Monday, 24 January 2011

Brutal cold results in more stitching

I think that's what the headlines should read in my corner of Ontario. And brutal it is. My outdoor thermometer read -33 C when I awoke this morning. That's -27 F for all those of you who don't deal in metric. The days are supposed to start getting warmer tomorrow but for now I'm happy to stay glued to my stitching chair. I've got 2 days off work due to my weekend stint and I'll gladly take them. It was a horrid week, weather wise and work wise. The finale was putting out my back yesterday which is another reason why I'm glued to my LaZyBoy. It's about the only spot where I can comfortably sit.

As a result of all this numb bum, I have a small finish and a new start. First off, A Cat In Snowman's Clothing. This was a really fun stitch which is probably why it finished off so quickly. It combines three things which I love...... cats, cardinals and snowmen. So many of you have left such sweet comments regarding this stitch and so here's a big group [[[hug]]] for all. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave a message.

I haven't quite decided how I'll finish this little guy yet. I'm not very inventive when it comes to finishes. Perhaps I can find a sweet frame for him.

After seeing some lovely Valentine designs being stitched on in blogland I decided to get on board and promptly searched my stash. Here's what I came up with - Fair, Kind, True by Midsummer Night Designs. I originally wanted to stitch Plum Street Samplers Beloved but I didn't have all the necessary supplies on hand. Fair, Kind, True calls for the use of GAST Cranberry but I've substituted with Needle n Silks In the Burgundy. I just love working with silk floss. It just seems to glide through the fabric. Speaking of which, the fabric is a lovely piece of 32ct Earthen lugana by Picture This Plus. Here's my progress so far.

I'm itching to start my Spring Quakers but I've vowed not to touch it until I get a little bit further through Cast All Your Cares. But every time I pass my craft room, it's like a magnet is drawing me in and I usually end up drooling over the design and fondling the fabric. It's a sickness, I swear it is, lol!

Many of you may know that as my retirement date comes closer, I'm getting a lot of my previous finishes either framed or stretched prior to framing. I know I won't have the extra cash flow handy to do this in the future. Two weeks ago, Michaels had a framing sale and I dropped off one of my stretched finishes for framing. Bob picked it up for me on his way home yesterday and here it is - LHN Nature's Beauty!
Now I'm headed back to my warm chair. It's much cooler here upstairs. I try to keep from turning up the thermostat too high and rely on the gas stove in the rec room to keep us cozy.
Have a great week and keep warm!


  1. Isn't this weather crazy!! So cold!

    I LOVE the cat in snowman clothing. What is the designer??

  2. I love your headline!
    Beautiful stitching :)

  3. You've sure done some beautiful stitching of late, Lynn. I just love your cat snowman! Stay warm!

  4. Your cat snowman is so cute! But, your Nature's Beauty is gorgeous. Michael's did a really good job in framing that!

    Hope your weather warms up soon!

  5. What a beautiful finish finish. You're really going to enjoy looking up at that one from your cozy chair. And the snow kitty is a cutie; you have to smile at that one! Glad you can stay in; hope you get to feeling better!

  6. Sorry to hear about your back and the frezzing cold! All your stitching is beautiful ! With retirement comes more stitching time !!! lol happy Stitching and stay warm !!

  7. Beautiful finish , and lovely new start . Hope your back improves soon. X

  8. Hi Lynn,
    It has been very cold here too. I go to work for 7:00 a.m. every day so it is a rude awakening every day when you get outside!
    Love your stitching projects.
    Hope your back is better soon.
    Be in touch soon.

  9. How cute is that Cat in a Snowman Clothing? wow, and woooo hooo for that date coming closer.
    Stay warm and in comfort and
    Be always in stitches.

  10. Oh, that temperature sounds unbearable, Lynn! My son is working up in New Brunswick and has told us about the cold Canadian air (but the very kind and warm Canadian people!)...

    Love your little snowman so much :)

    I've stitched Nature's Bounty, also, and it is probably one of my favorites--yours is lovely!

  11. It is so cold here to but not -27. wow. poor you. It was -12 here yesterday. I sit here and worry about the car starting or pipes freezing. But tomorrow is another day, a little bit closer to warmer weather. I did add your name to the list. I wont draw unti tonight after work.

  12. Cold is an understatement Lynn! Downright bonechilling freezing is more like it! Thankfully today is is back to normal Winter temps for us so hope your part of Ontario warms up soon too.

    Love the snowcat finish, I see it as a flatfold finish?

    Take care, Angela

  13. Your Snowcat is adorable, can't wait to see how you finish him. Nature's Beauty is just that, a beauty! I'm hoping to this design myself soon, just got to find the chart here in the UK. I hope you have a lovely time stitching in your cosy home, -33 is TOO cold to venture out anywhere :)

  14. Your little finish is so cute. I love the fabric you did it on too!

    Nature's Beauty looks lovely. Nice frame you picked out.

    Keep warm! It is cold in the Chicago area too but thanksfully not as cold as you are. I am sure you are ready for Spring as I am too.

  15. Wow! Sooo cold- I would definitely stay inside and stitch too. I love the Snowman cat- so cute and I love the fabric it is stitched on. I need to go through and get some old projects framed/finished off too! Good luck with the Valentine's day stitch.

  16. A gorgeous LHN finish, mine is still languishing in the tissue paper ready to be framed ... sometime. Love the red thread you're using for your WIP.
    I can empathize with your back. Keep warm and I hope it improves soon.

  17. Your snowcatman is adorable! Love it!

    Great new start you definately had a lot more done on Tuesday night and your framed piece looks great!

  18. BRRRrrrrr! I hope it has warmed up a bit! I love you kitty finish! It's adorable. Your framed piece looks great!

  19. That really does sound cold!! I think we are going to be in for it in a few days as well.

    The snow kitty is so cute and you have a great start on the Valentine design.

    Hope your back feels better. Try to stay warm and keep stitching!

  20. Oh my gosh, Lynn, I love your framing! It is so pretty. Great job on both the stitching and the frame choice! Nice finish on the cardinal and snowman guy, too. ;) Nice progress on your other stitching, too! I hope it's a bit warmer now, though it's nice to have an added excuse to stitch!

  21. Oh, the snowcat is SO darn cute! I can't wait to stitch it!

    A beautiful LHN frame-up! It is so expensive to get nice framing so those sales are really handy!

  22. Snowman cat is adorable! I'm a sucker for a stitched kitty.

    Love the framed LHN. Do you stretch your piece first and then choose a frame?

  23. Snowman cat is really cute and love your new wip.
    The LHN framed piece is beautiful.
    Happy Stitching!