Tuesday, 30 October 2018

October WIPocalypse

Happy Halloween everyone! I love fall and in particular, Halloween, and it only seemed fitting to continue stitching on Annie Hyssop's Harvest Moon. Time was not kind to me this month though and life left little time for me to sit with needle in hand. Unfortunately this sweet design will be not be completed in time for the holiday this year. Instead I get to enjoy the journey for a little while longer. 
What time I had for stitching was taken up in filling in the bottom landscaping of hills and grass. I've posted the before pic where I left off last month followed by this month's progress.

At this point I can finally start on the border of the piece which is stitched on the remaining three sides. The bottom remains as is. 

Perhaps it's the time change and the colder weather but I'm having a hard time to get motivated this month. This hasn't helped in my stitching and I'm also a bit behind in my Halloween preparations. Usually by now I have my little handout bags all ready to go and my Jack O' Lanterns are carved and ready. I'm almost finished preparing the candy bags but I have no motivation to get started on my carving. I usually carve more than one but this year I only purchased the one pumpkin. Who knows, I might even cheat and go for one of the lazy man pumpkins. Have you seen them yet? Apparently they have minimal carving however for me it's the cleaning out of the pulp that is the worst part.

Here's a few pics of my carvings from the last few years. 

The carvings are fun but are a lot of work. I just might take a break this year. Stay tuned to my next post and see whether or not I cave, lol! Until then have a safe and Happy Halloween!


  1. You have made good progress on your stitch! While your carvings are fabulous, I say take the easy route.

  2. Harvest Moon is so pretty, love the colors on this one.
    Your past Pumpkin carvings are awesome!
    Happy Halloween!!

  3. Your Harvest Moon looks great! I'd be tempted not to stitch the border, I like it like that.
    I love all your pumpkin carvings, it's been a while since we've carved one. Sometimes simple can be nice too!

  4. Wonderful progress on Harvest Moon. Your carvings are fantastic!

  5. I am seriously impressed by your carvings, I have only tried to do this one time and I found it such a struggle and effort that I didn't bother after that.
    Your Harvest Moon piece is coming along beautifully.