Tuesday, 1 May 2012

That's a Robust Robin!

That was my husband's comment when he saw my recent progress on Feather Your Nest. I ended up working on nothing but this on the weekend during what little time I had to stitch. Not much left now!
My stitching time was curtailed due to the arrival of my favourite little girls, Oceanne & Summer!

Their Dad drove them down for a very short weekend visit with Grandma and to celebrate Oceanne's recent birthday. We had hoped they would arrive on Friday since it was a professional development day at school but their Mom had enrolled them in an activity day instead and I didn't want them to miss that. So our time together was short but sweet! As you can see by the winter jackets, our weather was cool but the girls had a blast and by the end of the day they weren't tired out but their Uncle Dan sure was! He spent most of the afternoon outdoors with them, blowing bubbles and playing hide and seek. Here's one of my favourite pics of the day.

This one's for you Sharon - They're playing Zombie!!
The weekend passed far too quickly and before I knew it they were gone again. We're making plans to get together next on the Canada Day weekend. By then school will be done and we can spend more time with them.

Monday's mail brought me a lovely package. I'd placed an order from Nataly for some of her lovely counting pins. I didn't expect them to be wrapped so pretty!

Such cheerful little cards! Here's what was hidden within them.

Thank you very much Nataly! They're gorgeous and I can hardly wait to use them!!  

The weather today is rainy but warmer than it has been. I'll be stitching on Peace Inside once again. I'm hoping to join the group this evening. I've had some vertigo and I don't want to drive if it's still lingering. Keep your fingers crossed. It's so much more fun with the group than by myself!

I almost forgot! Nancy over at Victorian Motto is having a couple more giveaways, including one for $25 worth of goodies from her ebay store. Drop by and pay her a visit to enter.


  1. That IS a very robust robin. It's lovely!

    Counting pins...how do you use them? They are very cute.

  2. Your granddaughters are beautiful Lynn, you must be so proud.
    Your robin is looking very cute, even if he is a little robust!
    Best wishes.

  3. Hello

    Your sampler is great!
    Your Granddaughters are lovely.

    I love the counting pins they are very pretty.
    Hope you make it to your stitch group tonight.

  4. Looks like you had a fun visit! Cute photos. I love that tulip piece. Your robin must have a good appetite! LOL How do you use counting pins? Haven't heard of them....

  5. Your robin looks great! It is almost done and you are in the home stretch :)

  6. Love, love, love, your Feather Your Nest!!! I have this pattern in my stash. I think I need to get it out!!!!

  7. Oh, Lynn..your Feather Your Nest is sooooo beautiful!!!
    And your lovely granddaughters..Such pretty names for pretty girls..for some reason, I thought they were teens! Lol!

  8. Lynn -- Feather your Nest is looking great! Did you change any colors?

    Nice pics of your granddaughters. Looks like they had a lot of fun:)

  9. Oh, that Robin design is wonderful! Yes it certainly looks robust!

    Your grand-daughters are sweet. I laughed that your son was pooped out by the end of the visit.

    Lovely goodies from Nataly. One of these days I will get me some of those pins too!

    The weather is pretty cool here too.

  10. Gorgeous WIP Lynne that Robin is fabulous. Love your tulip finish too and how pretty are the lovely Natalys pins.
    Great photos off your beautiful grand-daughters.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  11. LOL the robin is pretty chubby. A good thing he picked a stout tree to nest in!

    LOL Eeek! ZOMBIES! OMG I can't believe you guys are still in jackets and we are almost (almost) too hot here already.

    Your new counting pins are so pretty! Now you need a pretty pin pillow to go with!

  12. The robust robin comment made me laugh! Love the pics of the girls ~ looks like they had great fun. What is it with kids and zombies these days?
    Your pins from Nataly are beautiful! I was lucky enough to receive some from her in the last exchange I participated in and I love them!

  13. Had to giggle about the robust robin. Too funny. LOVE that design and your Feather thy Nest looks lovely. So do the counting pins.

  14. Wow Lynn! The Robin looks great! You are closing in on this finish.
    It looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend :)

  15. Your robust robin is so pretty! And what sweet granddaughters! I'm glad you were able to spend some time with them. :) Love your marking pins! Vertigo is scary - I hope you are feeling better!

  16. Looks like a lovely visit with your granddaughters, Lynn--how much they obviously love playing with their Uncle Dan! Nataly's pins are so pretty and so beautifully presented--what a special gift :)

    Yes, that is indeed a robust robin--perhaps the most robust robin I've ever seen!!

    I hope your vertigo disappears--I've had it myself a few times and it's no fun, is it?

  17. What great pictures of your granddaughters Lynn. I know how much you'll have enjoyed their company (as did their Uncle Dan!).

    That sure is a robust robin, it describes it perfectly!!! I do love this one though and you're making good progress.

    Hope the vertigo has gone. I know how unpleasant that is.

  18. Lovely pics of your GrandDaughters, looks like you have a great time! I agree with you on the Robin but it looks so pretty :) Vertigo? OMG, I know how unpleasant that is and nothing but rest helps. Definitely no driving.

  19. Your husband is right....that is a very 'robust robin', but wonderfully stitched:)

    How wonderful that you were able to spend such a special time with your beautiful granddaughters.

    I love the gorgeous counting pins, designed by Nataly, and so beautifully wrapped too!

  20. Lynn that is quite a substantial robin.

    I'm glad you have a wonderful time with your special girls!!!

    What lovely pins!!!!

  21. Wow your robin looks like he's eaten all the seed!! Lol! Your sampler is looking gorgeous though.

    Your grandaughters are beautiful :)

    Those counting pins are so pretty.

    I hope the vertigo goes soon. It's really awful.

  22. That's a great sampler indeed. With a lovely robin. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
    Great weekend with your granddaughters.

  23. So happy that your pins arrived safely. Enjoy and Happy Stitching!

  24. The girls are just gorgeous!
    I do like the robust robin Lol

  25. I love your hubby's comment! It's so true!! I'm glad you had a lovely time with your beautiful granddaughters! That photo with their Uncle is so cute!! What pretty pins from Nataly too!!

    Hugs from me and Titus!