Tuesday, 8 May 2012

WIPocalypse update

I was so close to a finish on the full moon that I decided to delay my WIPocalypse update until I'd completed the stitching. 

Feather Your Nest
by With Thy Needle & Thread
stitched on 32ct LL Magnolia
using DMC

Feather Your Nest was a delight to stitch! It's pouring rain here today and as I look at my latest finish I'm reminded of a children's song by Raffi. I can't remember the title but I remember some of the words. "Robin in the rain, what a saucy fellow. Robin in the rain, mind your socks of yellow." What a saucy robin indeed!

With the arrival of my floss order, I spent some quality time with Peace Inside. This design has such pretty colours and I was sailing right along until I discovered an error. When I started stitches the small motif of vines at the top of the house they weren't matching up as expected. I still haven't found out where my mistake is. I've patched things for now but I'll stay away from this area until I can figure things out. I was just too tired last night to spend anymore time with it.

My next big project is for a friend. I'm sure many of you will remember With Thy Needle & Thread Mystery SAL, Birds of a Feather. Do I sense a theme here, lol?  I'm stitching this one for my friend Trish . She has been so generous with her time in helping me sew my stitches into pillows. I asked if there was anything I could stitch for her and this was her request. This will be the first time I stitch on anything higher than a 32ct though. The charted fabric is 35ct so I will really need the use of my magnifier for this one. I figure it might be a little slower going at first too until I'm used to the count.
This one won't be travelling with me so I'm off to check out my stash for something that I can take to my Tuesday group, in the car, etc.

I 'll leave you with a short video of a saucy little fellow who stopped by to clean himself up and dry out his feathers at the tree outside my front window. Enjoy!!


Anne said...

Congrats Lynn on your Robust Robin finish!! He is a fine fellow isn't he!! Your Peace Inside is turning out lovely too. Don't you hate that when you can't find the mistake?!! It happens to me a lot!! I can't tell just so you know!! I hope it stops raining so much for you...we are finally getting some sunshine! That robin is so cute!!



Patty C. said...

Feather your nest is just gorgeous! !!!!!!!!!

Vickie said...

Feather Your Nest is a great one. :)

Marcy said...

Robins are one of my favorite birds and your fellow looks great! good luck with the 35 ct -- I've never stitched on it before.

Melissa said...

Congrats, Lynn, on finishing Feather your Nest. It's wonderful!

I love Peace Inside. Every time I see it I wonder why I haven't picked up this design! It's very happy!

Has the package arrived yet?

BrendaS said...

Beautiful finish Lynn! I just love that piece:) Your WIP is moving along and I'm sure you will discover your error very soon.

Have a good week.

Cath said...

Gorgeous finish , and a lovely video.
Thanks for sharing .XXX

natalyK said...

A gorgeous spring time finish!! I love the other piece you are working on. The colors are fabulous. I have been enjoying the bird song in my yard the last week and a half. AAHHHh nothing like springtime.

Catherine said...

Congrats on the finish! Such a pretty wip you have going on too!

Beth Pearce said...

Congratulations on a fantastic finish! Hope you find your problem on Peace soon. There is no way I could possibly stitch on 35, so I am very impressed!

Tatkis said...

What a beautiful finish! And the process is just charming!

Thank you for the video, cute bird :))


Veronica said...

Congratulations on finishing Feather Your Nest! Beautiful stitching, Lynn. Peace Inside is looking good too. Too bad about the error though. Hope you find it soon.


Daffycat said...

Woo ~ wonderful finish, Lynn! Congratulations!

I hope the frog is an easy fix on Peace Inside. The piece looks awesome, though!

Chris said...

Congratulations on the finish! It is really wonderful.
Great progress on Peace too. You will soon have another finish under your belt.
I love the Birds of A Feather sampler.
I think the theme is bird brained :) lol You know I mean that in the best possible way!

CATHI said...

Wonderful finish! And great progress! :o)


Edgar said...

What a super finish!!!! Congrats!!

Carol said...

Congratulations on your latest finish, Lynn--that robust robin sure is looking proud :) That poor little robin in your video just can't get dry, can he?

So funny that you mentioned Raffi songs. At work the other day we were just talking about what we used to sing to our kids when they were little and I mentioned "Baby Beluga"--remember that one?

Love your progress on Peace Inside and how sweet of you to stitch the With Thy Needle & Thread piece for Trish. You'll do fine on the 35 count--can't wait to follow along on your progress!

Penny said...

What a lovely finish, Lynn! And Peace is looking so pretty! That poor little robin was sure working hard to dry himself. :) I'm afraid the birds around here are having the same difficulty. Rain, rain and more rain.

Sharon said...

Beautiful finish Lynn! Loving your wip as well. I hear that Midsummer Night Designs is about to start up again. She has started blogging again. So hopefully, some new designs will make their appearance!

Ranae said...

Love the finish, I love that bird
Peace Inside is looking lovely, I hate when the mistake takes forever to find
Pretty header photo

Littlebit said...

Congrats on a wonderful finish! I had never seen this design before, and I have enjoyed all of your progress posts. Your stitching is fabulous!!

Judy S. said...

Love that well fed robin, Lynn. Looks like you're keeping very busy!

Always smiling said...

Lovely finish it is quite beautiful. well done

Happy Stitching

Chris xx

Jan said...

Beautiful stitching and such a sweet robin!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Beautiful finish Lynn! Congratulations!

I hope you quickly find and fix that mistake!