Saturday, 25 October 2014

October Stitch From Stash

October has been one of those month where I seem to have lost my mojo for a good part of the month. I picked up a respiratory bug early in the month which I just can't seem to shake the remnants of. Most evenings I'm just too tired to stitch and my daylight hours have been taken up with other activities. Nonetheless I was rather surprised at exactly how much stitching I have accomplished. Most of this was done during the past week or so.

As you can see, Fancey Blackett's Brooms didn't advance too much this month.

 Carriage House Samplings Pumpkin Farm was finished off right at the beginning of the month prior to my getting sick. It can be seen at this post here. I dropped it off at the framer this week and will have it back in a couple of weeks.

With this finished off I allowed myself a new start from my stash by Blackbird Designs - House on Acorn Hill. I loved the colour scheme on this one from the very first time I saw the chart. As with many of the charts, either the lighting when the picture was taken or the dye lots of the floss result in far different results when you start stitching. Here are three of the main colours of floss that were called for in the stitching of the leaves and the acorn.

These are 3 different colours of floss but the dye lots of each resulted in 3 floss which didn't give me much variation in colour. The chart also called for Gentle Art Mulberry for some of the leaves and the lettering. My dye lot was so dark that it wasn't much different than the above colours. As a result I've done a lot of substitutions with this piece and I'm pretty happy with the results so far. My lighting here tonight wasn't the best. There really is much more variation in daylight between the different leaves.

I'm pretty close to a finish on The Primitve Hare's Witch's Kitchen.  I counted wrong and had to frog out some of the motifs on the right but all is well now. I should have this finished up by Halloween since only the border is left.

There was one chart I purchased last month that I forgot to include in my count but since it was my exemption month it doesn't count anyways. The chart in question was another Pineberry Lane Fancey Blackett pdf called October Ride. The only monies I spent this month were for the JCS 2014 Christmas Ornament issue. So I spent a grand total of $9.99! Yippee!!

Christmas stitching should begin any time now so I'm checking out my stash to see what goodies I can come up with. Stay tuned! 


  1. Congrats on getting all that stitching in and so little shopping! I'm impressed. :) And I feel for you on the dye lots and having to fiddle with colors -- I have to say that your adjustments look marvelous.

  2. The leaves look lovely, you picked some good substitutions.
    A great Fall piece.
    Witch's Lab and Fancey are coming along nicely too.
    Great Fall projects.

  3. ooOoo! House On Acorn Hill is looking fabulous. I had not seen this before.

  4. Loved seeing the various pieces, Halloween designs are my favorites. Fun progress on brooms, love the little kettle and the mouse next to it. The leaves and acorn look wonderful as well, as doe the little motifs in Witch's Kitchen. Hopefully you can shake the rest of the bug you picked up soon so you can enjoy the upcoming holidays more.

  5. Great progress with all the pieces....your substitutions are definitely looking great!
    Hope you're feeling better

  6. Love your stitching - hope you are better and your mojo for stitching returns.

  7. As usual Lynn your stitching is just lovely!

  8. Not done much stitching eh ... blimey! A wonderful array of stitching. Love the colours you substituted. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. That is a gorgeous design, you have chosen the colours well. I use DMC most of the time but even then I suffer from the cover picture just not looking the same!

  10. Lovely colours - autumn is an amazing time of year. I hope your mojo returns soon, I've been slow these last few months.