Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Weekend stitching

I had a very quiet weekend and spent a good portion of it stitching. I'd originally planned on heading into Ottawa but after working overtime on Friday evening, when the morning rolled around I just felt like staying put. I did the prerequisite cleaning and then pulled this number out of obscurity. Yes, it's Cast All Your Cares.



I figured I'd better get moving on this one. I'm stitching it for a friend who has requested it for her new condo and she's moving in the spring. Hopefully I'll be done by then. I made fair progress on it . I've posted a before picture as well to show where I left off.

When I'd tired of this one I pulled out my new start, Hillside Samplings A Cat in Snowman's Clothing. This one is really stitching up quickly. This is one of the first patterns that I accumulated in my stash and I don't know why I've waited so long to pull it out. It's funny how my mood dictates what I'll stitch.

I put some time in on it yesterday night at our regular stitching get together and managed to complete the border. I didn't hang around after that though because the weather had turned and a snowfall was making the roads treacherous. Better to get home before I tired any more since I knew it would be a long drive home. And it was!

My fabric has arrived for Spring Quakers and this time it will work much better than my previous choice. I've sort of put it on hold until I get some more stitches in on Cast. I'm so taken with this one that I'm afraid that once I get started I won't want to work on anything else!

Last post I neglected to mention the lovely award that Lana passed on to me. I'm touched that you thought of me for this award. I'm now supposed to list 5 things you don't know about me and pass the award on to 5 more. However I can't pick just 5 people out of all of your fantastic stitching blogs which I love to check in on. As far as I'm concerned you are all worthy of the award and consider yourselves gifted.
I know that many of you have been having some pretty wicked snow dumps lately and I certainly hope your weather has been improving. If nothing else it certainly makes for some serious stitching time!


  1. Hi Lynn,

    I'm sitting here at the computer
    sipping green tea, with the heater
    humming away at my feet. I could
    happily hibernate the Winter away
    like this, couldn't you??

    It's nice to see your progress
    on Cast All Your Cares. It's
    such a pretty design and the
    colors are wonderful. I think
    your friend will love it!!

    And I love, love, love A Cat
    In Snowman's Clothing!!! How
    absolutely adorable that
    funny little cat is. Love how
    it's eyes are looking up at
    the Cardinal. I look forward
    to seeing how this one turns

    I was most interested in your
    post about Chatty Kathy and
    the Hallmark ornament of her
    that your sister got you. I
    received Chatty Baby, Kathy's
    little sister, for Christmas
    and there's even a photo of
    me on Christmas morning being
    introduced to her for the
    first time. I must have been
    about four at the time which
    was ... ahem ... a few years
    ago now. I still have my
    Chatty Baby doll along with
    the other three dolls from my
    childhood. Your sister is
    holding a Chatty Baby doll in
    the photo but her's has dark
    hair while mine is blond.

    Your finish of Jardin Prive's
    Christmas is beautiful and I
    send my congratulations for
    completing another fabulous
    project. Love all the great
    Christmas colors in this.

    Looks like you and your family
    had a great Christmas together
    even though it wasn't on the
    day itself. Love that tea pot
    that your DH got you!!! Just
    how many cups does it hold???
    It looks HUGE in the picture.

    Any recent pictures of Clarisse
    to share??? It's been awhile
    you know. Just saying. :)



  2. Oh, wow ~ I love that little snowcat! I've not seen that design before. It's just adorable!

  3. A Cat in Snowman's Clothing is just adorable. I know I wouldn't be able to set it down!

  4. I've never seen the HS Snowcat piece before, Lynn--it is so sweet! And what a beautiful color of fabric you've chosen... Good luck with the finishing of your friend's piece--I'm sure you'll get it done before she moves!

  5. You got quite a bit done on Cast All Your Cares. The colors are pretty and your friend will love it!

    The little snow cat looks lovely on that gorgeous blue shade.

    We got snow during the night and I'm staying put today with my coffee/tea and getting some stitching done!

  6. I have not seen the Cast chart before, so I don't know how much is left with the piece, but you have made great progress! I, too, love the colors. Snowcat is a cutie.

  7. He cares for you looks really lovely Lynn! Love the snow cate too...it made me smile.
    Have a good weekend x

  8. Love your Snowcat too :) I have this chart as well and have never thought to stitch it either, might be giving it another look now! LOL.

    We've had some snow and it's cold but it hasn't been too bad so far!

  9. Your little snow cat is sooo cute!

  10. That certainly is a very adorable Cat Lynn and great progress on Cast All Your Cares too. I hope the snow is not affecting you too badly, we haven't had any since before Christmas. Although, snow days are the perfect days for stitching :) Best wishes.

  11. Your stitching is lovely as always Lynn. I love seeing what you catches your eye!
    I understand the weather has been pretty brutal. I am glad that I got out of Canada when I did LOL.

  12. Love that kitty and cardinal, two of my favorite things in one piece!

  13. Beautiful progress, Lynn! I just love that cat in a snowman's clothing piece--too funny!!

  14. Nice work with your stitching! Love the cat.