Friday, 8 July 2011

A finish and cottage bound

I held a stitching marathon this week to try and finish up the Wedding Sampler before leaving on holidays. It resulted in a serious case of numb bum!!  I was headed to the home stretch on Tuesday when I realized that I was out by a row on the right side and the two sides would not meet properly in the center. Drat! ( That's not exactly the word I used).  So I entertained the frogs for the remainder of the afternoon, removing about one third of the stitching on the right border. Wednesday I set about restitching the works, praying that I didn't run out of floss in the process. Besides what I was stitching with, I had one remaining skein of the gold however it appeared to be from a different lot and was much lighter than what I'd been using. I was very careful and managed to get everything completed. Then it was on to the beading. I spent Wednesday night and Thursday morning stitching the beads on,  picking myself with the needle on several occasions. That's what happens when you rush!

After the final touches I hopped in the car and rode into Ottawa to leave the sampler at the framers. That way it will be complete when we return from holidays and I can get it mailed to the bride-to-be.  I posted another pic here as well with a closeup of the beads. Originally I wasn't sure if I'd add them but they did make a difference. 

I feel much better now knowing that this is completed. I'm quite pleased with it and hope the newlyweds will be pleased as well.

That completed, I spent a small amount of time stitching on Their Song. This one will accompany me to the cottage  where I'll have much more time to spend with it.  I've kitted up Maple Leaf by Alessandra Adelaide which arrived this week. However since it's being stitched on white I'm hesitant to start it until we return from the cottage. I'm afraid it will end up soiled. So very shortly I'm browsing through my stash looking for some smaller stitches to take along with me.

We are cottage bound tomorrow morning and can hardly wait until we are seated on the dock overlooking Lake Muskoka. This is the weekend of our 10th wedding anniversary  and we spent our honeymoon in Muskoka so we intend to celebrate once we're there with a sunset dinner cruise of the lake on the Segwun steamship. It's a fantastic tour of the lake and a view of some of the lovely cottages not seen otherwise.
Here are some photos from our wedding 10 yrs ago. These were not taken digitally and we didn't have  professional photographer so the quality is not as good as the ones taken today.

  Jeff (center) and Dan (right) haven't changed all that much but boy oh boy has Chris ever changed!  I've posted another pic of them today with me taken during our recent spring get together.

As you can see, he likes to play with his hair colour. Mmmm, maybe he got that idea from someone else!

Since we're heading out tomorrow for 2 weeks I may not be online as much as usual. I am taking my lap top with me and do plan on posting at least once but I know I won't be commenting on your blogs as usual. I'll peek in once in awhile when time permits.
See you soon!


  1. Congrats on finishing the wedding sampler. It looks lovely. Lucky that you made it without running out of color.
    Your Song looks lovely too. It's one of my favorite designs.
    Lovely pictures of your wedding and sons. :)

  2. Oh, Lynn, your cottage getaway sounds fantastic!!! I hope you have a great time on the lake, and enjoy your wedding anniversary! Also, grats on finishing the wedding sampler. It's turned out beautifully! I don't normally like gold (I hate yellow and brown), but I think it's stunning! Can't wait to see your new finish when you get back from the cottage!

  3. Your wedding sampler is gorgeous!! They will love it! Sorry to hear about the frogging. That's always frustrating especially when you're on a time limit! Their Song is coming along nicely. I really like the reddish pink colour of the flowers. Have a wonderful time in your cottage! Your boys are all handsome, Chris looks like my sisters boyfriend Chris...funny!!

  4. Love,;ove love the wedding sampler! just beautiful. Have a great time on vacation.

  5. Congratulations first on your Anniversary and where you are spending it, as per the norm, it will beautiful and apparently no rain...woooo hoooo.
    Congrats also on your finish from frogville. The sampler will be a wonderful gift to the B&G.
    You have some good looking boys there Lynn, and hair, well it can change like the weather and it doesn't affect the inner self as other things could.
    Have a great time away and try for some numb bum too.
    Be always in stitches.

  6. Love the wedding sampler. Hopefully you can leave the frogs up in Muskoka - where they belong. Have a great vacation and congratulations on your anniversary.

  7. Have a wonderful holiday away!!! YAY!!!
    Your boys are very handsome Lynn and I like your hair color now ;)

    Beautiful wedding sampler and I bet Their Song will be done by the time you get back!

    Hugs, love and safe travels!

  8. Wow, beautiful golden wedding sampler!
    Have a good holidays, and happy Anniversary to you, Lynn! Your boys are very nice :)

    Best wishes,

  9. Happy, Happy 10 Year Anniversary to you and your husband, Lynn! What a nice looking couple you are...hope you share many, many more happy years together.

    Enjoy that cottage vacation--Lake Muskoka sounds delightful :)

  10. Happy Anniversary Lynn! What a wonderful way to celebrate it. I hope you have a brilliant time at the cottage.
    Congratulations on finishing such a beautiful wedding sampler too, I can't wait to see it all framed up.
    Best wishes and happy stitching.

  11. Wedding Sampler has turned out beautifully! The gold colour you chose in the end suits it so well. Enjoy your trip away and Happy Anniversary!

  12. Wow! Great job on the maraton stitching! It look fantastic!

    I hope you left the frogs somewhere along the highway on your way up to Muskoka to be run over!

    That maple leaf is on my to buy list for sure!!!

    Have a great vacation!

  13. Happy anniversary! I hope you enjoy your time at the cottage. I follow a National Geographic journalist on Twitter and he does these 'where in the world is Andrew' type things. He was recently in Ontario and I loved seeing all the photos he posted, reading about what he saw & who he met, and thought of you & your lake when he was at one of the lakes there. :)

    Congratulations on the finish!! It looks great. Love your other projects, too.

  14. The wedding sampler turned out lovely, well done on finishing it in time. Hope you have a lovely holiday and a wonderful anniversary cruise.