Wednesday, 8 October 2014

October WIPocalypse - missed the Lunar Eclipse

Looks like my post title will tell you what I was not doing last night. I did not wake early in order to see the eclipse. The need for sleep won out and I slept right through the alarm which intended to wake me for the big event. However I do have a lot of stitching to show for this month's full moon WIPocalypse.

From the looks of my original list I am in fact stitching a number of pieces but not necessarily the ones on my list. I tend to change my mind a lot so this really doesn't surprise me. My latest finish though was one of the original choices from my list. Carriage House Samplings Pumpkin Farm was stitched as a thank you gift for my quilting buddy Thea who has finished off two of my cross stitch pieces as quilted wall hangings and is about to start work on a third. 

Being as this is an older chart, I checked online for any corrections and did in fact find one on the CHS webpage. I was halfway through the sideways house though when I found a second mistake which had not been caught. The house is charted to be stitched entirely in the darker creamy yellow with no separate colour around the door or the eaves. I got thinking that I didn't remember the house as being that yellow and sure enough when I pulled out the coloured cover I noticed the difference. It meant frogging out every thing that I had stitched on the filling in so that I could add that differentiation around the door and eaves as well as stitch the front of the house in the correct colour. I will definitely be contacting them to correct this mistake.
Thea has asked me to pick out the frame for the piece and she may accompany me when the time comes. She was sooo happy when she saw it which made me happy too. Even the wacky pumpkin guys approve of this one!

After finishing this larger piece I allowed myself two new small starts. The first is a freebie from The Primitive Hare called Witch's Kitchen.

The second is from Lori Brechlin's Autumn at Notforgotten Farm book. It's called Turkey Trot pillow.

I'm also back to stitching again on Pineberry Lane Fancey Blackett's Brooms.

Lots of autumn/Halloween stitching going on around here so I figured it was about time I dug out some of my decor to match. I have most of my fall stuff out upstairs but the rec room was lacking much of anything so I filled it with some of my favourite Halloween pieces.

I'm still in the process of unpacking my Jim Shore Halloween tree but I should have it up shortly (if I can find where I stored it last year, lol!). Thanks for dropping by. Hope all my Canadian friends are getting ready for their Thanksgiving feasts this weekend!


  1. Great that you can do a happy dance for this lovely finish. And thanks for telling about the mistakes you found. I have this chart too and will add the corrections just in case that I stitch it one day.

    Such lovely starts for Halloween. And thanks for reminding me of Pineberry Lane as I have several of their designs in my stash and should definitely start one righ away. You're the perfect enabler, Lynn, lol.

  2. Squee! Your blog is sooo autumn-festive! No worries about missing the eclipse, I think there is another one in April. I only got to see this one because it occurred as I was headed to work. It was pretty neat but I'd rather have been tucked into bed!

  3. I saw the eclipse only because I was on my way to work at the time. lol
    It was awesome.
    Pumpkin Farm turned out nice.
    Great starts too.
    Love your Halloween decor, especially the shoe.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Lovely stitching & beautiful Halloween decorations :)

  5. Che bei colori e che bella la calza! W Halloween!

  6. Cats and cross stitching there is not better combination.

  7. Consider the house and uniquely yours and call it good

  8. Congrats on a lovely finish and fun starts. Seems like you are headed into a very well decorated fall :)

  9. Lovely CH finish Lynn! Great fall and Halloween displays too. As for the lunar eclipse, even if I did get up, it was too foggy to see it. Hopefully next time!

  10. You certainly do love Autumn, I loved your stash for the last post, I can see why that was your exemption month!

    The Pineberry Design is great, I haven't seen that one before. The sampler looks good too. And I just love your basket of pillows used in your header photo. I should pillow finish more of my smalls if they will look that good!

  11. Hope you had a nice celebration!

  12. Your decorations look great, I just love this time of year :) Great stitching too, good for you catching that mistake just in time.
    Best wishes.

  13. Autumn-fest! Love your Autumnal stitching and your décor.

  14. Pumpkin Farm is lovely! Congrats on a great finish. I love all the Fall designs your stitching and your pretty decorating too! love Annette