Wednesday 4 August 2010

My First RAK!

Yesterday was my first day back at stitching with the Tuesday group so I didn't head home after work or check my mailbox at that time. Instead I checked it on my way home during a rather torrential downpour. "I must be crazy to stop during this storm and check the mail now", was my thought as I made a mad dash for the post office door, jumping puddles (rivers!) and fumbling for my key. But to my delight there was a lovely surprise waiting for me. I recognized the name on the return address at once and wondered if this could possibly be a stitchy treat for me. Yaaaay, it's my very first RAK!

Dear sweet Sharon, otherwise known as Daffycat, stitched this lovely pin pillow for me! It's stitched and finished so perfectly. Just look at that little crow on the back. He's adorable! The pillow is also filled with lavender which I just love the scent of. She could not have known, but Autumn is my favourite time of year so this is absolutely perfect. It also reminds me of cooler days ahead as we suffer through another bout of heat & humidity. Thank you so very much Sharon! I love it and will proudly display it with my other stitches.
As I mentioned, it was the return to my weekly stitching which I desperately needed after a 2 week drought due to vacation and visits. Here's what I managed to accomplish on my Summer Lineup. I probably could have gotten further except for all my chatter as I got caught up on everything I'd missed. I am enjoying this little piece. I love the bright colours in it. When I tire of it, I'll return to my Halloween Cove.

Here's the reason I didn't cross one x this week.

That's right, the grandchildren were back!! The whole family was here including my youngest sister who hadn't been up to our place in 8 yrs. Although I had to work, we managed to cram a lot of activities into our evenings and had a ball. While I was at work, my sister and the boys took the girls to the park and for ice cream at the local snack shack.

Evenings were spent BBQing and going into Ottawa to check out the Busker Festival and the new light show on Parliament Hill. Through it all the girls were real troopers, not complaining a bit and trust me we did a lot of walking! Now they've all headed back to their respective homes and we are left with the aftermath - noseprints on windows, cat fur everywhere (from the girls chasing Clarisse), a laundry basket full of towels (courtesy of my boys), alphabet magnets all over my fridge and a wading pool full of grass. I miss them already!!! Clarisse however, does not and is extremely happy to have her house back. She was not amused!

Happy stitching everyone!


  1. It's a great first RAK. Way cute and so are the grandkids.

  2. Great reason for an xless week - Congrats on the RAK :)

  3. What a lovely pin keep and worth the trek through a puddle or two. So happy so see that you had a fun time with your family, the pics are wonderful. Still and all, it is nice to get back into the stitching after a busy week.
    Be always in stitches.

  4. Oh Lynn, what a pretty little pillow you got. This little blackbird on the back is just too cute.
    You certainly spent some fun time with the kids. Lovely pictures.

  5. Love your RAK! I bet it brought sunshine to your rainy day. It looks like you kept your grandchildren happy during there visit. Well worth not stitching.

  6. Clarisse looks like one unhappy kitty there! I'm so glad your company was so much fun and you got to spend time with them even if you did have to work.

  7. I'm so pleased you liked the pin pillow, Lynn! I enjoyed stitching for you!

  8. Great RAK...Sharon is sweet!

    OMG....your cat is beautiful! I just love her facial expression in this pic.

  9. What a cute little pillow from Sharon. I love how she stitched the little crow on the back of it!

    Nothing says summer more than kids eating their ice cream cones--your grandchildren are darling :)

  10. Such a lovely pin pillow!
    Great photo of you with your grandchildren, sounds like you had some fun:-)

  11. Thats a lovely picture of you with the girls!! Fun times!

  12. Your grand daughters are lovely but I am sure Clarisse was happy to see the back of them. How wonderful for you to be Raked!
    I wish you could make it on the 21st! We'll meet one of these days!