up with some bright spots on the image so I tried the low light setting and ended up with this. It's so much easier when it's daylight. I'll try another one tomorrow.

Today was a washout for anything other than stitching. It was cold and miserable. We only had a bit of rain in the morning but it remained overcast until late in the afternoon when the sun finally started to show itself. When the sun finally came out I headed out to check on the garden. I took a picture of my welcome basket on the front of the house. For about a year now I've been looking everywhere for something to hang on the front of the house which would hold a planter of some sort. Finally this past spring I found this welcome planter at a nursery in Marionville which is about 20 min. from our place. They'd already filled the planter with an ivy geranium which really took hold. It's spread quite nicely and I just love the colour as well as the way it has started to weave its way under and around the wrought iron.

Now I'm off to decide what to start stitching next. I have to have something to take with me in the morning to Ottawa. It's one of those times when we're in town for the whole day. The church my DH plays the organ at is in Ottawa and following the service he's rehearsing for a recital he's playing in that evening. So until the actual recital I have about 6 hrs to kill! It's just too much driving to go home and come back again at night. Sometimes I head to the stores . My LNS used to be open on Sundays but they changed their hours and they're not open any longer on Sunday. So I'll take my stitching to pass the time.

The threads I ordered for Trick or Treat Lane haven't made their appearance here yet so I'm looking for something small to start. I had a look at this month's issue of Just CrossStitch where they previewed some of the ornaments from the 2007 JC Ornaments issue. I love the Joy Snowman by SamSarah designs. That's a possibility. Also from Patterns Online I downloaded a chart by Helga Mandl called Blood Donors Needed. Since I work in a hospital lab I thought it would be a cute one to finish for the wall in our blood taking room! I'm off now to check on fabric and threads in my stash.


  1. A lovely finish :o) Your Welcome basket is so pretty. I love the colour too. I like how it's started to wind around the actual welcome bit.

  2. I love those all day stitching days once in awhile. I like your stitched home.
    Hope you had a good day in Ottawa today.!!!!!

  3. Country Garden is lovely - congrats on finishing! I love BBD!!

    I hope you had a nice day in Ottawa, I can't wait to see what you decided to work on.

  4. Congrats on the finish, its gorgeous. Love the picture of your flower basket.

  5. What a beautiful flower basket !! You finished design is great too. I'm glad you had a good stitching weekend !!

  6. You finish is great. Lucky you getting a whole day of stitching. Can't remember the last one I had! LOL

  7. The time for sitting indoors, while the weather rages outside, and stitching away the day is fast approaching. Sounds like you had a nice day, in that vein. All you need is a project to stitch, a book to read for the occasional break, a fire going in the fireplace, a mug of something hot and a plate of cookies by your elbow, and a sweet, purring kitty to share it with. Bliss!

    I love your welcome hanging basket.
    It's just perfect!

    Your Blackbird's Design finish is beautiful Lynn. These are so popular, and it's obvious why.

    What colour of fabric does that Halloween piece require?? It looks like a project with pretty solid stitching. Does much of the fabric show through?

    Have a great week Lynn!

  8. Lovely finish Lynn! Next time you're stuck in Ottawa for hours on end get in touch... come and stitch with me!

  9. Country Garden looks lovely, so does your pot of flowers near your front door, very pretty.