Saturday, 16 July 2011

Launches, Lizards & Loons at the Lake

It's hard to believe that a week has already passed since our arrival at the cottage. And what a week iIt's hard to believe that a week has already passed since our arrival at the cottage. And what a week it's been! As the title may indicate, we've seen a lot.

As for the launches in the area, they're varied.....from rowboats, canoes and kayaks to sailboats, motorboats and seadoos.This year however was the first time we'd ever seen a motorized raft. I couldn't believe what I was seeing the first time it passed by. I'm not sure if those chairs are anchored down or not but it would be a bit of a rough ride if they're not!

Then there was the boat that passed whose horn emitted a mooing sound. Turns out it was the local butcher who makes his rounds on the lake. The boat is equipped with a freezer and they carry just about any cut of meat that you can think of. If you click to enlarge the pic you can see the butcher's name on the rear banner.

Our jaunts on the lake have found some lovely wooden boats as well as a sailing regatta which we came upon this afternoon.

However my DH feels there is nothing better than a spin in his own boat, nicknamed HAPIS (Happy as a pig in sh....)

Of course with any lakeside vacation there are always loons to be found. We both love the sound of the loons calling to one another and are fortunate in that there are a couple who reside in our area of the bay. I managed to capture this photo as we pulled in at the dock today.

Oh yes and the lizard! Well we just happened to come upon Spike, as he's known, as we were leaving Don's bakery in the nearby town of Bala. He was out for an afternoon stroll with his family if you can imagine that.

And yes, my vacation is including stitching! I've already spent many lovely hours on the deck of our boathouse cottage, taking in the sights as I stitch away. I'll have a picture of my progress on Their Song next post. I suddenly realized this morning that I was stitching away on some of the cherries in the design as I munched away on fresh cherries we'd picked up the day before. I think you can spy them on the table if you look hard enough.

Update: As of this evening I've completed everything I can on Their Song. I managed to run out of the WDW Havana which is used for the lettering just three words short of a finish. Tomorrow I'll press it and take a picture to show you. I'm a little disappointed and wish that they would state in the pattern whether more than one skein is needed. I nearly ran out of the Moss green as well.
I guess this means it's time for another start. Yippee! I'll dig it out tomorrow. I've brought LHN Acorn Hill figuring it was just about time for a fall start.
I'll also have a picture on my next post of a lovely, old sampler that I discovered in one of the local antique shops. I need your help in deciphering some of the lettering on it.
It's hot and sticky here tonight. So sticky that you just hate to even move. This might call for a midnight swim! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Your pics cooled me off, so thanks a zillion for sharing! The only thing better would be being there, stitching with you, lol.

  2. looks and sounds like a wonderful vacation!

  3. I have to say, I love what your dh calls his boat. HAPIS is awesome!! The boats are always interesting. Last time I was down on the river in my brother's boat, everyone was so friendly. They waved or shouted hello as we went by (depending on how fast we were going). I love being out on the water. It's wonderful, and usually much cooler. Glad you're enjoying your vacation at the cottage. A midnight swim sounds wonderful!! And I can't wait to see your finish. And your new start too!!

  4. Thank you for sharing all these lovely pictures Lynn, it looks like you're having a great time out on the lake. I can't wait to see your latest finish and which ever project you choose to focus on next. Happy stitching and best wishes to you.

  5. Oh, your lake photos brought back so many memories for me, Lynn. We used to vacation at a Canadian lake each summer when I was growing up and those haunting cries of the loons will always be one of my favorite sounds. Also--the wooden boats! My grandfather owned one at his cottage where my family used to go each Sunday (with my gazillion cousins) for boat rides and a huge picnic dinner. It looked a lot like the boat tied at the dock.

    So glad you're relaxing and also getting some stitching in. Enjoy your next week and have a safe trip home :)

  6. Lynn, it looks like you're having a fantastic time in Muskoka! You got some great boat shots there. I'm sure lake life is intersting.

    Sorry to hear you ran out of floss, I must admit I really appreciate it whend desingers indicate how much floss you need for a design. Also helps with dyelot. I hope you have no problems with that!

    I look forward to your stitchy pictures!

  7. You look so happy in that picture! I'm glad you're having such a lovely vacation. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Happiness is sitting on a deck overlooking the water and stitching the day away. You do look so happy, enjoy! I am on holidays for two weeks and I plan on stitching a lot myself! Enjoy your time.

  9. Love the name of your husband's boat! haha

    You look very relaxed and happy in your pic. Glad to hear you're enjoying your trip to the cottage!

  10. Oh, I just love to look at riverside pictures! Thanks for sharing all those boats (and lizard is so cute :) )
    Waiting to see your finish (and a start).


  11. Lynn you look so HAPIS :) HA HA HA !!!
    Eating cherries with the birdies too!
    I laughed about the butcher and the lizard....and the sound of loons always remind me of the movie "On Golden Pond"
    Glad you had a great, great time!

  12. Oh, Lynn, it looks like you're having an lovely, relaxing, vacation! Thanks for sharing the pics so we can share in the fun. :)

  13. You look so relaxed and happy! Glad you are having a nice vacation! Loved the pictures, never seen a lizard on a leash before. Sorry you ran out of floss, had that happen on my current project too, it is frustrating. Hope you don't have any dyelot problems. Happy Stitching!

  14. You have just been describing what would be my perfect vacation!! I love being on a lake and of course being able to stitch!! Enjoy yourself, and your stitching!